Impatient, then why not look at the Blues

We are all waiting to see who the next manager is and oh so quiet.

Never known a period like this when literally NOTHING is coming out to discuss and let major decisions to be made.

So in the meantime, sit back and laugh at the Blues. Their owner Carson Yeung today continued to have all his assets frozen and the excellent OFTEN PARTISAN site reports it HERE.

However the funniest quote is in the comments

Wingman Blue says:
May 28, 2012 at 10:12 am

Exactly Atahualpa. Cannot see Carson turning down any sensible offer. Hopefully Blues Ladies’ FA Cup triumph, last year’s Carling Cup and our spirited performance over the last season might tempt an individual with money to invest in a brand that performs excellently, given the chance.
Interesting times in which we live…

Do I need to say anymore. Usually on that site the comments are excellent, not this time it seems.

EDIT 14:30

Nice comment here from Arthur and he is spot on. We may not like the Blues but no club deserves an owner like Yeung. If not for Hughton last season they would have been relegated again.

Arthur says:
May 28, 2012 at 1:38 pm

This is a disgrace – I have been going down the Blues for 30 years but have decided that this time I will not be renewing my season ticket. Carson does not deserve a penny from us. All these empty promises, Chris Hughton will be off in a flash and I for one cannot blame him at all. We are a small club with a small club mentality.. sadly I don’t think that’s likely to change in the near future

15 comments on “Impatient, then why not look at the Blues

  1. Maybe someone will want to buy Blues because they won their first ever trophy (last season), they won the WOMEN’S FA Cup, and they failed to gain promotion? Oh dear!! And I thought we had it bad. LOL!! When do they go into administration? Is it expected before 2013?

  2. They really are pathetic – I can see at Sheikh Mansoor equivalent watching the Birmingham ladies final and thinking, I want some of that glory!!

  3. If you ask me it is to darn quite Lerner before i decide on my season ticket at least give some inclination as to whom the runners are in the race not leave it up to rumour and speculation by the press.

  4. Schadenfreude can turn and bite you, we have not appointed a manager yet😉

    • As i said come on Mr L at least give a press report as to whom you are considering.There is a old saying no news is good news but the way things are going in my opinion that means when it does come it is usuely bad.

      • My “guess” is they are now approaching people and insisting they sign a confidentiality agreement, and letting them know if the press report anything they will not get the job. I think Lerner has Learnt from the OGS fiasco.

  5. Do you think we will here something tonight? 3 weeks is plenty time to appoint someone

    • Well Tom i would;nt hold my breath,But i think the players need to know before pre-season so that they know where they stand and what changes are going to be made.Also the fans so as they can voice their opinions on wether whom ever the new man is going to be the right one, and for him to make his plans for taking the club forward clear.Then we can all make up our own minds if Mr Lerners choice is the right one.

  6. yip lets all laugh at birmingham

    i would get things sorted on our side of the fence before we go slagging anybody ffs

    Ian who is the manager today? – im still getting over the fact that you had a press conference announced at 6.00 to unveil OGS 9 days ago….and for some reason that didnt happen

  7. I agree with the official line from the club that it’s more important to make the right decision than to make a quick decision. But the prolonged silence is a little worrying. For my money it suggests Lerner is waiting to see if Martinez knocks back the Liverpool offer first , if it comes down to it he may be more willing to join us than work under a DOF. That said he’ll probably turn us down again too.

    Surely if Lambert was the main target the ball would be rolling by now. Having said all that its not like Liverpool , Chelsea or West Brom are moving toward an appointment any quicker than we are.

  8. I would not want to see them go bankrupt i enjoy the banter with a couple of mates who are small heath and so do they, we dont take it to far and i can only think of a couple of times its nearly blown up because i support the villa.

    Coventry are not looking good atm either and if both clubs were to go bust this would not be good for Midlands football.

    Why has it gone so quiet on the AV front i always worry when our board go quiet, something odd always follows like we get the wrong ginger.

  9. morganVilla is quite right: the footballing world without Birmingham City would be a poorer place. The rivalry is essential

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