Doing the Lambert Walk

OK I have nicked the title for a twitter post !!

Last night I went to bed just before the excitement broke and the reports of Lambert resigning. As I write this is not yet confirmed. Radio 5 have not yet mentioned he has walked but it is certain he will be our new manager.

He was my original 2nd choice and therefore I give this appointment a warm welcome. I do have some reservations over Lambert and especially as it seems to reignite the frankly boring MON debate. However step back and look at our position, look at it relative to others and few other better choices of whom would come here.

I do set high expectations for managers and Lambert is no different. I would like to see older transfers not happen,. I would like to see younger players (25 years old) be brought in. Above all, as he showed at Norwich I want a positive attitude and the determination to WIN every game.

It should not be underestimated the job he has to do here. There are so many gaps in the squad to be filled and so many problem players to sort out. It will take a manager of determination and grit to be successful in what has become an almost impossible job.

Good luck to Paul, he will need it !!

And please guys lets stop the boring referrals to MON all the time !

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122 comments on “Doing the Lambert Walk

  1. Ok all together now , Any time you’re Lamberth way any evening any day you find us doing the Lamberth WAY oi! Think this will be the man we will know soon??.

  2. I would imagine it is more likey to go “any time your aston way..” only need one mention of his name for it to work and not be geographically awkward. Talk about jumping the gun, we have not even any solid news and already the songs are planned😉

  3. norwich have been the second highest team to hit the long ball this season:/

  4. Deal should be wrapped up this evening or tomorrow at the latest. Villa have acted proficiently and prudent throughout. #avfc.
    this has been tweeted from a good source…

  5. don’t say he’ll be new manager just yet, remember what happened with OGS

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