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98 comments on “Reading between the lines, not good for Lerner

  1. Lerner will screw up its in his blood the man is a joke its his father who is the smart one his just living off daddy money, doug u fuck us over villa will be the next leeds mark my words the dream is dead and buired

  2. Are we really supposed to champion this bloody idiots anti Lerner campaign on the chance he might make another bad appointment! Any one who starts this kind of propaganda amist what could be one of the most crucial periods in this clubs history is no fan at all!
    Infact the yanky tit has pissed me off so much I would like to give him a good kickin.

  3. I think we should remember how disollusioned we all were in days of Ellis and O’leary. Lerner came in backed O’Neil to the hilt and upgraded parts of the ground, bodymore heath, the Holt pub and I’m sure many more. There has been and is a massivie recession and he has had to reign things in as have many clubs. O’neil jumped ship. Houllier could have worked if he hadn’t become ill (again which was all a bit risky in the first place). I still can’t for the life of me work out why he employed Mcleish (his one massive mistake). I think he probably valued Fergusons opinion too much. Lerner should be judged on this next appointment. We will know soon enough as to whether he is leading us up the garden path or not. So until this next appointment is announced I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. But I’m not renewing just yet.

  4. I fully believe this anti Lerner. I am telling you Randy Lerner only told you about the “young”, “invigorating” manager to attract more season tickets. Think of it like this….he is a salesman and no more. What Villa desperately need is a new owner and a completely fresh outlook. If we are to ever challenge the top teams again, it will not be under his ownership. What I can’t understand is the fact he thinks he will make much out of Villa in their current state. I reckon once the kids have developed, he will flog them for max profits before flogging the club to the first offer he gets….which will probably be a desperate fan of a reasonably wealthy origin.

    The Cleveland Browns are on the same state as Villa, the only difference being we suffer more by finishing in the bottom 3 of our table.

    I have now decided, I will not be buying a season ticket until Lerner and Faulkner have left the club permanently. It will be a painful time for all Villa Fans but by purchasing Villa Mechandise and tickets it will only be going straight into his pocket.

    He is a liar and cannot deliver success to a sports club/franchise.

    • Frosty
      Are you having a bad day mate?
      agree with some of your sentiment but waste of time really because the club know they have us ‘whatever’ Would love to be positive but be prepared for little or no improvement going forward unless RL breaks the family habit of a lifetime and does a u-turn on his finances, which I very much doubt he has that pot to piss in anymore.

      • Yes, it is a bad day!🙂 The week could have been so much better in terms of Villa.

        In all honesty, us Villa Fans for whatever reason never seem to get the rub of the green. One of the oldest, finest club in history and this rich sugar daddies would rather buy the poor teams from the other two big cities.

        Wimbledon broke away when their team was ripped apart and moved city, Man United made another team when they refused to be messed about by poor US ownership (incidently, I love Americans in general). I wonder if the time will ever come where maybe another Villa related team may come into existance. F.C Villans.

        This is not the Aston Villa that used to exist, the ground might be the same and the fans but the core of the club is rotten.

        • Frosty boy
          You didn’t think for a minute RL would just announce a top flight manager did you? It is in his interests to give out carrots hoping he gets a few bites on the season ticket pie and some of us are daft enough to take a nibble blindfold.

          • I had actually settled for the favourite a week ago. Him pulling out the equation has sent a horrible signal out to other managers. Rafael Benitez won’t even come unless he has money to spent (at least 40M and then will moan its not enough if we fail).

            I have this horrible feeling that we haven’t heard the end of Mad Mick and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he wasn’t interviewed. I would more than settle for Poyet, but doubt he would come as no one wants the chance of failure.

  5. As Villa fans, I think it’s time we accepted that it is not that attractive a prospect to come to Villa at the moment. What do we have to offer? Limited resources, a lack of strength in depth in the squad and the prospect of fan protests if you can’t get results with a poor squad and a lack of funds to bring in new additions. On the other hand, I think the right sort of manager would get the best out of the youngsters and the more experienced players. The likes of N’Zogbia and Ireland have flair and ability be need to be played the right way and given confidence. Same with some of the youngsters. We need a manager with a good football philosophy who plays a passing game, knows who his best players are and in which positions, and can control the dressing room! I think some of the senior players were pulling the strings this season.

