Why not Chris Hughton

This may cause howls of outrage given the misconception of the problem over Mcleish, but bear me out.

The longer this search goes on, the more I think we are going to see a shock. OGS was left field for sure but we have not seen Randy do it the easier way. Why do I say Chris Hughton ?

Well surely he is a shoe in for the West Brom job, a perfect fit and yet no approaches and tonight stories that they have approached ‘The Tinkerman’. I am glad they have got him, is all I can say because it means he can not come to Villa Park as I stated in another piece. For this reason last Thursday just as I was hearing about OGS and laid money on I had a sneaky fiver on Hughton at 40-1 and just come in slightly to 33-1.

Daily we have seen managers who will not come here and for example Martinez being photographed with John Henry means another one is out, to add to Lambert, Rodgers and others. The list is getting shorter and shorter. Every time a name disappears the good ones become less and less.

So lets give you my reasons for Hughton

    Excellent coach at Spurs

    Liked by all the press and fans at the clubs he has been at

    Managed real difficult characters and broken dressing rooms – Newcastle, Barton, Carroll etc

    Successful with Newcastle

    Has had players sold from underneath him

    Picks up bargains and motivates other players

    Good style of football, usually wingers and two up front

    Fantastic jobs at previous club

    Outside bet

    The previous club is of course the major problem, if he had all the problems at Blues and yet managed say Cardiff to the same position he would be wanted by many fans.

Should it matter where he came from ? At VP there was never a chant about Mcleish’s background but of all the other factors and records we know about him. Maybe we as fans would actually WANT him to succeed at villa to prove all the press WRONG ?

I know many people may call me all kinds of names for suggesting Hughton but of the options out there, those that would come to work under restrictions and gettable is there anyone better ? Looking at who is left, is Poyet better ? Are out of work managers better who can not get jobs, I wonder why ?

Brave brave step to do this, I think there is no chance of Randy doing this but I personally see Hughton as a much better option than many left.

Disclaimer : I have no ITK, in fact all that has totally dried up since OGS and any little bits of info is saying who we are NOT getting.

124 comments on “Why not Chris Hughton

  1. ian – i know what your saying about take out the blues connection, but thats just impossible and it would never happen. as a manager he doesn’t fill me with excitement but he is decent and seems to be have done well with newcastle and blues.

    Im quite frankly amazed yet again with people who cream over BOREBERT – why would we even talk to him? he is hardly vibrant and i wouldn’t call his brand of football compelling either – do fans want guaranteed 12th – 16th positions for 5 years with a load of league 1 players in the sqd? because thats exactly what BOREBERT would give us? BOREBERT got a team relegated if I’m not mistaken also – so NO THANKS.

    come next season when swansea and norwich are struggling people won’t even speak their names – its just a current trend just solely because they finished mid table in their first season -big deal!! next season is always the real test and lots of them sink like the titanic (think hull) i don’t want them at villa sinking.

    the only reason why BOREBERT is a favourite is because people chanting his name at norwich game and people mentioning him so much on sites – bookies must be making a killing – there is only evidence of OGS and martinez so far.

    My choices are

    AVB (this is more realistic than people think)
    Bilbao manager
    martinez is ok enough – be interesting to see if he can prove people wrong
    or any decent up and coming foreign attacking manager

    no scots / english tripe please

  2. Hughton seems a decent hardowrking guy who has done well where he has been so far, but newcastle obviosly didn’t fancy him and I think it would be a ”steady eddy” appoinment.

    Young and invigorating – no way!

    Oh Yeh……………..and pretend all you like, he is still a fucking bluenose

  3. di canio is a reasonable shout, he will be bouyed by the C L win and it must carry some Kudos in the loan market, which we will most likely be in coz theres no dosh about.
    i look at it like this, the sesoons just ended peeps will be on hols, i recon nowt will happen for a week or so yet, but what does seem daft is that clearly A M’s sacking was the worst kept secret in football, so surely the board should have been doing something about it weeks ago in preperation, no way i would sack some one and not try and have a replacement ready. If they leave thats 1 thing, but to know its happening and not prepare (villa prepared!!) is a joke right?? Duno who R L’s advisors are but i would advise him to get new ones!!

    • Think you are right about peeps on holiday and that delaying things – imagine most managers want a break after 9 months slog before making any big decisions. Liverpool and WBA taking their time too, and reckon they had just as much time as Villa.

      As time goes by, the person I am most surprised about is Villas-Boas. As he has been out of work for months, would have thought he had something lined as soon as season ended. Tells me the big clubs (Juve, Inter etc not interested) and now out of Liverpool race – makes me wonder if Villa might become more attractive to him? Would be a risk after Chelsea and he is very inexperienced, but would tick most of the other boxes?

    • Di Canio is too much of a risk from Lerners perspective we cant forget the man was a brilliant player but he is a nutcase

  4. If you look at how newcastle has done once they dispensed with his services it may suggest there are shortcomings in his management style. I dont care about his small heath connections, but the press will. It will give them an agenda and story which they will then be able to pin on 10 or 15 “fans” that do care. Lerner would be foolish to give them such an easy story.

    • Exactly, it’s not the blues connection that worries me, it’s that Newcastle felt they needed rid of him to push on. Something that was hugely derided at the time but has proved a masterstroke.

