No Martinez – Official, who next, short list is very short

So yet more news.

Good old Dave Whelan has let it be known that Martinez is going nowhere. Whelan who is never short of a word or two has confirmed to SSN that Martinez is going nowhere.

So like last season he drops out, OGS drops out, not many left is there ?

Frankly Martinez was my number one choice, my number two choice is Lambert. I have to say this, that if we fail to get Lambert then the name we may get HAS to be good. There is talk of a surprise third candidate, is this the one no one has thought of yet ?

Martinez like OGS it appears never was offerred the job, has anyone else been because the longer this goes the more I fear another McLeish

Because if it is to be a surprise name then the list who it could be grows ever shorter. I want Randy to pull one out of the bag. A name so surprising, so good we go WOW … that is not Lambert but he is now appearing the bext of the named ones left and I am not convinced we want him either.

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87 comments on “No Martinez – Official, who next, short list is very short

  1. FFS, I am getting totally sick of this. So now Liverpool have decided on their manager we can have those they have turned down and our best hope is another scot, who happens to have had two good seasons. I am really fed up of how useless Lerner and Faulkner are being at attracting managers. Have they interviewed anyone FFS! I am not one who has said bad things about Lerner, but I am fed up with him and his fascination with the scottish accent, sounding like Alex ferguson is not enough, the scots know so much about football that their league is the envy of Europe, oh no wait it isn’t..oh screw it, what’s the point😦

  2. Will someone please put me right on a couple of things…
    Villa want OGS, so he jumps on a plane and flies out to talk to our yank, but at OGS inconvenience not lerners!!!
    liverpool want Martinez, so during his holiday to the Bahamas he flies to miami for talks with the yanks at his inconvenience.
    If a prospective employer wanted me, i would tell them to meet me at my local restaurant,and let them chase me, but if it was a life changing job for me, then i would have walked over hot coals to meet them,
    can anyone see where i am coming from? these two blokes didnt fly around the world just because they were curious, they bloody well wanted the jobs!!!
    I dont give two flying fucks why Martinez turned down the bin dippers, but why we didnt get our man…
    i just hope to fuck we get my first choice .. Lambert

  3. put your money on daglish

  4. No thanks just got rid of one bloody jock.

  5. Im amazed at the Whelans arrogance hes got a manager who has succeeded only in the fact that he gets them out of trouble each time he gets them in it. I for one think hes an amazingly average manager but to have Whelan going on about Villa are not big enough really does get tedious, if martinez has turned down Liverpool and Villa it shows that he has no ambition because Wigan will only ever be what they are, constant relegation battlers until they go down and will never be heard of again. Lambert for me, hes got determination and so far his record is pretty good. There are no guarentees so why not go for a young manager who shows promise, but whoever is to take over they need investment.

      • Now if we are to believe all the media gossip as there is nothing seems to be coming out of villa park i would very much like to know who this third mystery candidate is that everybody seems to talking about.

  6. Would love Lambert, he’s the man Ive hoped for since around Christmas time. Plays good football, WINS matches, uses the squad, intelligent, knows the European game from playing in Germany and doing his badges there. Bring him on! And then I hope all the moaners will finally shut the fuck up and get behind him! No doubt, some wont be happy just for the sake of not being happy. UTV

    • Before we start saying Lambert is the best thing since sliced bread lest find out about his playing carea led to beleive it was in Germany so what. I still say lets have a look at whoever the third mystery man is and if he is an ex player.

      • Whats a playing career got to do with how good a manager he is, how good was Mourinho as a footballer did it detract from his managerial successes. Like i have said there are no guarentees, Lambert may fail but at least this its a positive step. Lambert is ambitious if the board want a manager like that, then they have to show abition.

  7. Lambert will become a legend at Villa ! UTV sotc x

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