  6. That’s the problem isn’t it! AVB couldn’t manage to control the senior players at Chelsea, so who will we be able to bring in who can do it at Villa? I think Rodgers would do this, but there’s not way he’ll come to Villa – he refused to even talk to Liverpool! We also have the issue of several of our senior players not being up to par and not really being very sellable, due to their inflated wages. We need to have a big clear out. We need a whole new back for for a start! That’s going to require money, unless we put faith in the youngsters, but will that get us through the season?

    • name the man to do it, given what he won’t be getting much from the board ie; money. I for one have no idea, and RL might end up thinking the same which could end up as a repetition of the last two years.

  7. NAIL —> HEAD —> HIT

  8. If we don’t make changes to the playing staff it is irrelevant who we bring in, we’ll be in a relegation battle.

    We don’t have to spend much if we get rid of some other high earners and better redistribute that money. In simple terms we can still improve the squad whilst cutting the wage bill if we trade carefully.

    But if we went with the same players again, we have seen over the past couple of years that there is no fight, no passion, no effort in the vast majority of the players. We really would be best starting again, getting rid of Dunne Collins Warnock as well as Guzan Cuellar Heskey and bringing in 6 or 7 new players who really want it.

    A hungry championship player is far more useful than a half-arsed 50k/week player, as Norwich and Swansea have proven this season.

  9. Personally I believe Solskjaer (by the way, referring to him as OGS instantly makes you a twat. I’d smack anyone that refers to me as TB cos they’re too lazy to say my actual name) was manipulated, maybe even blackmailed, into staying with Molde. Far fetched? Think I’ve watched too many conspiracy movies? Maybe. But there’s as much evidence for my opinion as there is for this dickheads.

      • Truth is none of us will ever know exactly why Solskjaer wasn’t appointed. I just think it’s a little too easy to blame Lerner. And I also think there is a massive contradiction in saying that the whole Solskjaer thing was a PR move, but that he was actually offered the job. To say it was just PR implies Lerner never had any intention of giving him the job.

        I think we all got a little over excited about Solskjaer anyway though. Lambert is and always has been my No 1 choice. Might not play the best football but as far as I’m concerned he’s the best manager of those that have been mentioned. End of. Apart from the fact I’m not sure we can attract him. No shame in that (just realism), Liverpool couldn’t tear Rodgers away from “lowly” Swansea.

    • TB, sorry, Tom – do you know how ridiculous you sound?
      “I’d smack them for not saying my name properly.” Let me guess, you’re in Year 5?

    • I love the fact u don’t like name shortening tip top! Mon! Gh, gmac, am, Ogs! Load of wankers! I’m Ashley hill by the way middle name Brian! Just call me abh! Up the villa , note not utv!

      • I used to refer to O’Neill as MON all the time, and such like but it just pisses me off now. Sorry that it offends you both so much. I’m not sure that’s the real issue here though is it?

  10. YAWN YAWN FUCKING ,,,,,YAWN, SAME OLD COCKS SAME OLD QUOTES, don’t panic mr mainwaring get a grip will you, leave it to mr lerner end of.

  11. An interesting and (potentially) damning critique of our leader. Lerner seems to be a really enigmatic character whose motivations and intentions regarding the Villa are really hard to get a decent handle on. To some, he’s a cynical wheeler dealer who’s looking to squeeze money out of the club using devious methods involving holding companies, loans with high returns and what-have-you. To others, he’s an honourable, well-meaning but naive man, who’s been let down by the machinations and limitations of others.
    Well, Lerner may be cynical, or simply naive, but looking back at the last few years, and the mistakes made, I find it hard to disagree with Ben’s assertion that “as bad as (Lerner) is at pr, he’s worse at running a sports franchise”.
    To be fair to Lerner, I don’t think he’s blind to the fact that all isn’t what it should be at Villa Park, to put it mildly; let’s face it, he’d be a bloody idiot if he thought otherwise. Clearly he’s making an effort to turn things around after the shambles of the last couple of years. But the problem is one of translating seemingly good intentions into meaningful actions, and too often the impression given is one of drift and dithering, rather than decisiveness and sound judgment. Whether this is the fault of Lerner himself, or Faulkner, or other senior people at Villa Park is difficult to say, but ultimately the buck stops with Lerner, and again, he gives the impression of just not being very competent.
    Personally I think that Lerner’s a busted flush at Villa Park, and I don’t believe that he has either the resources, enthusiasm or will to make Villa a real footballing power again in England. Still, I accept that he has done some good things, too, and think he at least deserves the chance to put things right. The forthcoming season will, I think, be crucial in defining Lerner’s “custodianship” of the Villa. If (and it’s a BIG if) he can somehow secure the services of that young, vibrant manager, and we can begin to transform our playing style, and with it our fortunes, then the outlook could soon be much more optimistic;just look at the Toon. The problem, of course, is that this is so much more easily said than done, and I see little in the leadership of the club to suggest that they can get us on the right track again. I’m in the pessimists’ camp, then, but time will tell.