  5. Hughton is a decent shout and would put the nail in the coffin of the lazy press idea that we only hated McLeish due to his Blues connection – but like others I feel he doesn’t really inspire the same kind of excitement as an OGS type.
    I feel the same way about Martinez too (looks like he’s Pewl bound now anywau) and Lambert. They’d all do a decent job I think but Rodgers, Poyet or Di Canio would be who I’d be aiming for (of the mainstream choices). I heard this morning that Guardiola will be open to offers from Chelsea et al so it could be that Paolo will be looking for another club in the coming weeks!

  6. NO! sometimes its not the right place or time – that would be here and now.

  7. POYET!!!!!!

  8. Ironically I think you are being blinded by the fact that he manages Birmingham City.

    He got Newcastle promoted, with a team that was clearly far too good for the championship and led that team to mid table for half a premier league season, as is usually the case with promoted clubs anyway. Yes they won the league by a long way but did you see their team?

    Harper Simpson S.Taylor Coloccini Enrique R.Taylor Smith Guthrie Gutierrez Nolan Carroll. Bench: Krul Williamson Van Aanholt Barton Routledge Ameobi Lovenkrands.

    That is a LOT better than our current team! How has he done with Birmingham? Pretty well. They still have a pretty good team for the championship. But nothing above suggests that he is anything out of the ordinary. Decent but no world beater. His style of football is decent, but nothing particularly interesting.

    You are so focussed on the fact that he is at Birmingham City and we want to prove everybody wrong, that we don’t care if our manager is from them, that you have overlooked that he would be a pretty average choice.

  9. i can’t believe how quiet its all gone in the manager hunt – I’m not sure whether to be worried or pleased by it – at least we are not hearing anymore rejections etc.

    id like to think we appoint next week as the new manager has got ALOT of work to do – new season comes around very quickly

  10. What about ian Holloway !!!!!!!!!!!

    • I do like Ian hollaway and I think with more money power he could certainly bring a ln attractive brand off football. I can actually see him common close to top for with a good team you know!

      • just remind me what he said about us ?

        • Lol we have to find someone Ian! Can’t deny it though he plays an attractive brand of football and he has found some good players for next to nothing! I would take him! And info believe with the right team could see him just missing out on top 4

    • I’d welcome him Len Thomas. I definitely would. He’d liven the place up, give us a change of direction, and would get people talking about the club again. He’s positive, upbeat, plays the game the right way, and would be no more of a gamble than Martinez et al.

      I think he just needs the right opening to truly make his mark.

  11. You my first reaction to this was dead side no! However the bloke is hat working, good background and it would prove the likes of Alan shearer wrong if we all got behind him. Show the press and these over rated tv critics just how fickle we really are. He’s a good manager and it’s a huge risk but no bigger than ole. I always feel sorry for Chris as the bloke is a young manager who should really be working on a long term project in the premier league. So I’m goin to do a complete u turn and say I’d happily have Chris, happily support him and I think he would do the world of good to our team. Let’s face it we haven’t exactly got pickings of a good bunch.

  12. I think he is a good manager. Should never have been sacked by Newcastle. Done a good job at Blues on nothing. He would do a good job for us.

  13. Hughton came up with Newcastle through pure lucky, FACT! his squad didn’t break up much, only owen, beye and duff fucked off, he inherited that squad, he came up and mike ashley made right decision, getting rid of him, yes pardew at the time for me was shocking appointment but look where they’ve finished, look at the players they have hughton is championship manager, he is good bloke no doubt but not a good coach, so no i wouldnt

  14. i do agree, although i personally do not want him, i wouldnt mind if he came in.
    He isnt the worst manager, and by no means would he be a bad villa manager.

    It would prove people wrong if he signed and we got behind him, but would it all be worth it? more compo to blues for a manager we really arnt sure of, personally wouldnt mind but is another big risk, probably bigger than mcleish, because if it fails, it will fail massively

  15. The question is would appointing Hughton actually really excite anyone. There is no doubt he is a decent manager but the club desperately needs a real positive lift after last season and I don’t believe Hughton would provide it. we should be looking abroad for our next manager anyway rather than the lower leagues anyway

  16. Any truth in the Benitiez rumours or is this a twitter rumour helping the bookies earn a few quid

  17. Reason why not chris hughton because i dont think the man is capable of winning trophies or getting us into europe.

    • Hi Jd you ok mate? What manager is with Lerner’s lack of financial and his “sell on sight” policy for any and all decent players we have.

      • Im not happy mate.Not enough information coming from AVFC about our next manager.Any manager with quality will not touch villa if Randy pandy starts fuXking around with the pounds and pence.If we are to have a young manager he will want good transfer funding and will have a winning mentality.Unless lerner stumps up some serious cash for transfers cant see anyone young wanting the job as dead wood doesnt float.

        • In all honesty mate I would not be in slightest bit suprised if kev McDitherer was in the hot seat come July, he’s cheap and Randy like his cheap.

          • Nail on the head there BWS. You can see it coming cant you?

            Its a Lerner appointment down to a tee.

          • To be honest wouldn’t be the end of the world if they did it with a bit of planning, say put Martin Laursen as defensive coach and number 2 grooming him for the job. Rather that than Grayson, Curbs or any of the usual suspects.

  18. Sorry chris but CHRIS OFF.

  19. How come Benitez is practically favorite for the job now with a lot of bookies?

  20. liverpool have offered Martinez the job!!!!!

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