Cuellar lays into Lerner

This is strong stuff from Carlos Cuellar. Is this the moaning of a departed player or the truth ?

From Eurosport – LINK and I don’t think anyone can claim this is ‘Lost in Translation’.

Every word is damning of the situation at Villa and he makes it clear where the blame lies. Quoting from the piece (and you have to read the whole thing to appreciate it further).

“We had no stability, and we became weaker because of the change in economic direction. Also, I was not in the first XI. So a combination of the club’s troubles and my own lack of playing time made me quite stressed, professionally.”

“I don’t think the manager wasn’t giving me a fair chance. Obviously as a player you want to play, but I had more of a problem with the way the board were dealing with me and others.

In this quote he is basically accusing the board of lying to him

“Had the board come to me and said ‘listen, we are not going to offer you a new contract because of your wages, or because you are not playing well enough’, I would have accepted that and looked for another solution.

“But they said nothing. And yet in the past I had turned down offers to leave because I was told I would be given a new contract and would play!

He then rounds this off with a total mauling of basically Lerner.

“The problems at Villa are political – you can’t blame the coaches because they have to deal with the same things too.”

Many people including myself liked to blame Mcleish. However if a player so widely admired as Cuellar is saying this, how worrying is that for the future of the club ?

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134 comments on “Cuellar lays into Lerner

  1. If lerner had kept mon and the best players he would hav got his money back and more u dont disrecpt someone who got u top 6 and wembley twice we were 2 or 3 gd players away from a top side u get more money from frishing high havin cup runs and ground being full

  2. @Moose_talkSPORT: Reports Roberto Martinez is in Miami – I am lead to believe it’s for talks with Randy Learner over a move to Aston Villa NOT Liverpool FC

  3. On the Cuellar thing, MON signed him, realised he wasn’t quite good enough, played him at RB, AND HE AIN’T NO RB, GH knew he wasn’t good enough, and then Muppet knew he wasn’t good enough, for fucks sake, we should not martyr players that are not and were not good enough, Curtis Davies will prove to be a far bigger loss, because that kid WAS GOOD ENOUGH, he was truly treated like shit.

  4. Randy Lerner worries me. This does nothing to quell such concerns. He is mishandling situations over and over again. This is his last chance for me. Appoint a quality manager and back him and ffs treat players with respect not contempt! Although we’ll never know if OGS was 1st choice why was he not offered the job when he so blatantly called out for it? He’s just a fuck up, he may well have good intentions but really can’t manage a club like villa and the fans expectations. Need someone with better overall skills and understanding than him, however like u said he does have one more chance to somehow turn this ship around. He seems to be making a mess of it so far though.

  5. I really can’t understand some of the blinkered thinking in all this.

    It really is as simple as Randy came in, backed MON heavily, £150m plus massive wages, and he got us sixth. Two cup runs, in four seasons. Out of Europe early doors apart from the Moscow debacle.

    Who was MON’s best signing ? (Neither Milner nor Young were his, Taylor sorted Young out with Watford and Milner had been here under O’Dreary).

    It was nice whilst it lasted, but MON did not deliver for the expense outlaid.

    McLeish was a horrendous cock up, still not sure on Houllier, we seemed to be improving at times, and not at others.

    Aston Villa don’t have the ability to spend at the level that we did backing MON for three seasons. He walked when the spending had to stop, and he looked at the dross around him. All his own work.

    Now Randy gets in the neck as a shyte owner because he had to stop taking the club perilously into the red. What do you suggest, carry on spending, and then blame him when we go under ?

    If we’d made Chimps League, or had runs in Europe and the cups REGULARLY, we would have lasted longer at that level of outlay.

    It’s easy to be really shallow about the situation and say it’s all his fault. In reality, other than letting MON have free reign with the money, and hiring McLeish, he hasn’t done too much wrong.

    Randy has seen the light and knows we cannot hope to compete with Citeh, Man U or Chelsea. We may catch Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton and Spurs in a good season, but we cannot risk the financial future of our club desperately trying to do that.

    In my opinion.

    Cue abuse.

    • No abuse from me coming Vaze, because I think you are 100% spot on.

    • i agree – deadly doug was hated just as much

    • Vaze – Apart from having a more positive opinion of GH than you do, agree wholeheartedly with your post.

    • I have a very different viewpoint vaze. I think that our owner is way out of his depth, and he has inserted into positions of authority people who are likewise (Faulkner, Krulak for starters).

      Its a case of the blind leading the blind at Villa Park nowadays. He’s pumped cash in admittedly, but its cash that he will get back (plus some) when he sells up and departs (as one fine day he will indeed do so).

