Great News for Aussie AVFC fans

Maybe this is a sign of things to come for Villa or the influence of Herd or Holman ?

I got this from H&V and a great find.

Aston Villa Club TV
Magazine Show 8.30pm – 9.30pm
Tomorrow (Saturday)

This weekly magazine style program will run throughout the off-season keeping you up to date with everything Aston Villa including interviews, transfer news, friendly games and highlights from years gone by. A must see for Villa fans

This is a packaged AVTV for the Aussie market and it does show that maybe we get some things right !

Hope our Aussie friends like it.

9 comments on “Great News for Aussie AVFC fans

  1. why is that so great? they get every game live on tv anyway

  2. we have been getting AVTV all season

  3. bozzy does there shows over there, so we do have some influence in the ozzie footie market …

  4. I was in Bangkok last week and this AVTV channel was showing all day in the hotel – including, sadly, the whole of that miserable game against Tottenham where the highlight was the dismissal of the lump Hutton.

  5. Bozza s on the premier league shows here but he seems more proud of playing for manure than for us……And for whatever reason he s in love with chelsea.
    good to see a dedicated Villa channel on our cable network…….Now all we need is some tasty football to put on it…..Here s hoping Lambo can deliver

  6. avtv been on eurosport all season its been hard yakka watching tho with this seasons lowlights and seeing the ginger twats face making excuses each week good ridance to him onwards and upwards with lambo we hope have to agree 100% with ted witton bozza has justified his wanker reputation im surprised the dick doesnt wear man ure shirt on tv and chelski hat i think he forgot who made him a great gk

  7. Yes, a regular watcher here, even through some pretty tough games to watch. The behind the scenes stuff is good. I was already subscribing to AVTV on the official site though so had temporarily cancelled that (partly due to the poor games). Hopefully they keep it going here, if not a return to AVTV subscription is warranted.
    We get most, but not all, of Villa’s EPL games so this additional coverage is always welcome. Hopefully this years games will be far more entertaining.

  8. How can you watch it in England?

  9. I named my dog Bosnich.Why I hear you ask? Well he’s a mongrel and so was the goalkeeper.

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