Respect to John Bishop for Support Stan at Socceraid

Charity games can often be just for fun even though with a serious message.

Tonight we have the annual Socceraid (it is not Soccer !!) game between England and the rest of the World. In this game ego’s are put aside and we know what comedian John Bishop did for Sport Aid, what a tremendous feat !

So when you see him wearing a ‘Support Stan’ teeshirt you know it is from the heart.

Well Done John and much respect !

13 comments on “Respect to John Bishop for Support Stan at Socceraid

  1. always thought he seemed like a genuinely good bloke, this goes a long way in proving it in my eyes. fair play to him

  2. aren’t villa playing Celtic in a charity match for Stan. If so when is it?

  3. Yeah, I like him, even though he’s a scouser.😉

    I liked his trip from Paris to London too, top bloke

  4. Legend.

    Enough said.

  5. Not my cup of tea as a comedian, but always seems like a decent bloke. Great gesture.

  6. fair play, what a top guy

  7. i threw the top to kevin philips who showed bish who put it on then passed it to robbie and he also put it on before super kev. it would be great if someone could find pictures of the other 2. super kev gave me my stan top back after. top bloke!!

  8. seems to be a top class, down to earth working class guy

    respect to him

  9. Good game of football as well..enjoyed it a LOT more than what we watched last season…and a great cause..Well done to everyone involved

  10. here, who is this Robin Dutt? 4th favourite to take the villa job?

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