Whelan to speak, Martinez is 2nd fav for the manager job

Some news today that may give us a clue to the identity of our new manager.

Local Wigan Journalist Paul Kendrick has tweet this below – LINK

Spoke to Dave Whelan this eve, on great form as usual. For the TRUTH on Roberto, Liverpool, Villa, #wafc and the future see tomorrow’s WEP.

As we know Dave Whelan is not the kind to keep his true feelings in check. In fact quote the opposite and it will certainly give us a clue if we have even approached Roberto Martinez. At this stage Martinez is the second favourite to be our new manager. Paul has further treated it could move.

@potkettleblack This story’s moving and changing all the time mate… it’s the truth as of 21:45 on 23/5/12, that’s all I know…

So knowing how Whelan treated us last year it is a good guess if money placed on Martinez will be wasted or not. For the record he would be my favourite to take over.

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83 comments on “Whelan to speak, Martinez is 2nd fav for the manager job

  1. thinking about this – AVB is a very realistic target for us. he already lives here – he wants long term plan club..

    can’t even criticise him for chelsea because the senior players influence the whole team too much and didn’t play for him. also he didn’t even get a chance!

    he can re-build how he likes for us – we would be glad for him to get rid of our shite thats in there.

    perfect fit i say

    • I’d like to see AVB too, realisticly though I think the truth is that he way beyond our reach at present! He will no doubt get a far bigger budget at a higher profile club.

      Martinez is about where we are right now and I too am a fan of his style but what if he didn’t amazingly win so many of the last 6 games and Wigan were relagated(easilly could have happened) surely he would be nowhere near a contender for Villa, nevermind the scousers?

    • I think the key issue for most managers with any ambition is how much money we will have to spend – If Randy is still playing it tight then managers won’t want to come.

      If he is prepared to spend again, then you should be able to almost have our pick.

  2. When are we going to at least here something? Please Randy and Paul give us something..the villains are hungry and we need an apertiser.

    Realistic choices for me.

    Martenez . Lambert. Benetez. And an outsider Bob Bradley or Zola.


  3. I see AVB has pulled out of the Liverpool race, makes you wonder if he coming to the Villa, AVB AVFC perfect.

  4. @PaulKendrickWIG: @pritpalbhurji Put it like this, if I were a betting man my quid would be on #avfc rather than #lfc. But still hopeful he’ll stay at #wafc.

  5. I like Martinez and his style of play but you do have to question his credentials. Appointing a manager based on a run of form is very risky. For example, say we flipped the 2 halves of Wigan’s season around and say they started with 7 wins in 9 and then went on a long winless or losing streak towards the end of the season, Would people be so keen then? No doubt he did brilliantly march to may but least we forget that the season starts in august. Also, it can be argued Bruce (and even Jewell) did a better job at Wigan.
    AVB would be perfect but I just can’t see it happening at all.

  6. the thing with martinez – is that keeping wigan up is an achievement in itself – they lose their best players every single season and they have to make do with what they can get.

    7 wins out of 9 is incredible achievement too – he will have more stability with villa and it would be his chance to prove that he doesn’t just perform at the end of the season.

    it is a risk in that the relegation battles are constant with wigan – but the fact he never has gone down with them – maybe he deserves a chance to prove himself. whether that is with villa or someone else… i would hate RDM appointment more… i have never seen so much luck to win a major cup in all my life… and to be honest.. they have looked very defensive since RDM has been in charge – i don’t want any defensive managers!

    • too right, the truth of RDM is that his league form was worse than AVB’s. I know that is a bit of a false stat once they could the the CL was the only way back into europe, but he has not become a tactical genius since being sacked by the baggies.

    • It would be quite confusing if Roberto Martinez middle name was David. Then how would we know who RDM was!?!?

  7. Avb is only out of our league because the board are out of their depth. They make no bones about tapping up small clubs like Birmingham city or molded. But they shit scared off headhunting anyone with a proven reputation. Lambert is the perfect manager . for villa. Learned his trade around the lower leagues with a good solid showing in the premise last season

  8. Martinez isn’t all about the last ten games of last season.

    He took over at Swansea when they were in turmoil and laid the foundations from top to bottom that has seen them get to where they are today. Rodgers happily concedes that all the good work was done before he got there and he kept them going in the right direction.

    At Wigan, it has been a magnificent achievement to keep them in the league. Wigan really are not a Premiership club, in terms of support or finance, but he has kept them there by hook or by crook.

    Both of these clubs were where he had played most of his career, and he naturally has an attachment to them.

    I actually admired his loyalty last season, as he could see that Wigan were in peril, and decided to stay and do all he could to keep them up.

    Martinez coming could be the start of something long term for us, and he’s articulate and intelligent and would be a good ambassador for us.

    AVB may well look at us as a challenge, but I should imagine that he will receive offers from more glamorous clubs than Villa.

    Lambert would be a decent shout for me too. Don’t know why he attracts so much negativity from some, he has an impeccable record to date. Yes, he may struggle to keep Norwich in the hunt next season, who wouldn’t ?

