Norwich Statement on Lambert – resignation handed in & rejected

I have a feeling this will be no long drawn out saga.

Update 14:37 – As soon as I typed it the statement has been released – LINK

In brief he has handed in his resignation but it has been rejected. This could be a play on Norwich’s part to get more cash but if you wish to resign then what can they really do about it. If has reported he is on a rolling contract then he can break that at any time.

As they own statement confirms they are in discussions with us and when we give them the cash, he will be ours.

14:35 – We have been told that a Norwich city club statement is due soon.

This statement can only be to confirm that Lambert has resigned and will no longer be the Norwich manager. I expect then the whole deal for him at Villa to possibly be agreed as early as this evening if not tomorrow. Remember this stage of the process is always the last stage of it.

Lambert would never have resigned if he was not agreeable with the terms and conditions we were offering.

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156 comments on “Norwich Statement on Lambert – resignation handed in & rejected

  1. Just heard a potentially great piece of news. Norwich may be due exactly 0.00 compensation for lambert. As villa asked to speak to him through official channels then there is the possibility that he has it written in his contract that he is allowed to listen to official approaches. If this is the case than Norwich by refusing us permission to speak to him would be in breach of the contract and thus due exactly no compensation🙂

  2. Dave whelan reminds if a woman whose partner keeps cheating on her, Martinez speaks to another club and nothing comes of it so he goes crawling back to whelan who then says ‘villa are to small, he is destined for better things’ etc, just like a bloke cheats on his missus then goes crawling back to her, she knows what’s going on but continues to tell her mates ‘he has changed and this time it’s for real’ etc. Might be a bad analogy but their ‘relationship’ really reminds me of this. Just hope Wigan are relegated now to see if he still touts him as the next barca boss!

    • Martinez will eventually run out of luck with Wigan. He is a very good manager but no man in the world is to good for villa or that matter most prem teams.

      • Very true just think he shows a lack of ambition by using Wigan as a kind of comfort blanket and he could take a shit on Dave whelans desk and he would phone up talk sport and tell them what a lovely turd it was! I doubt he will ever be Barcelona boss though.

    • Dave Whelan reminds me of a stuck turd, no matter what you do it just wont go away

  3. I would say that pep guardiola is too good for Wigan😛

  4. Can’t quite make up my mind over Martinez. I don’t know whether he is cut out for great things or is overrated. TBH I don’t really care anymore. It’s been pure agony since the OGS saga and I just want the manager officially unveiled, so the rebuilding process can finally begin. Is there any way this can still go wrong and lambert doesn’t end up coming to us?

    • Could do as someone already said, remember the Mark Hughes debacle last season!?

    • I think the only thing that can stop this happening is Randy saying “Sell to buy and lower the wage bill further”

      • The problem with sell to buy at villa is apart from say bent and given who exactly would you want to buy if you were in charge of another club? So I think (hope) randy is putting his hand in his pocket as otherwise it seems like he’s flogging a dead horse.

    • It could go wrong with Lambert, however, we still have made contact with Espanyol, so if Lambert does in fact not come, we have outlets to move onto.

  5. Hopefully we can wrap this up before the end of the Euros… ’cause picking up some non-British talent this summer would be OH! so lovely. I’m looking forward to see what Holman and Makoun can do next season.

  6. If Lambert agrees to join us, then not only will we have a potentially great manager but also substantial money to spend, as i don’t beleive he would come if reasonable funds were not available in order to get Villa challenging again.

    • He will only get £10m from Lerner plus any self generated income. Hopefully the whole bk four will be their way we may not get much thought them thou coz they are crap. Dunne and warnock a million each at best. Hutton and Collins a bit more only coz they attend younger. Maybe 2.5m collibs and 2m tips for Hutton si by my reckoning he would have about 16.5m to spend if he’s lucky. Not much money to rebuild especially as he will look to buy overpriced British hardworking talentless dross like mon did. But we shall see.

      • Hutton would suit West Ham

      • Now, now oohah

        This is good news, should it happen, lets crack a little smile : )

      • I’m not sure 10m + any sales would be enough to entice him?

        I don’t think their would be many takers – Maybe Gabby, obviously bent (but don’t want that), maybe mon might take Collins and dunne (I see he is linked to cuellar….)- Big Sam may want Warnock back (player of season for him at Blackburn) and Ireland may attract a lower prem side. Not too much sellable though.

  7. if lambert does come does that mean holt might as well because i reckon bent and holt will be a great pairing

    • You’re on to something there, bent’s a top drawer finisher but useless at holding the ball up were as holt excels in that role and would make great foil for bent, good call that.

  8. Hopefully the club has worked out not to broadcast this summers transfer budget, always pushes the price of players through the roof.

    For example MON i have £40m to strengthen the squad i will pay you £6m for your £3m defender😉

  9. The way Lambert has behaved with Norwich puts me off, there are a lot of clubs bigger than us and he is obviously as loyal as Ashley ‘Big Head’ Young.

    Not to mention, he look more like the manager of a supermarket, not a football team.

    Thanks for american owners, mlord ffs sake!!!

  10. Lambert will have a bright future IF he can muscle his way into the dressing room and cleans house a bit (Warnock, Dunne). Just for one season I would love to go without some sort of players revolt or outburst. With MON it was NRC and the training ground bust up. GH had issues with Downing, Warnock, Dunne, and Collins. AM… Ireland, Nzog, and the whole Gatecrashers spat. To be realistic, I’m sure next season we will see yet another disgruntled player in the media. Although optimistically and for the sake of the club I hope PL (if appointed) can make the difference on and off the pitch.

