Who is Gary Karsa

A fascinating aspect of Paul Lambert coming to Villa is Gary Karsa.

At Norwich he is listed as a football operations manager – NCFC Official LINK and has followed Lambert and Ian Culverhouse from Colchester.

This is a role that many Villa fans have wanted before and it is clear at Norwich is a very trusted advisor of Lambert’s. From reading around he does all the contract negotiations and this is a role that means Lambert keeps out of the complicated stuff !! It is vital therefore if he comes (and I have no problem that he will) that he maintains a very good relationship with both Randy and Paul Faulkner.

We did have rumours going around that Faulkner was changing his role and with his election to the FA board this appears to be happening. Karsa is said to be Lambert’s brother in law (Link to a piece on H&V) and would explain the relationship between the two.

Reading on various Norwich forums they are unsure on what he did. However a Football Operations role is clear enough for most of us and I welcome it. In this circumstance it would be OK as it is clear that the manager is not threatened by the person in the role.

So this proves that this is a football club changing appointment and next week in the official press conference we will learn far more.

37 comments on “Who is Gary Karsa

  1. right hand man then,keeps Lambert out on the field why he deals with the pen pushing.

  2. Very interesting. I am delighted with the appointment of Lambert – but think his relationship with Faulkner will be an uneasy one – hes not the cuddly friendly type that Faulkner likes. I can’t see Faulkner being overly pleased with Gary Karsa treading on his toes either. We shall see but on the face of it Faulkner looks to have been marginalized here.

    • We had these rumours about Faulkner a couple of weeks ago, if he moves to the business side fully he is VERY good at that

      would suspect Karsa would report direct to Randy and probably be appointed to the board

  3. ..could be an interesting point. Wouldn´t underestimate this position.Consider a situation where a manager discusses a contract prolongation with a player but offers lower wages because the player isn´t at his best anymore. At the same time the manager needs him to perform on the pitch and to build his confidence. And there a lot of similar difficult tasks. Don´t know if that happens with current football manager but to have a trustfully link between players/agents and team manager should be a good solution.

  4. Yeah I saw those rumours……I think I saw Damian Comolli’s name touted as being appointed for a role on the board to assist Faulkner with the footballing side of his current role.

    So you could well be right on that Ian, assuming those initial rumours were true of course……..although given the news of him being appointed to the FA committee today they may well have been pretty close to the mark

  5. Changing the subject slightly does anyone know if PL has some sort of foreign scouting system in place. We could really do with someone like a houllier who can spot foreign bargains abroad IMHO.

  6. Graham Taylor left Watford a few weeks ago. Paul as Head of Business Strategies with Graham Taylor on the board as a footballing man, with Karsa (who by the way is definitely the ‘friendly’ type of guy Randy and Paul would like, he’s meant to be a really nice guy and very funny) as Chief of Footballing Operations would be a good move for the club imo.

    • Like the look of this. A lot of us have been moaning about the lack of “football savvy” at senior level; perhaps Lerner’s looking at a large scale restructuring exercise.

  7. “It is believed Villa will have to pay around £1million in compensation to ENSURE Lambert becomes their fourth manager in less than two years”………that comment tells me, he is still not our manager:/ im not convinced at all , there is something fishy about it, what if we do owe them money? when will it be sorted why cant we just pay it off get it done with, the statement is pathetic in my opinion, one sentence, no comment off PF on how lambert fits this n that etc no small comment from lambert, i still dont trust RL nor PF, i need reassuring asap….

    • No need to worry mate, Norwich have confirmed, just formalities to go through

      • I hope so mate just want all confirmed , really excited about this appointed i remember saying months ago to my friends would love lambert as manager but i was quite certain mcleish was going to stop, just hope we get 6-7 quality players in, we need to replace heskey, cuellar, guzan and then add atleast 4 players to the squad and i think we’ll have a good squad ready to go🙂 ian, any ideas on kit next yr, any leaks?😉

    • He’s Villa boss. Employment law doesn’t force people to keep working where a reasonable compensation package has been offered.

    • Assuming PF is bringing people with him, negotiations will be complex and involve compensation for them as there are definitely no breaches of contract around his staff whom we have not approached.

  8. Far from convinced that Karsa negotiates the player contracts. Holt has been candid that the chairman told him he was too old to have a 3 year contract, which suggests Karsa’s role is different.

    My guess would be that Karsa is a trusted lieutenant who gives orders on behalf of Lambert, but also reports on things that are happening. In this respect, I’m not convInced by the need for Karsa.

  9. Gentlemen….. Far be it from me to comment on Matters Aston Villa other than to say I was spot on about Paul Lambert becoming your manger last Thursday but I am told that MAJOR investment is heading towards your club.
    Good luck to a traditional and widely respected football club -that I think are going to make other teams sit up & take notice very very soon.