  12. “end of” ……..that says everything you need to know about TB ….total bollocks !

  13. It’s time for Lerner to find us a new custodian to take the club forward. If he really cares for the club he will move Heaven and earth to find us that custodian.

  14. ST renewal sheep beware!!!!!

  15. reading between the lines we are fucked

    liverpool have offered the job to our 2nd number 1 choice now

    Jesus christ

    i dread to think what we will end up with now

    After OGS turned us down, Lerner was flying in on Wednesday to sort things out by Friday

    did he fuck

    • And Lerner stated this when…. That’s the problem – you are perfect ammo for the media. Believe everything they say. How do we know OGS wasn’t offered the job? How do we know Martinez is favourite? Cause of the bookies? fans like you stop buying into this media crap and getting hysterical about RUMOURS, doesn’t help anyone.

      • hysterical?

        jesus wept mate – Lerner has had 2 appointments since MON left – how did they go?

        he has a 100% record in picking failures – ALL FACTS SO FAR eh Mike?


        • 50% of his managers lied during their interview about their health situation, the other 50% received personal recommendations from the greatest manager of the last 50 years (arguably ever). Why can’t people accept that he wants what is best for the club, he could easily put us out of business, he could simply let the managers spend 45 million per season for a 6th place finish. That would mean we would face the same hardships as Leeds, Blackburn and Portsmouth. If after spending 45 million MON had got us a CL place that would have been worth the investment as there is some 20 million more turnover. Lerner is not a terrible owner, he has made 1 bad appointment and he did that on the word of ferguson. I was one who did not give AM a fair chance, I hated him from day 1, I follow SPL and I knew what was coming. But I accept that between me and Ferguson if I was Randy Lerner I would probably trust Ferguson as being more knowledgable.

          • you see thats a very very big problem with Lerner – he knows nothing about football and has no football people on board

            every man and his dog knew Houllier had problems with his heart (and thats being kind)

            also every man and his dog knew Mcleish was sh*te

            it comes to something when we are relying on another manager telling Lerner who to appoint ffs

            “Lerner is not a terrible owner” – really? Jesus wept

  16. J C ? yes he is about the only one who could win the premier league with Villa.
    Relax lads Olly wil be in by Monday………..

  17. none of you know nothing unless randys jet flies some where so if we are looking for uk based manager you aint got a clue who is being spoken to so just relax a little
    poyet &zola for me by the way

  18. Anyone having AVTV and in doubt if Lerner really cares can watch the highlights from the Chelsea-Villa 3-3 game. The highlight when Villa scores 3-3 on overtime and he runs down and throws himself over P. Faulkner in a rugby hug🙂,,10265~1650895,00.html

  19. Do u rele think going through all the trouble of sacking mcleish just to get season ticket sales is valid?

    We have just released 3 players already – we have sacked out manager and now we are looking for a new one – they seem to be taking their time.

    This to me is a huge sign at an attempt to refresh everything at villa – and put a plan in place for the future. Lerner has had more good season than bad and he is getting some real stick on here that isnt on.

    Have some faith and see who we get

  20. Can’t agree with this chav-like obsession with spending money, especially other people’s money. We fans seem to be very good at decising that other people should spend their money and how much they should spend and what on.

    Gross hypocrisy then to whine that Lerner isn’t “investing” and then to withhold from buying a season ticket.

    Yes, we need to invest but it needs to be sensible investment that doesn’t place the club’s future at risk.

    Too many fans demand more investment. And then even more investment. Our only solution seems to be to spend money.

    There is no rule that an owner has to continually waste their own money on a club. It isnt unreasonable to ask that club to stand on its own 2 feet from time to time.

    Where is the alternative to Lerner? Where is the alternative plan willing and able to spend endless amounts of cash.

    Lerner has provided plenty of money for managers – Bent being the prime example. O’Neill refused to toe the line when it came to curtailing spending and built up a large squad of over paid players, some of whom never played.

    Newcastle showed that a careful scouting policy and a good youth policy (and ours is excellent) is a way forward for Villa to consider

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