  11. These are not my views on Lambert, they are the views of a friend who is a life-long Colchester fan. I just thought they may be tinged with sour grapes, but still made interesting reading:

    “Hmmm – treacherous coont who wasn’t particularly popular at Col U despite his short-lived success at the club. I reckon he’s a good manager, but he also has a well-deserved reputation for appalling man-management, in that he’s not bothered how much he upsets staff (playing or otherwise), or basically shafts them, if they don’t fit with his plan. If you want someone to knock heads together, shake things up and clear out wood (dead or otherwise) then he’s your man.

    Villa will be a stepping stone towards Celtic though, guarantee it…”

    • Bet your mate didn’t think he was a “treacherous coont” when they turned neighbours Norwich over 7-1 in thier own back yard and if ever VP has been in dire need of someone who is “not bothered how much he upsets staff” and will basically shaft them, if they don’t fit with his plan it’s now. Two seasons of half hearted just collect the money total lack commitment performances, well f**k em, they deserve all they get.
      A touch of sour grapes from your friend me thinks.
      And while I’m on a rant Norwich poor little Norwich the big boys have pinched their manager boo hoo hoo, did they give a flying f**k when they poached him from Colchester? Did they bollox! Hyocrisy, total hypocrisy!

      • Mate, I agree – just thought it was a view that I’d share. Some of it sounds just what we need, i.e. getting shot of dead wood, but some of it sounded a little MONish – I just hope that he’s not another manager who has his favourites and the rest of the squad can go to hell. For all that we had 3 x 6th under MON, that was one of his less good atributes…

        • Not having a pop at you SV just telling it how it is (well how I see it), Colchester had a purple patch under Lamberth and imo should be thankfull for the good times.

        • If he possesses some of MON’s better attributes, then he’s half-way to being assured of being successful at Brum B6.

          Sorry, but while O’Neill admittedly had his failings, he’s certainly proving to be a hard act to follow.

          Overall I enjoyed the MON era. He was good for AVFC in more ways than not.

          Hopefully PL can get us back on track. We’ve completely lost the plot since O’Neill walked.

          • On balance I was an MON fan – geting us out of the DOL mire and getting us up into the top 6 and challenging for cups was great, but IMO the reason we couldn’t push on was that he bought too many avaerage players then realised they were average and didn’t play them – rarely even gave them a chance. To push on we needed a squad and his down side was that he just doesnt seem to be able to manage like that. Hopefully PL will be a more modern type manager that realises that 11-14 men will not win the league in this day and age…

      • could you blame any manager for leaving fckng colchester for a better club? and norwich to villa? no – just like all our players go to man u liverpool and man city – can’t really blame em if they want to win trophies and getting paid loads more money.

        and whelan – what fcking silly old pr!ck. they went to talk to rogers before bloody martinez you silly loud mouth idiot. we even give him the cold shoulder when he wanted to speak to us.

        • Whelan is a mouthy twat villa4 life. Loves to hear the sound of his own voice. Spouts utter bullshit 99% of the time.

          I used to think that the Sullivan/Gold pairing was the most obnoxious owner/chairman partnership in football, but I have to admit that the Wigan mouthpiece runs them very close.

        • Dave Whelan is getting abuse from the Holte End as is the bottler martinez who tried to rule himself out of the villa job when we had not even approached him, both are a couple of cunts in my opinion, i maybe repeating myself but its worth repeating

      • Very well said Billy Walkers Shirt.

        A manager who is ‘not bothered how much he upsets staff’ is exactly what this club needs right now.

        That attribute alone means that he should be welcomed into Villa Park with open arms by our long suffering supporters.

        • Thanks GR we all know the football under AMC left a lot to be desired but a lot of this squad have been going through the motions for the past two seasons, exluding the kids who’ve come in the rest (your Dunnes, Warnocks, Collins, Ireland, Gabby, N’Zogbia etc) need a stick of dynamite up their arse and let’s hope and pray Mr Lambeth’s (as his record suggests) is the man to do it. UTV

          • Absolutely spot on BWS. Couldn’t agree with you more.

            Its been like a holiday camp since O’Neill quit, players virtually doing as they please, performing only when they wanted to, yet picking up obscene wages for basically dragging the name of AVFC down into the mud.

            Hopefully PL will immediately give the main culprits a sharp wake-up call. He witnessed the Carrow Road shambles on the seasons final day, so he knows the mess he’s inheriting.

        • Funny thing is that Ron Saunders came to VP with exactly the same reputation [deserved or not]: ultra-strict disciplinarian who took no shit from any player, and wasn’t afraid to drop anyone who didn’t toe his line regardless of how well they seemed to be playing.
          Let’s hope that this guy is half as successful…

          • I posted something similar yesterday when some were on about Lambeth’s lack of charisma and as I said then Sir Ron hardly went Jose Mourinho school of charm but what a manager and totaly ruthless. Didn’t he get rid of Villa legend Charlie Aitken?

          • To be fair, I think that Aitken was already about 37 years old at the time!

    • Sounds ideal to me. As for a stepping stone to celtic I call BS. As any manager with an established PL club is too big for Celtic, who are Championship quality at best😛

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