Why not Chris Hughton

This may cause howls of outrage given the misconception of the problem over Mcleish, but bear me out.

The longer this search goes on, the more I think we are going to see a shock. OGS was left field for sure but we have not seen Randy do it the easier way. Why do I say Chris Hughton ?

Well surely he is a shoe in for the West Brom job, a perfect fit and yet no approaches and tonight stories that they have approached ‘The Tinkerman’. I am glad they have got him, is all I can say because it means he can not come to Villa Park as I stated in another piece. For this reason last Thursday just as I was hearing about OGS and laid money on I had a sneaky fiver on Hughton at 40-1 and just come in slightly to 33-1.

Daily we have seen managers who will not come here and for example Martinez being photographed with John Henry means another one is out, to add to Lambert, Rodgers and others. The list is getting shorter and shorter. Every time a name disappears the good ones become less and less.

So lets give you my reasons for Hughton

    Excellent coach at Spurs

    Liked by all the press and fans at the clubs he has been at

    Managed real difficult characters and broken dressing rooms – Newcastle, Barton, Carroll etc

    Successful with Newcastle

    Has had players sold from underneath him

    Picks up bargains and motivates other players

    Good style of football, usually wingers and two up front

    Fantastic jobs at previous club

    Outside bet

    The previous club is of course the major problem, if he had all the problems at Blues and yet managed say Cardiff to the same position he would be wanted by many fans.

Should it matter where he came from ? At VP there was never a chant about Mcleish’s background but of all the other factors and records we know about him. Maybe we as fans would actually WANT him to succeed at villa to prove all the press WRONG ?

I know many people may call me all kinds of names for suggesting Hughton but of the options out there, those that would come to work under restrictions and gettable is there anyone better ? Looking at who is left, is Poyet better ? Are out of work managers better who can not get jobs, I wonder why ?

Brave brave step to do this, I think there is no chance of Randy doing this but I personally see Hughton as a much better option than many left.

Disclaimer : I have no ITK, in fact all that has totally dried up since OGS and any little bits of info is saying who we are NOT getting.

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124 comments on “Why not Chris Hughton

  1. Can anyone shed any light on Benitez being current favorite?

  2. Yes Whelan is announcing to the world that Martinez has been offered the job. Another kick in the balls for the Lerner/Faulkner road show.

    Getting closer to a Kevin MacDonald appointment. You can smell it coming.

    • Why do we need to appoint Kev Mac when there’s ppl like Poyet and Benitez still available. It WILL NOT be Kev, you can be sure of that. Vibrant manager to reinvigorate Villa…Kev Mac does not fit that criteria.

    • “Another kick in the balls for the Lerner/Faulkner road show.”

      You make it sound like we actually attempted to talk to him “again”.

      • You only have to view the situation Andrew my lad, read between the lines, use your noggin, Martinez was right up there on Lerner’s wish list. Probably right at the very top.

        • If that was at all true, Whelan would have said something about it… He loves the media.

          • Indeed he does Andrew. We’ll be alerted next time he decides to bang his missus, the way his mouth continues to spout off.

            I suggest Lerner was waiting on the Liverpool/Martinez developments.

            Makes a lot of sense when put alongside the context of the sound of silence currently hovering over the VP boardroom.

            Martinez was right up there. Common sense tells us that.

          • Ah yes, the common sense argument. Common sense would also tell you that if we wanted Martinez, we would have had talks a while ago with him. Instead, Lerner had other plans.

          • I too believe Marinez is probably Lerner’s no 1 pick. After missing out on OGS, I think that Martinez was probably the only alternative name they could come up with.

  3. Jurgen Klopp any one????

    • Mourinho and Pep as well should definitely be considered.

    • alex mcleish anyone????

      • In preference to Kevin MacDonald, a resounding YES please!!

      • McLeish as DoF. Bruce as Manager, what could really go wrong?

        • You shouldn’t even jest like that Andrew.

          If Lerner reads your comment, he’ll think it a great idea, and before you know it, the Big Eck and Brucie will be at the helm.

          Remember what you’re dealing with here. Lerner and Faulkner are struggling to come up with names, particularly if Martinez takes the Anfield job. The names McLeish and Bruce might just tickle their fancy.

          • Bruce took Wigan to 11th… That’s gotta mean something when he was working under the same circumstances Martinez was. We didn’t have a “McLeish” team either, we actually had a few attacking players, which isn’t right. It’d all come together for a Premier League trophy!

          • Andrew, that comment you’ve just made about Bruce taking Wigan up to eleventh is fair comment indeed. Puts Martinez into question I think.

