A strange rumour for next Villa manager

I have been told of one of the names interviewed for the job.

Now this is from what I call good sources but of course may be totally wrong. I am certainly not recommending you bet a single penny on this one.

That name is


Not heard of him before and no idea how good he is or not. I wonder is he a Jurgen Klinnsmann recommendation ?

26 comments on “A strange rumour for next Villa manager

  1. I’m all for thinking outside the box, but no thanks! Did a terrible job at Leverkusan, pretty sure Sami Hypia replaced him as manager on an interim basis, then got the full time job shortly after.

  2. His bio on Wikipedia certainly doesn’t recommend him. He didn’t even last a full season at Leverkusen.

    • AMC mark ii??

    • Tbf, if he wasn’t a good coach, he wouldn’t have got the such a big job in the first place. Maybe him and Leverkuson were a bad fit, as often happens in football, like AVB with Chelsea. I think he seems decent and it’s pleasing to see that the board are interviewing him, as it shows they arent just looking at managers with prem connections. I think we need to take a risk on someone like him …

      • Fair point (though I don’t know enough about this guy to know whether it’s a risk worth taking).

        • Personally I would love to see us tempt a big name like Schuster or Benitez to Villa but its very unlikely to happen and I can’t see many current managers in EPL that would come who excite me. That’s why I think we need to take a risk on some1

  3. No idea who he is so not fair to juge. I’m going to have a look into him later on tonight. 27 degrees still where I am so I’ll be f/£:d if I spend all evening stuck to my phone

  4. Does he speak English. A big thing for me is the manager being able to speak English to communicate with fans and better with players, so if he can’t then I would rather not have him. If he does, then he may be worth a go

  5. Does he speak English?. A big thing for me is the manager being able to speak English to communicate with fans and better with players, so if he can’t then I would rather not have him. If he does, then he may be worth a go

  6. Never heard of him tbh. Just looked at wiki and he dosnt seem anything special.

  7. Ive just read dutts wiki and it is his namesake absolute dutt,crap,shit whatever you would like to call it.Hes wondered round mediocre or crap clubs where he did a little good till he got noticed then failed miserably and got sacked at leverkusen wotsit.NO THANKYOU BETTER NOT RANDY PANDY PLEASE GET US A MANAGER THAT WE AS SUPPORTERS/FANS WANT AND CAN BE PROUD OF RANDY “BE PREPARED”utv

  8. Sounds like he did to Leverkusen what McLeish did to us!!!

    • Had them down to 6th…. We were to down 16th… Something tells me no one would complain about a 6th place finish.

    • U can’t solely blame McLeish for whats goin on at ur place. Things av been goin wrong for a while to b fair.

  9. Now i am not really one for getting wound up easily but it is now we are going down lines of the debacle before we appointed houilier. its getting to point now where some one needs to get hold of faulkner and randy and give them help. the only guy for that is graham Taylor he knows football inside out. i am starting to fear that k mac will end up with it

  10. There are much better options in the German managerial market than Robin Dutt.
    I strongly believe Ralf Rangnick would suit us very well as he is very strong tactically and in the transfer market (help to rebuild the squad) and Thomas Tuchel could be worth a punt as he as done very well at Mainz.

  11. I notice on SkyBet that Rafa has suddenly become favourite for the job, yet apparently no rumours of him. Not sure its a development I’m too happy with. Any idea where this is coming from?

    • Read that to wud love rafa thou he wud have too much Liverpool baggage even more than houllier. Thou doubt very much he’d come as Rafa is a cheque book manager and would not get anywhere near the amount he’d like to spend under Lerner. He wud be lucky to get 10m no way wud he cum unless he had 50m or more.

    • Yes mate skybet last week said if someone bets the betting maximum allowed on the bet they change it accordingly.. on sky sports news they were saying how it works.. they took two bets on wolves manager and went straight to favourite.. its the betting pattern that dictates the prices

  12. Totally ignorant of Robin Dutt, although I’m admittedly lacking when it comes to european football and many of its characters.

    I dont know, he like many others are just a name to me. I’m not sure that he’s what we want or need, but then again, if I’m honest, I haven’t got a clue what we want or need.

    I was enraged at the appointment of Houllier, I thought that McLeish was capable of keeping us mid-table or thereabouts, which is what the owner wanted, and I was dead set about Ron Saunders taking over in 1974. I wanted Cloughie.

    Basically then, I haven’t got a clue. Well I have really, but its a boring old clue. I’d welcome Poyet or Lambert, in that order.

    Or, if we could roll back the years, I could reinstall my favourite Villa manager of (my) all time, then I’d shoot for Doc-Doc-Docherty.

  13. I think we are struggling as a club atm. OGS said no, looks like Martinez is heading to ‘pool, so where do we go next with the senior people who have made 1 iffy (Houllier) & 1 downright shitty (McRelegator) appointments leading the recruitment campaign?
    I really do worry what will happen. I would like Rodgers if we go EPL, but to look further afield how about Laurent Blanc who leaves France after the Euros or Deschamps? Or the guy who has led Montpellier to the league title in France? We seriously need a change of thought & direction because whoever comes in has a serious job to do reassembling a poor squad, with young players of potential & little else & will have to do this with limited £s.
    We dont have to panic & appoint within 7 – 10 days, this decision is probably the most important Lerner will make for AVFC so it MUST be right.

  14. dont be thinking outside the box – our 2 main men in this pantomine have turned us down (1 for the fecken 2nd year in a row!!!!!)

    this club is a shambles, remember when we used to laugh at Newcastle? – well thats us now

    Kevin Mcdonald or Chris Hughton will be the next Villa manager by the time this years embarassing escapade comes to an end

    Lerner was flying in during the week and this would all be sorted by Friday

    how did that go?

    Lerner needs to go from this club, the man is really dragging us down

  15. Well as for established EPL manager Rdgers nor Lambert are they have only been in the EPL one season that does not make them established,and as for Poyat he is where he is because that is about all his capabilities are lower division and certainly would not buy a season ticket if a little or unknown manager is bought in are we going to follow the Wolves if this is true yes straight down.

  16. A man whose name is an anagram of Bit On Turd does not exactly inspire confidence.

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