Whelan to speak, Martinez is 2nd fav for the manager job

Some news today that may give us a clue to the identity of our new manager.

Local Wigan Journalist Paul Kendrick has tweet this below – LINK

Spoke to Dave Whelan this eve, on great form as usual. For the TRUTH on Roberto, Liverpool, Villa, #wafc and the future see tomorrow’s WEP.

As we know Dave Whelan is not the kind to keep his true feelings in check. In fact quote the opposite and it will certainly give us a clue if we have even approached Roberto Martinez. At this stage Martinez is the second favourite to be our new manager. Paul has further treated it could move.

@potkettleblack This story’s moving and changing all the time mate… it’s the truth as of 21:45 on 23/5/12, that’s all I know…

So knowing how Whelan treated us last year it is a good guess if money placed on Martinez will be wasted or not. For the record he would be my favourite to take over.

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83 comments on “Whelan to speak, Martinez is 2nd fav for the manager job

  1. Is this true or more heresay?

  2. It will be the same old whelan nonsense ‘I’ve said all along roberto will end up at a big big European club much bigger club than villa blah blah ‘

  3. Another local journalist called Kendrick

    • Lolol I know it’s not exactly a common. And either. There’s probs a good joke for the two names but to be honest I’m fed up of witty comments regarding football the last 72 hours

  4. The new manager will be Gary McAllister, with Houllier as DOF, as Lerner wanted before Houllier illness. Not ITK just a gut feeling, particularly when McAllister is now 7-2 with Skybet having been 25-1 at the start of the day.

    • If Mcallister is installed and Houllier as DOF, then bye bye Gabby

      • Certainly got the best out of bent those goals against arsenal were sweet as!

      • Could be a decent set up, don’t think i’d mind actually as I liked the direction GH was taking us and trusted him in the transfer market.

        The other plus of it being these two…………we would be able to look forward to a complete overhaul of the squad and a not so fond farewell to the deadwood.

        Can’t see it though

      • Say what you like but I think Houllier (and mcallister) had a lot of unfair stick. His signings were good- bent walker and makoun are/were all good players and whilst michael bradley didn’t work out he has done great at Chievo. This would have been a much better option than mctwat last year. But now i think we need someone younger. As for gabby, who gives a shit. The guy was an embarrasement as captain last season. Overated just because he is a villa fan- another that needs to join the summer clear out.

      • Who ever is installed it should be bye bye gabby , I’m just amazed he hasn’t been released today with the other three .

    • I’d take that set up for sure! I really like mccalister and thought he stepped in for Houllier well last season. Was is two games plop and arse and we both won? Where is mccalister these days?

      • No idea where he is and as I said before this isn’t ITK. But the fact nobody knows where he is coupled with odds of 7-2, doesn’t sound quite right to me.

    • That would of worked out better then McCleish at least.

    • Why would learner take that route when he’s just paid compensation to both less than 12 months ago?

      • Why would Lerner appoint McLeish? TBF there were health reasons regarding Houllier but McAllister’s last two games were wins at Arsenal and home to Liverpool. #justsaying

  5. I would prefer Martinez out of the rest too. Well the realistic ones anyway. I think he has found his best formation with three at the back. Only 38.

  6. OGS was 1/8 and guess what? i would really stop looking at odds as i got caught up in that – it moves constantly – they don’t know sh!t tbh

    • Agreed. But where is McAllister at the moment? He’s not managing and yet somebody is putting money on him. Why?

  7. I’ve had feeling for some time that Martinez was still a chance and at the very least one of the candidates we were looking to speak too

    We shall see what happens but until it’s actually announced by the club I’m not going to assume anything

  8. If the statements coming from whelan – then hes probably staying at wigin – fits in with AVB being odds on and rumoured done deal at pool.

    dont rate Martinez anyway

    • Same rumours claim Redknapp was in talks with Pool. Same rumours claim AVB hasn’t even talked to Pool.

  9. McAllistar is 2nd favorite, WTF!

  10. Lol Whelan always seems like he’s had to much sherry and can’t shut up.

  11. 1.i believe they will be a young foreign manger who ever that is.

    2. it won’t be lambert etc or the obvious others – only exception i would say is martinez.. will we try again?? not sure

    3.we are right to go down the young foreign route – if this is still the case – then lerner is making good sense and seems to be learning from his mistakes. although the pr for OGS needed to be more discreet as people are thinking he rejected us etc.. no

    4. I’m amazed by the way a lot of fans want so many dull appointments – no wonder why we get boring football when our aspirations of managers are just as dull tbh. there is a correlation there for me… maybe owners listen to fans more than we think.

    5. now is the time for big change – a complete freshness is needed

    those are my main thoughts at present – completely in the dark is an understatement as to where we will go tho lol

    • Like the look of either Vogel, Paciencia, Hjulmand or Flores for manager. I think it’s worth taking a risk on a foreign manager

      • paciencia seems like a shout… don’t know about playing style though – although I’m pretty sure he was a forward player so can’t be too bad. getting sacked for being 4th is fcking harsh! their loss is anthers gain i sense

  12. Don’t think we can read much into McAllister odds. Wasn’t McCarthy favorite like a week ago?

  13. I would only take Gary mac with houllier as DOF.

    That could work pretty well I think, they were on the right track.

  14. Club already said no Director of Football

    McCalister can fuck off too

  15. Fuck me. We are truly scraping up the dregs if we are now talking about having McAllister and Houllier back.

    I know we’ve hit the slippery slopes since O’Neill hit the door, but surely we aint now floundering in the depths, crying out for two previous incompetents to return and save us.

  16. Lets bring back O’Leary and Aitken too while we are at it. Why not Tommy Cummings and Dick Taylor?

    Houllier and McAllister? C’mon, lets keep it serious lads.

    • i know – I’m starting to become more aware of why we have been dull for so long.. the thing that fans will be happy with is staggering. its like they enjoy watching dull hoofing football lol!

  17. Poyet for me…young, hungry and plays attractive attacking football!!

  18. We finished in the top 10 ad he turned us down. A year on, we almost went down and finished BELOW wigan. WIGAN ffs sake! Do you really think he has changed his mind?

    As outsiders, how do you view how liverpool treated hodgson? After how our fans treated Mcleish before a ball was kicked… will an upcoming coach really want to come to a declining club with no money and shit fans?

    • Shit fans bollox we are great the best in world we are villa fans. wr could see what was happening before our eyes with eck.. away games we have awesome following and highly spoke of..

  19. villa must be doing a great job at interviewing on the sly this time round…. can’t believe we haven’t heard any noise from any other candidate other than ogs in 2 weeks!!!!

    • or they have no one in mind and Lerner is back because OGS surprised them by turning them down. It’s smelling like “young and hungry” might mean, inexperienced, cheap, won nothing as a player or manager.😦.

  20. 1st rule of manager club you do not talk about manager club 2nd rule of manager club you do not talk about manager club i see a lot of people on this blog hav broken the first 2 rules

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