            I cant understand why Martinez is held in such high regard. Guess that’s why I’m not a football expert, just a mere everyday Villan.

      • don’t want that twat

    • If Lerner and/or Faulkner have ever even heard of Klopp, I’ll walk up New Street on Saturday afternoon stark bollock naked.

  4. Would imagine that Benitez would only consider the Villa Park job if Lerner promised him a fairly hefty budget to work with. I cant see it happening myself.

    Like some others have suggested, I have real concerns that Kevin MacDonald will be handed the reins. Very much hope I’m wrong, but with Lerner and Faulkner responsible for the decision making, nothing would surprise me.

    In time I’ll get over another duff appointment, AVFC wont.

  5. what has everyone got against KM being manager? he has done wonders for the reserves winning 4/5 leagues which is better than OGS did with all the talent united have to offer..

    • I do believe the 6-1 loss to Newcastle plays a big part in the minds.

      • what about mons 7-0 against chelsea and 5-0 at the poo? i was at that game and if i told you newcastle had 6 shots on target you wouldnt believe me, i strongly believe on another day we would have won that game as stupid as it sounds but for a missed pen and disallowed goal, all would have been very different!!!

      • 6-0 loss Andrew. We’d never have scored that day.

        Not just that game I dont think. MacDonald hasn’t got what it takes to manage AVFC. His appointment would set us back further.

        The defeat to Vienna hardly helped him win over the supporters either.

        No, he’d be a disastrous appointment…but one I wouldn’t rule out.

    • Could’ve attract the players we need to rebuild?

  6. I think KevMac would be an absolute disaster as full time manager of AVFC. He just isn’t cut out for the role. He wouldn’t attract players here, and as we found out during his short time at the helm pre the frenchman, tactically wise he’s clueless.
    He’s about as charasmatic as a dead kipper. No, let him remain in charge of the youngsters/reserves. If he wants to try his hand as a manager again, hopefully it will be elsewhere.

  7. People suggesting KMac should be manager really no nothing about football. I idea is laughable.

  8. Silence is golden , or is it !! were they aiming at RM and its gone belly up?. Two down and possibly working our way through any other options that are suitable for manipulation.LOL . Scary time for the fans though.

  9. Can people stop mentioning Kevin Mac there isn’t a hope in hell he’ll be manager. Get real people, bit of common sense here. Fuck sake!

  10. Too right MJVILLA

    Kevin MacDonald as manager? It had better not happen.

    Even Lerner aint that dumb. Is he?

    • He was dumb enough to appoint McLeish! Seriously, I think he’s learned a very hard lesson, to be fair, and is genuinely looking for that “young, vibrant manager” to reshape and energise the squad, and get it playing the type of positive, entertaining football that will improve our standing, and please the fans. Amid all the rumour and hype, it’s incredibly difficult for us as outsiders to get a handle on who’s really in the frame, but there are growing indications after the OGS scenario that Lerner might have real difficulty turning his good intentions into a positive outcome. Ole’s gone, Martinez looks set to disappear off the radar (good luck with that one, Roberto), and Lambert doesn’t seem to be that interested, so bit by bit, the list of the “obvious” candidates shrinks. He MIGHT pull an incredible rabbit out of the hat, a name to astonish us all, but I also have to say that realistically, pigs might fly. The great and good don’t seem to be falling over themselves to throw their hats into the ring. We could be heading for a re-run of last year’s saga, which would be too depressing for words.

  11. I think we are struggling as a club atm. OGS said no, looks like Martinez is heading to ‘pool, so where do we go next with the senior people who have made 1 iffy (Houllier) & 1 downright shitty (McRelegator) appointments leading the recruitment campaign?
    I really do worry what will happen. I would like Rodgers if we go EPL, but to look further afield how about Laurent Blanc who leaves France after the Euros or Deschamps? Or the guy who has led Montpellier to the league title in France? We seriously need a change of thought & direction because whoever comes in has a serious job to do reassembling a poor squad, with young players of potential & little else & will have to do this with limited £s.
    We dont have to panic & appoint within 7 – 10 days, this decision is probably the most important Lerner will make for AVFC so it MUST be right.

  12. Hi guys new to this lark.

    No one seems to have mentioned Ian holloway, I think he would be great appointment. His teams play great football, he looks after young players and develops them and can find bargains in the transfer market which to be honest is ideal as there is clearly no money at VP. He may not be young but he is vibrant and definitely make things more interesting.

  13. I certainly wouldn’t object to him Mxg10.

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