Set Expectations high, had enough of low

The last two seasons have been a total disaster on the field.

Back in the Ellis days I often said his greatest triumph was the lowering of expectations of a lot of the fans. The last two years also saw that. We went from expecting to challenge for the top 4 to actually being relived not to be relegated.

With the appointment of Lambert today I do not expect he has come to Villa Park to be avoiding relegation. I am 100% sure his expectation levels are not for 16th and nor should they be. It is not a time for Villa fans to also accept second best. We had enough the past two seasons and now time to look forwards.

So, yes with Lambert I am getting to set some high targets for him to achieve. I do not believe that this is being too unfair or else why has he come to Villa ? So for the first season lets set Lambert some tough but fair targets, I am sure these are the same as what Lambert wants

    Minimum of 9 home wins

    More than 50 goals scored

    Less that 45 goals conceded

    Top ten placing and a points tally of around 50 or more

    Get the average attendance back up to 36,000 plus

    Buy some quality in the mould of Milner, Young etc

    Actually make the likes of Gardner, Weimann Clark produce what we think they can

Only if we aim for the stars may we reach the moon. Only if we set targets worthy of the club then maybe we can get back up there with other clubs of own stature. In the three years he is contracted for we have to see at the end a chance of getting to that oh so important top 4 position.

If Randy back him is there any reason why we should be aiming any lower ?

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80 comments on “Set Expectations high, had enough of low

  1. oohahh stop going on about dunne we no you dont like him its fuckin boring now!

    • Fair enuf but Why don’t u have a go at all the posters on Ian’s last 2 blogs that have slagged him and warnock of constantly or do u only look out for my posts so u can have a pop. I don’t always agree with ur comments Karl but don’t slag u of for it.

      • Because you’re the one who shouts most about it Oohah.

        And anyway, Dunne isn’t going anywhere soon, regardless of if you like it or not.

        No-one will pay his wages for one and again, regardless of what you think, I think he is still highly rated at the club as a motivator, similar to JT at Chelsea.

        No doubt we’ll see mate.

        • Ul find that other posters mention it alot if u bother to look. Anyway the chances are he will be here but we shud take a hit and pay up his contract or loan him out. I think ul find that he is not highly rated at the club the past managers are weary of the disruption he will cause if not selected.

          • So you say, mate.
            Even AM rated him for coming back earlier than expected and never even hinted at him being a problem.

            Yes, he always has a mistake in him, but blimey, name me a perfect defender???

            You can’t.
            And you just pick on him unfairly, imo.

            And that’s all it’s about mate, opinions🙂

          • Well ur entitled to your opinion. Yes agreed no defender is perfect but dunne makes more mistakes than any other defender plus has the record for most ogs scored and that’s a fact. Mcleish was just paying lip service to dunne as he needed him onside as he came back when we were scrapping for our lives and he didn’t want dunne upsetting the dressing room again. Dunne made no difference whatsoever when he came back apart from first game where yes il admit he played quite well. If u look throu most of the posters on the past few blogs there are a lot of people calling gor dunne warnock Collins and Hutton to go its not just me. We will have to agree to differ on this anon as I usually enjoy ur comments but not this time I’m afraid.

  2. I wish everyone would calm down and remember what we had last season, let’s also remember what we have now.
    Hand on heart how many 1st team players would you keep, I’d count 4, then look at what you have left. We need to be realistic, we have a young manager who thinks about the game match by match and changes his formation and style not like other journeymen we’ve had including MON. Ok MON played good football but when you hear how he wanted Heskey to play centre half rather than give Clark his debut, that’s what id expect AMc to do.
    Give Lambert his chance, give him his 3 years and judge him then. Trust me it ain’t gonna happen overnight and fans need to be realistic.
    I’d expect a top 15 finish next year and that’s it.

    • I agree, I think lambert will form a viewing dunne and co and act accordingly. I know he knows more about football than me, and I know that he will make the choice that is best for the team. The way people behaved in the past does not necessarily predict their behaviour in the future unless their surname is Barton and they are named after a baby kangaroo😉

    • Well it could happen overnight.

      I don;t think the targets I set out for next season are particular OTT nor the long term three year one.

