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89 comments on “Search for a new Manager – Karl Robinson

  1. I heard from a scouse mate that Liverpool were very interested in Karl Robinson as well

    • I listened to an interview with Ian Taylor on Talksport and he has worked under this guy and also threw his name in the hat! How we could do with an ehioghu and taylor right now, I will trust their judgement!

      Might be something In it?

      • Good up and coming manager, i think our options are quite big, we have gone back to being a sleeping giant, we are the perfect place for a manager to come into the Premiership and really build something. We all got carried away with the OGS thing but i think it shown what the club are trying to do, someone else posted it was about the intent, if the board get it right i think we will be in for an exciting couple of years

  2. If you want someone abit left field what about Bourussia Monchengladbach manager Lucien Favre?

  3. There’s thinking outside the box and then there’s suggesting managers that clearly are not good enough for us. This falls into the latter category. Karl Robinson FFS who is making this shit up. Do you really think our senior players will respect someone who has achieved nothing as a player and nothing as a manager,
    We need to luck abroad. Perhaps Micheal Laudrup may be worth a shot. This domingos guy sounds pretty decent too but does he speak english?

    • With luck the likes of Dunne, Collins, Warnock and Hutton will folllow Cualler, Heskey and Guzan out of the door this summer. How many senior players will be left ?

      So where do successful managers come from? Thru don’t just start at the top. unless you can provide some good reference, the likes of Robinson have to be considered. With the right support staff and the backing of the board/owner, a young manager is a good option.

      • Believe me I would like a young manager but what has Karl Robinson proven at MK Dons. Ok he plays decent football but so does holloway and would you want him here. There are young managers who have achieved some level of success- the likes of Flores, Laudrup, Domingos, etc. They are all young but have managed big clubs, big egos and have far better contacts than karl robinson. I do agree with you on the clearing the likes of dunne, collins, hutton and warnock out. But who will but them- they are all on big wages and won’t want to move. Its easy to say they will be gone but just look at how we were lumbered with heskey wil his contract ran out. The same will happen with the rest of the losers.

        • Better to sell them off and suffer the financial consequences than have them disrupting the next year. A new manager and his new support team has to be in place quickly.

          Any one for Nigel Adkins?

          • Thats the key question though. Is Lerner willing to bankroll the big financial hits we will take on them. He really ought to but who knows what he is thinking.

          • I’d trust his judgement over the likes of MON for a start. He isn’t afraid to put more funds in in necessary. Just for the right reasons. Getting rid of troublemakers will be a priority for any new manager and I’m sure that Randy has learnt a great deal after the Houllier/MacAllister year when player power caused massive team disruption. McLeish was supposed to sort it by taking control. He didn’t and we sank even further. Randy won’t make the same mistakes again. I’m happy to trust his judgement. At least he is a fan and not just after money like the owners of Liverpool,and Man Utd.

        • What has ole done, I doubt league one is far away fromthat league and ole had a realative forune? The more I think about it, the more I like it.

          That was the vito wasn’t it?

    • ‘Karl Robinson FFS who is making this shit up’ – I was purely commenting on what a formed Aston Villa player had said, and thought it raised an interesting idea. So question Mr Ehiogu

      • Fair enough. Ugo has his opinion just like everyone but i’m not sure he is best placed to be making recommendations.

    • Fuck the senior players, they are part of the problem

  4. Another name to throw into the mix is Heiko Vogel (current FC Basel manager). Basel were massively impressive when they played Man Utd last season in the CL. Has a very high win percentage too though that may be down to the strength of the swiss league. Still think he would be worth a punt- better than the obvious candidates being banded about in the media.

  5. quique flores is still jobless I think, he was mentioned a lot last summer, who’d take a punt?

  6. I’m sorry on our list should be NO BRITISH MANAGERS!!! they are all fcking shite as far as I’m concerned. ferguson is an exception to the rule.

    we need culture and modern football in villa – with cheaper foreign players coming in who are good players who aren’t severely overrated.


    need i go on about overrated english shite players – its a sad story but if you want to succeed on a budget – the only way is going down the foreign route where players are genuinely skilled and don’t cost the earth due to fcking the pundits making them sound as if they are world class. i mean carroll has one fcking AVERAGE month at the end and that justifies him being in the england sqd?? my fcking god crouch is by far better in every department and doesn’t even get picked why? cus now he plays for stoke and caroll plays for liverpool… and pundits kiss the top 4’s asses all the time.

    BRITISH MANAGERS CANT THINK OUTSIDE OF FCKING BRITAIN. isn’t it proof of all the British shite we have bought causing us to be in the fcking mess in the first place???

