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105 comments on “Why King Kenny is the one

  1. Haha, one of the best reads I’ve had in ages. Unfortunately the comedy may be a bit high brow for some fellow fans. But, just to stop you throwing yourself from any building, cylindrical shaped or otherwise, I thought it was a damn good article and the only parts that made me laugh even more were the misguided comments afterwards. I think the sun has got to some people.
    Top work fella.

  2. I can’t believe this. Its incredible, I don’t know whats going on with this! Whhhhppphhu.

  3. I agree with the suggestion of King Kenny, but only if we play him up front!

  4. 4 me getting kenny the c**t is wrong, old man thinks hes better then he is and i cant stand the way he talks 2 the press think hes a total prick, he would b my last choice and sorry 2 say but really hate him a dnt think i would give him a chance. but thats just me.

    • Agreed Mint. Kenny isn’t wanted anywhere near B6, he’s an old fool that couldn’t hack it at Liverpool even after spending around £150mil on players.

      What could honestly possess anyone to want him when we have next to nothing to spend (Randys money is mostly tied up in assets) and backroom staff who still call football ‘soccer’!

      Americans dont belong in football and Kenny doesn’t belong at Villa. Best thing Liverpool did was sack him.

  5. Fuck you, you clueless piece of shit! Let me just tell you for starters that ‘KING KENNY’ is just now true and simply ‘KENNY’. He is out of touch with the game, 35m Carroll, 18m Henderson, 20m Downing…what is the world coming too. Kenny had a dreadful season with Liverpool, winning a simple Carling Cup with the squad he has does not change that. Why bring in an old bitter man when we need to build for the future, this man backs racism, therefore he is racist, him at Villa would be a disgrace.

  6. I really don’t understand how anyone can read this and not see it’s a piss take. THICKOS

  7. Brilliant!

  8. Are you mad. Bruce and McCarthy, you think 2 managers that weren’t going anywhere with Sunderland and Wolverhampton are obvious candidates for a villa team that need to go places and not just play the same long ball to the solitary frontman who then 9/10 times proceeds to lose possession. We need someone new and exciting, someone who will get bums on seats at villa park, and that’s certainly not Bruce, McCarthy, Curbishly and I doubt even Dalglish

  9. I couldn’t agree less with this post but I had Paul Jewel in mind, Lets all campaign for Paul Jewel!!!

  10. Haha, is this guy still getting abuse, he must have wrote this with tongue firmly in cheek

  11. Ha ha!! Great article!! Forget Kenny though – why is nobody considering Gary Megson???

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