      Lambert is a good manager he could be bloody excellent and therefore expectations should be higher than say when the appoint the manager who is no longer named.

  3. I don’t think a guy like Lambert needs to be set targets. How do you know his own targets are not higher than those specified?

    Superb appointment. MUST be given time – and by that I mean beyond the 3 years of his first contract. He could be a Moyes for us, or dare I say, a Fergie. Let’s look after this guy. He’s young. He’s hungry. He’s earned respect for what he’s already done. Most importantly, he is a winner. This is a great opportunity for Aston Villa to start buiding for the long term future. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


  4. Ian, some of your targets are realistic, some could be to high: to find a new Milner or A. Young is quite a task. First one cost us 12mio., second one 9.5. Don´t think that we will have a budget of more than 10-15mio, so that would mean you have to discover a real bargain. If anybody is capable it will be Lambert.
    Generally speaking, our team is quite the same like 2 years ago, so our key-players are 2 years older and some of them 30+. And we will be missing Stan. Confidence are on a low, so I would be satisfied with any mid table position (10-15) and without any relegation fears.

    • Ur right joty this season is all about improving on 16th place and of course trying to play attacking positive football. Problem is none of our squad except given, ireland (on his day) and bent are top ten players. It will take a good season to get rid of dross and bring in the right players. I think if this happens the season after next we might break into top ten again. Though really our expectation level should be top 4 or better or we will never achieve anything worthwhile.

      • ..we have to do it step by step. And to get Lambert in was an absolutely brilliant step in the right direction. And if I´m able to dream a litte bit: a nice cup run would be great.

    • Couldn’t agree more with this. After the traumas of the last couple of seasons, I’d just settle for a bit of bloody peace and quiet! I just want Lambert to get his feet under his desk, and to start the process of getting us organised on the park, and looking as though we’ve got a bit of motivation and spirit again. Getting our players used to the quaint notions of keeping possession, passing to a colleague in claret and blue, and playing in our opponents’ half will all be a bonus. Seriously, I hope Lambert’s approach is evolutionary rather than revolutionary; aimed at re-shaping and re-energising our squad over a two-three year period, rather than trying to rip the guts out and start from scratch (don’t think the resources are there to do that anyway). This time next year, I’ll be very happy if the shipping out of the dead wood has continued, some younger prospects (esp Gardner) have been encouraged and bedded in, a couple of new faces have been introduced to freshen things up, and a comfortable mid-table birth has been secured. A bit of entertainment after last season’s dross would be nice as well! No fuss, no scares, just some signs that we’re steadily on the move again. That’ll be great progress for me. Those are my aspirations for next season.

      Oh, and would love to see us hijack Swansea’s deal for Sigurdsson. Not likely, I know, but i really like the look of him.

    • In regards looking for the next Milner and/or A Young…..what about Phillips (Matt of course) and Tom Ince?

      Might be worth a stab………I particularly rate Phillips, think he has a lot about him

      • Yep Phillips looks useful, mate.

        • I think so, quick and (unlike our Ashley) stocky and quite strong. A far more direct runner as well with a good eye for goal.

          Definitely one who could come up from the Championship and possibly make an impact.

  5. My targets would be,
    GK Tomas Kusak Man Utd FREE
    WINGER Phillips & Ince Blackpool
    Combined fee 8m
    Forward Jordan Roades Huddersfield 6m
    Forward Micheal Owen FREE
    MIDFIELD Danny Guthrie Newcastle FREE
    6 players that wouldn’t cost us a fortune but would improve our squad with the youth coming through

    • Can see where you’re coming from with all of these, Darren, esp Phillips and Ince. One real concern I suppose is what sort of deal Owen might be on; he looked good last year when he played, but seems to spend more time on the treatment table these days than anywhere else.

      • The bonus would be pay as you play, you’d still have gabby, bent, weiman & Roades, forget Delfonzo. That should be enough cover and I’ve just had another thought maybe hoult would be a good shot at the right price because we desperately need a target man

        • Don’t give up on the Fonz yet.

          I agree he’s lost form and the loan didn’t work out, but he’s still a quality player. I think he could be the surprise package.

  6. Owen on a pay as you play deal . Proven goalscorer

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