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49 comments on “Renewed my season ticket, have you

  1. JD….. yes i will UTV SOTC

  2. Rafa Benitez now 5-4 on fav with SkyBet

  3. That’s 2 weeks now with. I new manager, has anyone heard anything?

  4. Martinez looks the next Liverpool manager – who we going to go for now?

    Plan b sounds fcked alrdy – they best had interviewed some others

  5. i didnt beleive last year they would appoint him;and wasted my and my sons life taking him to watch XI men behind the ball hoofing i could have shown him on videos from the 80s and 90s anyway.

    The clubs next direction is one that sounds good; but i despair because everytime a proven manager is put forward (in recent memeory not just this year) all i see and hear is our fans going ‘MOAN MOAN MOAN’ until we are mentioned with hoofball merchants all over again (see reaction to Benitez, esp. last year!). untill we as a fan group accept we will not win anything with xi englisman and an english manager, we are destined to remain behind most other clubs.

    WE appointed the first forign manager, but seem to moan when a south american, or south european is mentioned. HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED THE LAST 25 YEARS? All the innovation (4-3-2-1, inside forwards rather than wingers, passing football with a tempo) has come from these places, lets take advantage not look wistfully that it was us English.

    And we also need to have a squad, Andreas Anderson was the first no. 40 in the First Team in the late 90’s. we still do not have anything approaching a squad,

  6. I’m not renewing, shhh don’t shout at me, because of long term health reasons, which will never go away, otherwise I would have.

    The reason being, I’ve never let a struggling Aston Villa cloud my judgement on going to watch, and support my team, I’ve been down to the old Div3 with them, and still went home and away, be thankful it will never, ever, get that bad again.

    What I will be doing, is going to games when I’m able, because I’ve got AVFC blood in my veins, yes, like others, I moaned at McLeish, and why not? We deserve better, and Randy had better not fail in his search, and appointment of a manager to bring us decent football we can appreciate, not much to ask is it.

  7. Just seen on SSN that WBA have interviewed Ray Wilkins. Now there is a left field shout. Always like his punditry on Sky, talks a lot of sense. Why are we not talking to people like this, or perhaps we are?

    • The man even walks sideways the same way he did when playing. Crabs are bad for you sunshine so be aware..

  8. Laurent Blanc??

  9. Jesus christ
    I thought those special ‘can’t see any shit’ glasses worn by many last year had been thrown out when the muppet got the boot…We have no idea who will be the next leader of our once glorious club, but let it be known the clowns are in town passing the hat round for our coffers before telling us the acts on show.
    Given this lot (board) up in March,,,absolute frustration with Lerner and his monkey already giving it large. Forget the names, it will be a yes man working with what we already got or I will eat one of the wifes dinners and boys can she burn a pan regardless.

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