      He is unconvincing as an owner, and I like many others have little, or no faith in him.

      I worry about the upcoming managerial appointment. I guess that when all is revealed, and the new guy is sitting in the managerial chair, we will all be then able to further judge the competence (or otherwise) of Randolph Lerner.

      He has escaped very lightly to date from the flak of disgruntled supporters. McLeish was the obvious and easy target, but now he has headed off into the sunset, there will be considerably less protection for Lerner and his cohorts.

      As a footballer I wasn’t overly impressed with Cuellar. Overall a very poor buy. However that he has seen fit to blast the Villa Park hierarchy upon his departure concerns me. He doesn’t come across as the type of individual who spouts his mouth off at the slightest opportunity.

      Things are far from as they should be at Villa Park. Our absent landlord is the reason for that.

      He seems oblivious to the failings of the current boardroom structure, where the lack of football savvy individuals is alarming. As he sits at the very top of the Villa Park totem pole, he alone is responsible for all that goes on, or doesn’t go on, below him.

      I appreciate he still has his supporters, although certainly not as many as he did have up until probably the O’Neill departure. However many, like myself, are now seriously questioning his qualities as an owner.

      Twelve months down the road, things will be much clearer. We will have a better idea as to where we are heading. If we still trail the likes of Fulham, West Bromwich Albion, Sunderland etc., then Lerner will no doubt face some heavy questioning.

      Anyway, he’s here, he’s going nowhere, so he’s all we’ve got. Lets hope that he’s up to the task. I aint holding my breath.

      • Michael, your post doesn’t conflict with Vaze’s as much as you may think; two sides of the same coin in my opinion.
        Lerner’s over-generosity to MON was just one symptom of his poor judgement; putting Faulkner in charge of day-to-day running of the club is another.

        • Thankyou Ardent Villain. Appreciate your comment.

          I have to say that as a regular reader of this site, but not a prior poster, I have come to learn that comments by both Vaze and yourself are always sensible, well thought out, and clearly written from the heart.

          Vaze did make some valid points, and I certainly dont dismiss his comments out of hand. We all want the very best for AVFC, even if at times we all view things somewhat differently.

          I just worry about Lerner. He still hasn’t convinced me. Yes, he has done things, made decisions that I fully approve of, but I still find him lacking. And that concerns me.

          O’Neill did spend wildly, he brought in some absolute losers, paying a lot of money on both the transfer fee and then the players remuneration packages. But was Lerner blind or oblivious to the money going out?

          Surely as a supposedly top executive he should have been alert, aware, after all he presumably was signing the cheques? His appointment of Faulkner was and still is baffling. The guy is not equipped to be a CEO of a major football club. I think that that fact is obvious to all.

          And why that Krulak is a non-executive director is beyond my comprehension. A case of jobs for the boys me thinks. Surely an ex-player, a football man, a Villa man through and through, would be better in that role than the General?

          All down to Randy.

          I hope I’m wrong, I hope our next managerial appointment soothes my concerns. With Lerner and Faulkner overseeing operations though, I am already fearing the worst.

        • And for me, here is the crux of the current issue, Lerner entrusted MON with the money and the total “day to day running of the club”, and “yes” Lerner was naive with regards to PL football, but ultimately, his business sense forced him to make a decision with MON’s reign, the truth, for me, is that for Lerner, allowed sentiment and loyalty ride for two seasons too long, whilst Mon, backed by the BBC pundits, allowed himself to really start to believe his own hype for two seasons too long.
          The net result is that we have to start again, and MON made the “huge jump” to Sunderland, no-one has really won this one, and I still expect AVFC to be above Sunderland AFC inside 3 more seasons, and in his heart MON will know that too.

          • Trouble is Sasa that I don’t believe that Lerner has either the funds or inclination to ‘start again’…

            MON was given a unique [for a Villa manager] opportunity to spend heavily and try to get CL football – before Citeh went and bought everything in sight, and when Spurs hadn’t got their act together while Liverpool were falling fast – and he blew it.

            We’ve lost a lot of ground against the big clubs in the last two or three years, and I can’t see Lerner being able to back any new manager with the sort of money that would be required for another crack at the top 4.

    • Put me at the front of the queue,
      So super Randy has achieved just what?

      £50m’s worth of debt .

      Allows a manager to run riot with the clubs resources and sign second rate players on top dollar.

      Appoints a manager with a history of heart trouble and then pays him x amount of millions in compensation when he retires due to ill health.

      Fails to give his number 2 the job for the sake of continuity

      Appoints a manager that specialises in relegation and dire defensive football.

      Off loads our best players.