    • Agreed. All of this begs the question: Who the hell are Aston Villa?
      I don’t think RL realised how quickly our stock could fall following MON leaving. We were a name 24 months ago and could have realistically gone for a high acheiver, and look how we’re struggling to prize managers away from newly promoted or struggling teams.
      I bet Randy wishes he could turn the clock back 2 years.

      Anyone considering Teddington from Show Me, Show Me???

    • Well said Vaze agree with this, but i do think AVB could look at Villa as a long term project, everything is in place for the right manager to come along and really do something magical with the club.

      • Have we got the money that AVB would request to ply his trade? Even if the funds can be made available will Lerner make them freely available? I understand our current wage cap policy stands at around 40-50k/week. Will Lerner be flexible on this as let’s face it – high achieving players are going to be able to command a minimum of 70k/week if not more. Good footballer = greedy money grabber. Exceptional footballer = break the bank territory. Not sure our finances will allow for too much of an adventurous manager, but I hope to god that I’m wrong and there is a much larger scale of intent from Lerner et al as I’m predicting!

        • Newcastle, Wigan, Swansea and Norwich have found decent footballers at cut price and on loan deals, they need to announce a manager soon although now my thoughts are mainly on the Euro’s.

          SOTF Shit on the French

  9. its simon grayson, gary garder has said so,

    • The board seem to be taking their time, I really hope they’re not waiting to interview Grayson after the weekend. But many rumours saying he’s in for it. Hope new manager comes out of left-field. Don’t want Lambert, Grayson, Martinez or McAllister. Would love a foreign manager.

    • If thats true I think Gary is going to be in a lot of trouble.
      He isn’t the new vibrant manager we are looking for. I liked him as a player but he’s not for us as a manager.
      What players could he attract.
      I think many ST holders holding fire on renewing will not renew at all.

  10. Martinez has spent the past three seasons at the bottom of the Prem. Contrary to common belief he has had money to spend and his teams leak goals and the ability to defend. He has stayed up because the teams below him have been atrocious.

    • Wigans net spend last 3 years (-£15,300,000, £7,350,000, -£1,800,000). That is not having money to spend Wolves spent (£11,200,000, £14,200,000, £10,650,000) Man City (£99,000,000, £117,000,000, £48,250,000) and Villa (£18,550,000, £4,700,000,-£20,500,000). In fact researching this I can see why MON had to go given his spending in 08/09 to remain stationary.

  11. Lets be real here…..AVB coming to us? Really…..can we afford his wages? Probably not…Can we get into Europe next season? Definitely not. Do we have the infrastructure to back this level of manager? Definitely not. Our goal is long term profit with minimal outlay and in this current climate WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! We have no money, no fans and no hope!! We have sold our best players and the rest are only good enough for the position we finished this year. Lets get over the fact that until we get some billionaire in we will always be mediocre at best. Fickle fans….you bet…..the past is the past, we are no bigger than our other team and they have more ambition. If they get out of their sticky situation we’ll probably trade places sometime soon. Why would Martinez, Lambert, AVB, Rogers come to us….in short…they won’t!!!
    In summary….no fans, no money, no hope!!!
    Anyone for the euromillions?!?!

  12. The journo was right! Whelan has spouted, unfirtunatley he is Miami with Liverpool talks?

    • apparently whelan is going to give him seven days to decide upon his future at Wigan! LMAO what a character!

    • Moose on TS (yeah i know) has tweeted that Martinez is in Miami to see Lerner not lfc according to his contact.

      Dont believe it myself as we wouldnt speak to him without asking permission, and if we had, that big mouth self promoter whelan would be blabbing and slagging us off to anyone that would listen.

  13. who is the favourite then if Martinez is only 2nd?

    • Desert Orchid.

      • Hi BWS ive got a question for you just wondering what you think….Season tickets are frozen only for just another 7 days.Is there anything in the fact that RL and fatty paul havnt appointed a manager yet..What i mean is are they waiting for season tickets to be sold then make a crappy appointment..OGS was not offered anything was he just a ploy to sell season tickets…..Maybe just my mind wandering to much though..lol

        • are you are suggesting mick mcarthy will would get the job if the season tickets are sold😉

          • No what im suggesting is being OGS wasnt offered anything was it a ploy to sell season tickets…Then after season tickets sold appoint mediocre/shite again..

        • Yea mate cause it is, cynical bunch of b**stads.

  14. Dream on if you think we’ll be getting AVB. He’ll be looking for a big European club, which Villa aren’t at the moment after a disasterous couple of seasons. We’ll be lucky to get our 4th or 5th choice manager. Lambert seems quite happy at Norwich and has an affinity with the fans there. Martinez has a good relationship with the Wigan chairman and would almost certainly choose Liverpool over Villa. Solskjaer would have been ideal, but clearly there wasn’t enough of an incentive – stay with Molde and play in the Champions League or come to Villa and play for mid-table?? But surely whoever comes in will be hard pushed not to improve on last season…surely?!?

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