Randy coming back … an answer or further talks

So Randy is coming back I read and hear.

So in lieu of this news I went back through the posts at the time of the Mcleish deal. It is interesting to read back through history and see how it panned out. for about a week after Martinez turned us down we had little news. Then on a Saturday night the now defunct NOTW printed a story he was the number one target followed by the Mercury. HOW WE ALL LAUGHED !!

Well that was until 4PM the next day when Mcleish resigned.

The moral of the story is the true name WILL leak out. It may be a name we all hate again but I doubt it. It may be an incredible name out of left field (lets say Moyes !!), it may be a shock like OGS. Tomorrow we may hear more about Martinez and like last year does he hold the key ?

At this stage I am still expecting a totally left of field option. I am not expecting one of the favourites to get, the past record simply does not suggest that. The criteria laid down rules out most of the favourites anyway !

The problem is that last season as time dragged on we were thinking of good names and look at that ended up ?

Surely it HAS to be better ?

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223 comments on “Randy coming back … an answer or further talks

  1. I so wanna be happy with this next manager and just for once in three years feel like we got a chance just a snifter at competing well for trophies and europe..

  2. I really would hate some shit nobody i hope they have their brains in gear..

    • Jd just posted this: In Freiburg Robin had to mainly work with young and upcoming talent. Posted the link to but it’s awaiting moderation.

      • Just read the article he has nothing in his locker to say he could win trophies and he has been fired.

  3. So ian who would be your preferred choice?

  4. Lambert is a big no from me,we will sign the likes of Snodgrass and Holt.Martinez is ok,but after he turned us down i dont think Lerner is looking in that direction.

    • To be fair we have no idea who he would sign. He signed those type of players before because it is who he could afford on his budget. Given £25m to play with, I’m sure he would be looking at better players.

    • Lambert finished higher than us with a championship side, with Holt scoring more than the whole villa side did in 2012!!! as for snodgrass, i rate him its just whether he can make the step up.
      but you have to try it before you knock it as the say😉

  5. why are we getting so desperate about the lack of manager? lets think positive here and maybe just maybe the board are making sure they get the right man this time instead of a punt.
    if i am going to be honest, if Martinez turns liverpool down then he will most certainly turn us down.
    maybe Norwich are as professional as we are so havent leeked any villa contact out!
    or maybe we are going outside the box again and another name will be thrown into the hunt and this time lerner wont send a claret and blue taxi to his front door to let the world know before we have got his signature on a contract….

    • I’m desperate becuase we are missing out on some great signings. Looks like Dost is going to Newcastle, Sigyrdsson, Diame is available on a free. These are the type of players we should be in for.

  6. Yet Swansea can afford Sigyrdsson? I would imagine they would all be on about 40k. Which is manageable with lots of our high earners leaving this year.

    • No mate i dont think you get it, we wont put players on 40k again as other players will want the same to sign! then we are back to where we were under mon

      • Not really look at who has left- Habid Beye was on 45k, Hesky 65k, Cueller, 45k, Guzan 25k. Last season Young and Downing went both on 50k+, NRC, 50k, Luke Young 40, Friedal 50k. Plus loads of reserve players were released like Hogg, Parish, Lowry etc

        You had CNZ come in on 50k, Given on 50k and Hutton on say 40k. with the kids on 10k doing more work. So I think the wage bill is at a manageable level now. Esspecially because Petrov/Dunne/Warnock are in the last year of their contracts as well.

        So 40k a week will not be average but for key signings should not be too much going forward.

        • Hutton is on 30k and i think Luke Young was 60-75k, if they play for England they command much higher wages

  7. I heard the wage cap was 40k

    • I dont think it is a cap, McLeish said they will go for players who command higher wages if they are worth it. MON signed a lot of players and stuck them on anything above 40k, without some of them even getting on the bench

      • 40k is more of a benchmark figure and i think it is a figure they want to be able to average out the wages of the squad to, so a youth player or back up goalie will be on 2k a week. Guzan is a good GK but 25k a week for a reserve keeper is a lot of money to pay

  8. Interesting article in the Guardian today about Premier League clubs and transfer targets. Interesting albeit its the normal pre-season discussion piece most papers trot out over the summer.

    Suggests Villa will spend about £10 million – sounds a bit high to me – but will also seek to reduce the wage bill – which is plausible.

    I still maintain that a Director of Football is Lerner’s preferred option. Liverpool clearly are going down that route and Levy at Spurs wants a DoF again when Redknapp leaves. It makes sense for an owner to have a DoF to control/limit spending.

    Yes, I know the club has said no to such an appointment but club statements (any club) are hardly reliable.

    Rather suspect that is what PK was talking to McCarthy about.

    From a managerial perspective, I still maintain it might be a name we havent considered – that was the OGS angle. Now? Villa must be waiting on Chelsea and Liverpool to make a decision. Not saying the club is being passive; rather, the managers involved need to be involved in the decision making

  9. Rodgers to liverpool martinez to villa thats my theroy the rumoers wont go away

  10. the player at bodymoor today is from nice in france sorry cannot pronounce his name starts with a d.all i no is hes black and looks a bit like salifou

  11. and my old man was talkin to the media bloke last night who stayed late and he said something is happening imminant regarding a new manager but he was unable to say who it is

    • It’s not Diacko Fofana is it? We were linked to him in 2010 or early 2011 when he played for Le Havre but he wanted something like £40k per week (and he was only 16 then)
      A houllier recommendation I think he was.

      • Just googled it – different Fofana we were linked to, Diacko’s brother Gueida, but both were at Le Havre when Houlier was sniffing around

  12. Karl, when you say imminant, do you mean its going to be announced today? (not that I can’t sleep or anything…)

  13. not sure today but very soon faulkner was in late last night with the media guy hangingaround till the death.

    • Why players when there’s no manager? How do u no this? Who is isentifying these players? Questionable to me?

      • this is the same karl that said mcleish wont b sacked and if he was he’d suck a big fat dildo or something along those lines

  14. Well if it a france player there atm we can rule out pl mangers like martinez and co, so it might the former braga or baryen lek boss then intresting

  15. how do i no this well my dad works at bodymoor so i get all the info before anybody else.if you read my older post you will no.

  16. Beginning to get worried now. West Brom look like they may be getting Rangnick (would be an excellent appointment for them and us) while we are getting linked to the likes of southgate and grayson. This really is a joke unless we pull someone like AVB out the bag. I have lost all faith in lerner.

    • Reading way too much into who we’re “linked” too. Of course we’ll be linked to the garbage that don’t have jobs with EPL experience. Most clubs outside 3-4 will be.

  17. Dutt s ridiculous

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