Di Matteo Linked again

This is a link that will not go away.

The Daily Mirror claim that he has ’emerged as a front runner’ for the Villa job.


They say he is interested in a long term project and that would be well matched to us. He lives in Ashby so distance to Bodymoor Heath is no issues at all.

I do have reservations for him because we saw last season what appointing a fluke winning manager does. I do feel that randy would like to appoint a champions League winning manager for the kudos alone. Has he learnt the lessons at west Brom where he was said to be too aloof and this lead to his sacking.

Does he excite the fans ?

Well if he has, who knows ?

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122 comments on “Di Matteo Linked again

  1. Southgate now being linked ffs

    after the euphoria (for some reason) of OGS

    we ar going down and down

    think of a name

    say like Mcleish

    how can we get worse that that




    • Just because he is being linked does not mean he has been interviewed or would be considered. Another relegation manager who also took our defence with him to Middlesbrough!

    • How about Fred Flintstone and assistant Barny Rubble.

  2. Xeis

    remember that time mcleish was linked with us?

    just remember that

    Lerner really hasnt a clue anymore

    fuck knows what we will end up with

  3. Having read all of this (…it’s Monday and I’m bored…) I am now firmly of the opinion that the only possible manager, that will not cause a mass walkout, is someone that none of us have heard of and who is a brilliant manager (and who has no connection whatsoever with the noses). Anyone know of such a person…

    • Nope. We’re back to the Ellis days. At least when JG appeared it worked well.
      I have no idea, and no hope to be frank. We have no money to invest and our squad is threadbare and/or shit.
      The confidence has gone. Shot to pieces by RL last 2 appointments. Although McLoser has gone, if the ST sales were around the 5K mark, then unless Lerner pulls his finger out then I can only see another half empty VP next year.😦
      Come on Randy – shock us! Prove us all wrong!

  4. How about david platt with ray wikins? My dream would be avb with ray wilkins

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