      Nonsense : Alan Pardew,

      • one out of how many????? and isn’t their scouting system brilliant anyhow??

        • How about Alex Ferguson (you said British).

          • u clearly aint read all of what i have said have you

          • I agree with the sentiment that English players are over paid and not good value for money and villa have had more than our share. I just disagree with branding all British managers with the same brush. You did put that bit in caps😉

          • the way to think of it is – how many british managers are WORLD CLASS managers?? i mean pardew hasn’t don’t it consistently – he had one good season – lets see about next time round. you have ferguson and thats that!!! we have to face up to the fact that british managers evolved with the times – dalglish is the perfect example spending a lot of money to get an 8th place

      • Pardew has a director of football who buys very well.

    • yeah dick head pardew keeps signing englishmen doesnt he? knob.

    • downing was our player of the season…

    • 90% agree, I want a manager of foreign origin or who is already managing abroad. The best players and at bargain prices are abroad!

  7. Sorry Villa4life Hodgson and the pundit’s are now kissing the arse of the 8th placed team.

  8. Have to say this whole ‘not beyond our shores’ thing went out after a team called Villa appointed Venglos oh wait thats nearly a quarter of a century ago. Narrow minded, tactically inept, and most spot talent based of phisical, not technical, ability. Therefore most not good enough. Funny how the only technically savvy English coach had been manager of places beyond our islands, is respected accross the world, and he is our new National manager.

  9. What about Kasper Hjulamand. He’s young and just won Danish league ahead of Copenhagen which is a huge acheivement

    • I did not realise I knew so little about foreign leagues, all my effort went into learning about molde, I think Lerner should issue a list of managers they are considering so I can start worrying about them now😉

      • Considering we approached OGS, would make sense to approach Kasper aswell. And I would argue that it’s more of an achievement winning the Danish league than Molde, especially when you consider Copenhagen were in last 16 of CL last in 2010/11 season

  10. If Randy Lerner goes down the personal favourite route like wheen appointing ‘big Eck’ then someone like Gus Poyet will come into the equation. When asked about his interest in English football by The Sunday Merc in about 2006/07, the chairman said Chelsea was one of the teams he had admired in the years leading up to buying into Villa and Poyet was one of his favourite players.

    • But he finished 10th in the championship didn’t he?. My son is young and ambitious and not won anything, but he is not going to be appointed villa manager (I will refuse Lerner permission to talk to him if he tries :P)

      • Stop with the negatives Xeis and look at what the potential young managers have achieved in their situations. Poyet, Robinson, Powell and Clarke are where the Pardews, Allardyces, Pulis’s and Redknapps were a few years ago.

        • I fancied OGS. Now, I’d go for Poyet. He’s young and energetic, plays attacking football, would bring excitement to the club along with a new culture.
          Not saying there’s not a risk involved but I don’t believe he’d do any worse than Eck for one second. And right now I’d settle for proper footy, some passion and a plan for the future.
          Poyet for me. Please, no more bland British been around the block managers.

          • exactly – no more bland boring displays and unfortunately – its all the british managers that promote the hoof

      • I am a ledge on champ manger and would eat, sleep and sweat villa!

        Can I throw my name in the hat?

        APFVillan for manger!

        I promise to make hutton do extra laps in training.

  11. He may well be a genius, but Villa fans sadly aren’t going accept someone like that.

  12. Another name to throw in the mix – Rikard Norling . Just 40 and current Malmo manager and seems to be doing a decent job there.

  13. Some great recommendations on here still fancy Poyet though, inexpierience maybe but knows the prem is a winner great coach and the name respected to attract good young players from around the world, get him now before he gets Brighton promoted and he will

    • Why the desperation for a young manager?

      The man will probably stay 3-5 years. Therefore it doesn’t matter if he’s 65 (subject to not having a dickie heart).

      • But yes Poyet does seem ideal, if Martinez not available.

        I think it is safe to conclude that if Whelan announces Villa are interested in Martinez, that Fenway have offered a small contract to the Wigan manager and our club is being used to apply pressure. However if Whelan stays quiet, maybe we have a chance?

        • Someone needs to explain to me Poyet. He finished 10th in the championship right? He has been a manager one season and finished 10th in an inferior league? Wikipedia is right on this yes? He has won nothing as a manager and was moderately successful as a player? I dont know how we could consider a manager with 1 years experience of a lower league? OGS had won a lower league, managed the Utd reserves and won everything as a player. I dont get why everyone is so accepting of Poyet, if my facts are wrong, someone please tell me.

        • Poyat bloody hell no you gone completely nuts.

  14. No to Poyat whoever he may be, but two thumbs up for Gus Poyet. He’s the guy.

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