      Fails to reinvest the money from the sale of these players.

      Allows the squad to become depleted to the point of flirting with relegation.

      Sacks manager paying him millions in compensation.

      Struggles to attract a new manager.

      This list is not exhaustive!

      In Randy we trust?????

      • Yes Billy Walkers Shirt, the Randy lovefest leaves me totally bemused.

        He’s not building, strengthening, or pushing on, he’s destroying.

        The current squad is wafer thin, and without fairly heavy investment, another bottom of the table scrap is on the cards.

        In Randy we trust? My arse do we.

      • So it’s not all bad then bws

  6. I see where Vaze and Michael are coming from. Got me thinking, when we were at Wembley that season I really thought the good times we on their way and Randy could do no wrong. Now, with benefit of hindsight I can see that the spend was not sustainable. Perhaps if Man City had not got the cash we could have made it into Champions League, maybe if Vidic had been red carded we would have won the cup, maybe we had found a ‘:Lambert or Rodgers’ after MoN left we could have kicked on ….

    … but none of those happened and we had to slash and burn to get finances back in balance. Think next manager appointment will define Lerner period. Seems to be taking a while, but then Liverpool and West Brom also without manager so maybe we just need to be patient?

  7. Just want to say at this point; GREAT contributions from Vaze and Michael Webb. The Great Continuing Randy Lerner Debate rolls on. Fascinating stuff.

  8. One thing is for sure. Randy has sucked the soul out of the Browns for 16+ years. If he thinks he can do the same in British football he’s in for a BIG shock. He has no idea of thw strength and depth of feeling we possess towards our respective clubs.
    We recognise where we currently lie in the scheme of things but we will NOT be taken for a ride or taken for granted as supporters.

    Let’s hope Randy really pulls a rabbit out of the hat, ‘cus our patience is running low.


    • Well said mikehazeldean. I believe you speak for many.

      Another duff Lerner/Faulkner appointment will set this club back years.

  9. As

  10. Good debate here chaps which is always welcome.

    I do confess that the lack of football knowledge at the club is a real concern, what would we give for a Steve Stride today to put the ‘he who knows very little to nothing’ of the day to rights at times.

    I agree that Lerner’s failings to date have been with his management team and personal judgement. I don’t believe that he’s a ‘Yank asset stripper’ who has come to rinse us out.

    It would have been interesting to let Gary Mac carry on with things rather than appoint McLeish, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Lerner has to bring in savvie and smart football operators, and that includes the new manager and his team. Especially those in fact.

  11. What Villa desperately need to avoid is becoming like Villareal, Celta Vigo, Auxerre, Leeds, dare i say Rangers, etc. Once proud European clubs, but failure to invest in vision and throwing good money after below average players has brought these once hallmark clubs to their knees.

    I like Mr Lerner but he is not good for Villa and fat boy Faulkner is not a football man who has Villa at his heart or in his head.

  12. Lerner is simply not worth the money he was when he purchased AVFC, his wealth is down by two thirds and most of the remainder is stuck in stocks which he cannot sell. Personally i think he invested in the Villa in the good times and now his annual interest he receives from loans he gave to our club are very much appreciated by him.

    I really cannot see us getting out of this mess until he is gone, as it is physically impossible for him to invest without taking the club into further debt (owed to guess who).

    People keep harping on that this time is different because he sacked mctwat quickly, which is utter crap as Lerner was not even in the country.

    Last year we had martinez say no – this year we have OGS

    Last year we were thinking about benitez/ancelotti – this year its AVB/Poyet

    Last year we got Mctwat ……..this year god only knows but i think Grayson

    The reason we do not have any communication with the club is because they simply know fuck all, ( which has now been confirmed by Carlos). They are not telling us anything about a new Manager as it would show them for the headless chicken they have become and this may affect season tickets and thats all they care about.

    Shame on you Lerner !

  13. At last someone has the balls to speak out against Lerner! the problems have all surfaced from when he refused to back o’neil and sign Robbie Keane and mcgready. What a buy Keane would have been

  14. I’d take Curtis Davis, Luke Young, Zat Knight over any of the defenders we have now!

    • And that is the sad truth. In fact I would even consider Luke Moore a more viable option to Gabby at this time.

  15. Martin O’Neill has never gripped the fact that money isn’t endless.

    What Lerner asked was reasonable – get rid of high earning squad players before we spend on potential first teamers.

    Lerner clearly wants to do the right thing for Villa.

    A shame that his intent, whilst entirely commendable, has been flawed by 2 poor managerial apppointments.

    Perhaps the delay this time is understandable as the club strive to get it right

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