    • can confirm you got Lambert spot on

      Are you talking QIA ?

      Read this blog and you will notice a few stories from three months ago.

      suddenly this seems to have reappeared again

      • Apologies for the late reply Ian but as to where the investment is coming from I am unsure as again this points to matters Aston Villa & I am able to only able to confirm information from the Norwich side of things. I can tell you such was the impression left on Messrs Faulkner & more importantly Lerner that during the 1st round of talks he was interviewing them & wouldn’t have signed for a club without major ambition coupled with the financial resources to fund it.

        • yes totally agree so it is either Randy’s own money or from elsewhere

          • I don’t believe this is true.

            Randy Lerner wants a club that spends within its means so it is competitive under FIFA fair play rules. Why work towards this for a year and then blow it by getting in external funding (which presumably isn’t just a gift but either equity, loan stock, a debenture etc).

            More likely that some individual has made up the name Canary Wharf to sound important and made up a story.

          • yes I agree it does not make sense but if external funding is about the infrastructure etc, it is how Man City hope to get around FFP

    • Sounds good. Thanks for the info, and yes you did say he would be appointed and was willing to put your money where your mouth is.

    • Fair play canary wharf u were spot on and I did actually believe u to be fair. I’m not sure about major investment though as if we were subject to a huge man city style take over we would have gone for a world class manager and I don’t mean that to be disrespectful to lambert who I do rate and want him to succeed. But surely if this was the case we’d be going for a mourunho or poyet etc. unless of course u mean Lerner putting in some money as sky said today he is rumoured to put in around 25m which is peanuts in grand scheme of things but more than I thought he would as I predicted around 10m so can’t complain.

      • Sorry I meant pep guadiola not poyet lol.

        • you’re as obsessed with poyet as i was with lambert mate

          • So true how about lambert and poyet together as a compromise. Lol. Go u think there’s any chance of qia takeover McGrath is king? Be great if it happened but things like that never seem to happen to us.

          • No I don’t think so, I think investment is more likely but I’m not even hanging on to the hope of that either.

            I think Villains United is spot on (below) though. Lambert is an out and out winner and he would have had to have been given assurances and made to buy into what RL and PF want to achieve………….I don’t believe for 1 second that the guy has come to consolidate. We should only expect steady progression but I believe he will want and expect more from the team and himself.

            Off topic slightly, I saw a very interesting stat on vital earlier. Stated that Norwich used 7 different starting formations over the course of last season…………not just a plan B then : ) Very promising and shows flexibility

          • Admit it mik u just love the lamb already lol. Interesting point re formations it was the one thing mon lacked but very imp. I still think we need to have a lot more quality in the squad if we are to move fwd tbh. Especially defenceand central midfiel. Think u r rite rectakeover more likely an investment than takeover will just have to wait and c be great if it happened thou.

  10. So Faulkner has been appointed to the FA board?
    No wonder England are shit, imo.

  11. Is that a statement or are you implying that this is PF’s fault?

    A bit harsh if the latter : )

  12. Really fantastic day for us. PL would know what villa is all about from MON. He will be fully aware of the fans expectations and know the financial situation MON ran into. Surely he would not have left a solid position at Norwich just for a bumper pay rise? Surely he would have demanded the reassurances from Lerner that he will get unconditional backing to rebuild the squad into a competitive force once more? Surely he would only have come if he genuinely believes that he can achieve great things and eventually challenge in the top 6 again?

    • the guy is a winner and i guarantee that while a bumper pay rise would be seen as a bonus there is no way he would have signed had he not felt he could be successful

      • Hope so. Let’s hope he can take us to the very top and he gets plenty of money to fulfill his ambition. That way when a sky four team come knocking it will make it harder for him to leave us.

  13. Ian i remember you saying on Twitter on the last day of the season that you’d heard from a source that a new manager was on the way and some investment aswell, clearly the rumours just won’t go away, and that’s made me wonder about the statement the board gave on the website regardin Lambert’s appointment, perhaps they don’t wanna make any comments because it might not be them working with PL? who knows, Richard on VT is extremely confident that something is happening so i guess we’ll have to wait and see,

    Many people speculated that any potential takeover wouldn’t be man city stuff but steady and decent investments like 10m type players and the odd 20m one when the chance arrives, i think that would be great if true and Lambert could certainly work his magic with that kind of backing.

    • Richard is a strange one for sure and anyone who knows of him all these years will know that this is different.

      whether we get investment, I do not know and have asked questions but no one can doubt that Lambert has come without knowledge of proper backing.

  14. A while ago I heard that a wealthy friend of R L was getting the 5 star treatment when shown around villa. It was thought that he might be joining Randy. Only a rumour and something I had forgotten about till now.

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