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76 comments on “Excited about Lambert

  1. excited?….I dont think so … ale house football this clown will relegate us…. even McLeish couldnt do that. .. excited?….I dont think so

  2. Are you a spam poster small heath???

  3. no! thats just the way i see it….. i was hoping for a complete culture change…. have seen enough hoof and chase at VP in recent times … first and foremost i want to see a pass and move style which is both effective and entertaining …. this appointment WILL NOT provide that! UTV SOTC

    • Have you seen any Norwich games in the last 3 years Smallheathvilla? Seriously,have you?

    • Hoofing it is what our defence did with AM. What Norwich did was pass the ball to the big man. The fact the pass was over 10yrds is irrelevant if he holds it up or turns on the ball. imo

  4. When are they gonna conif it? Whats takeing so long?

  5. went to both games this season mate…. he will still get my support 100%…. and your right i shouldnt judge him yet…. it just doesnt seem that pleasing on the eye…. but maybe, with better players he may promote better pass and move style … hope so cos our reserves are a joy to watch at times and i dont want that style to be knocked out of them UTV SOTC

  6. right chaps youve heard it here first AGAIN!my dad has had to stay late tonight at bobymoor because lambert is on his way to bodymoor heath

  7. oh yeh its a done deal just the paper work to be sorted

  8. no saddened grant hasnt been there

  9. I think many are worried based on past experience re: British players. I’m thinking over inflated fees for players such as Delph, NRC, Hutton, Warnock et al.

    One of the biggest pluses of OGS, and the reason why many were super excited, was because of the fact that he would be a lot more open minded on buying players from outside the UK, particularly Scandinavia. Can you imagine OGS making Grant Holt his number 1 target? Never in a million years.

    If we are going for over 30s then someone like Owen would represent far more value in terms of technique, movement and guile. You will probably find that grant holt, will struggle heavily next season.

    Anyway besides the point – we haven’t even signed PL yet, let alone the fact that he may not want holt!

    Problem is nowadays is that British players are so overvalued. Years ago you could pick young, promising players from lower divisions for a few hundred grand. Nowadays, they slap ridiculous tags on players which I guess you can’t blame them for (but really, £8m for that Huddersfield player?really, 20m for Henderson?really, 35m for Carroll? Really, we paid 6m for Delph? Really, we paid 8.5m for NRC?and the list could go on…)

    There is a reason why the top teams have a good mixture of foreigners, and that’s because foreign players have, generally, better technique than british. Watching some of the games at VP this season, I was scared every time we got the ball – we couldn’t even string a few passes together, and the movement was utter shite. It’s been the same now for a few years.

    Compare that to say arsenal, where there is movement, industry, and technique – do you think wenger would get that from a bunch of Brits? I doubt it.

    PL isn’t exactly the person I wanted, but nevertheless, will back him to the hilt. But he must be astute in the transfer market. Signing a grant holt (for silly money) and players of that calibre, will confine Villa to a relegation scrap season after season.

    But still, we will give him time, and will judge his signings on results, but if he is going with mediocre, technically inept, overpriced Brits, then this is going to be another long season.

    Post over, I am
    Going to sleep now – hopefully not having any nightmares about seeing a picgrant holt holding a villa scarf over his head in the sun, with the title ‘ £15m Holt signs for villa’ (if the figure the Norwich director spouted today is to be believed…)

    And FFS lambert, don’t be signing anyone from Scotland…otherwise god help us.

  10. Can’t sleep! Nightmares about holt holding villa scarf above head in the sun – with the headline ‘£15m Holt signs for Villa’ LOL

    Just been going through free transfer list.

    I would have Kalou, Rodlegga, Scharner, and Diame any day of the week. Kalou and rod would add some firepower, and Diame and Scharner would add the steel.

    None are British! Hooray!

  11. Why Randy didn’t consider AVB puzzled me. He would be perfect for Villa

  12. Nonetheless PL will have my support. In fact I’d give my backing to anyone except Eck

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