New manager, New outlook

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun !!

So we enter a third week without a manager and I am patient enough to wait IF the right man is picked. Of course the longer it went last year we know what happened then. However Randy was honest with us in the mistake and what was required from the new manager.

When they said they wanted someone to excite us then we looked to new names. Not the same old names that get touted around for every job who had failures on their CV. It is that reason people got excited by OGS, he was a fresh with unknown potential with a reputation of building young exciting players.

He is not coming so I would imagine that the search becomes harder. Does Lambert ‘excite’ you ? Does Martinez, Does Di Matteo ?

For some they would but not in the overwhelming way OGS seemed to excite the vast majority. I think they have spread their net wide and far. I would imagine a lot of managers have been contacted and I still expect a ‘out of left field’ name to emerge after this.

However with a massive rebuilding job to be done. With wages still an issue and an unknown amount to spend it is not an easy job. The new man must be fresh, he must play an exciting type of football, he must buy younger players. The team has to be built to show potential and to show the fans that every game matters, none is given up, to push us into the ‘Elite’.

Randy is back in the States now, the search goes on, I just hope the name at the end is what the majority can get behind and get EXCITED by.

On the weekend of the 30th anniversary it shows what can be done with the right manager, coach and team in unison. We should never forget that we need ambition to be the very best, AVERAGE is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

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55 comments on “New manager, New outlook

  1. It won’t be Benitez or McDonald.

    “young, vibrant” remember.

    For that read “cheap”, imo.

  2. It shouldn’t be a choice to ‘excite’ fairweather fans, but an appointment to restore stability and have an objective to grow the club and raise us towards the top once more.

    We cannot compete financially with the heavyweights, so a manager that puts things in place on every level to ensure that we compete with the best of rest is what’s required.

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