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59 comments on “A rallying cry from a fan

  1. league 1 and championship back to back promotions

  2. The lower leagues Mike Oxlong, where by all accounts we are also focusing on in a search for a new man. Sensible outlook by Lerner + co I would suggest. Why limit our search area?

  3. Sorry oxthong.. Just thought it was refreshing to hear someone who supports the club we all apparently do. But, you’re right, thats creepy shit….

  4. How about dean sanders

  5. ha buster belford yeh i think they are on par with some of the names that have been linked

  6. yeh stuart its ok doing ok in the shit leagues but the prem is a different ball game

  7. Must admit though, it doesn’t particularly concern me as to who we are linked with, its the actual appointment that will reveal where we are heading.

    However, Marcus Law and Buster Belford are two original names to be put forward, and lets face it, in all probability they wouldn’t turn us down given the opportunity.

    Marcus + Buster it is then. I’ll let them both know when I next see them.

    • glensider, I’d go furrther and say that it’s not even the ‘appointment’ itself that will tell us much, but the degree of backing the man gets from RL and PF: the ability to remove disruptive or useless players from the squad and some reasonable funding with which to replace them. Without that, it won’t matter what ‘name’ is installed.

  8. If Saunders kept donny up, I reckon he would have been one of the bookie favourites (former villain and all that).. As it is, eventually all shit sinks… Or is it stinks…

    Billy Davies? Young Scottish and shit scary.. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…

  9. are you from tamworth then glensider?

    • No, but I do have very good friends there, plus in my ‘growing up’ days, close relatives resided there.

      I go there on business fairly regularly too, and am certainly no stranger at The Lamb.

  10. A well stated piece from the heart, DoH. A Poyet/Zola combo isn’t the worst shout we’ll hear by a long way, either. I guess some people might find it to be a case of “how are the mighty fallen” if this panned out, and find it hard to reconcile themselves to the fact, but I reckon it could be a real breath of fresh air after the disasters of the McLeish “era”. Whoever we get could fail, at the end of the day, but with P and Z, at least there’d be the prospect of a bit of decent, positive football down at Villa Park again.

  11. I think most people want a young up and coming, unknown quantity kinda manager. well there is one from our area who has done very well at kidderminster harriers and now cheltenham town….mark yates.Ok the big problem is he’s an old blues player but he’s proved himself surely as much as OGS but wouldn’t have the contacts obviously! Not saying we should go for him obviously but having seen some of the names banded about i’m beginning to wonder!!!

    • “I think most people want a young up and coming, unknown quantity kinda manager” – ian byng.

      Agreed. Well I agree anyway, for what little that’s worth.

      Agree also that Yatesy has done a very good job at the lower level. Interesting call.

    • Mark Yates- now that IS a bold and imaginative suggestion. Think he needs a bit more time and the benefit of an “intermediate” club, but he’s one to watch.

  12. For the record when we sacked mcleish my first thought was poyet

    • Same here, although like many I quickly became enthused by the prospect of Solskjaer when he got onto the frame. We can all dream of Jose or Pep taking over with a budget of 100 mill, but being realistic, I’d be very surprised if Poyet wasn’t on the radar. He would certainly fit the description we’ve been given (young, vibrant) by the powers-that-be, and has that “new broom” tag we all crave. I think it would be a brave, imaginative appointment by Lerner, and I personally would applaud him for it.

  13. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We are one of the 20 richest football clubs in the world, we should need to be scouring the lower leagues for managers. Come on let’s set our sights high!

  14. I’m glad my little rant has dragged people a little more out of the box here. The one thing I will say too, it was nice to read more positive comments. Maybe there are more positive villains out there after all. I think Barry fry was by far the best shout tho😉

  15. A proven manager will not necessarily mean success

    The manager we appoint needs to fit with the overall strategy that needs to be put in place by the club which is what i think we are doing

    With the right appointment and strategy there is no reason we could not get back to challenging the top 6 – Everton being the perfect example as even when we were spending all those millions we still couldn’t finish above them

    Big name managers are not necessarily the answer – the right manager is what we need

  16. These things take time, September the first is the day of panic not a couple of weeks before the Euro’s and after the season has ended. I hated last season and yes i probably became irrational but right now i think worrying about next season is beyond irrational and is begging belief. We are not even out of May and everyone is thinking we have been kicked out of the football league and are now on our way to Halesowen once a season, calm down keep yourselves together and start panicking on September the 1st, Mcleish has gone surely i am not the only one out here who is still enjoying that moment more than i should be

  17. Apols if repeating what has been said already, but Poyet (+Zola or Clarke) could be good. Not only an up and coming manager with experience of winning as player and hunger to win as manager, also knows Championship players well so able to pick up some gems rather than wasting money on Prem ‘stars’ as we have in the past (eg. Warnock Reo-Coker)

  18. Well said mate, but I wouldn’t touch Zola with yours!!
    Nice bloke, but nice guys can’t do the nasty things, and want to be everyone mate! I don’t think he can’t stop being a player- one of the lads, and start being the boss…
    He was responsible for one claret and blue team falling out of prem.. Do we want to let him do it again?!

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