Gunning for Glory – Watch IT and be CONVINCED

No need to add my comments, can hear the cheering !!


24 comments on “Gunning for Glory – Watch IT and be CONVINCED

  1. mate, got to say that your coverage of these events has been top class! cheers ian

  2. Can you post the link I can’t get on it

  3. Important to remember it was filmed for and by MUTV. There is a heavy Man Utd bias. See through it, OGS is charasmatic and has the respect of a lot of people, here and Norway.

  4. Man u this man u that !!!

  5. The guy oozes confidence and yet seems humble and down to earth. I loved the “hair dryer” comments- we need that right now with the squad we have.

  6. it is going to have a lot of Man utd stuff on it as it is for Man Utd TV about an ex Man utd player, ignore that and its obvious he knows how to manage a team, he comes across better than other players who give management a go.

    First 20 minutes is enough, not sure i could do the full 48

  7. I’m fully convinced. Just waiting for the announcement and then I will get my ST.

  8. I’ve just watched the video. What on earth are we doing even thinking about giving this guy a shot? He is a huge Man Utd fan, he considers the club his dream job, he’s totally in the ear of Fergie. If you thought Houllier was bad with his Loserpool love in wait til this guys comes along. It will be a huge mistake making him our manager. This has disaster written all over it.

    • I agree, there is some logic to appointing him but he is too inexperienced and sentimental.

      Brendan Rodgers is my first choice, don’t think he will come though.

      • Think Brendan Rodgers would be a solid choice, but if he refused Liverpool would he realistically consider the Villa? I’m not convinced.

        • Brendan Rodgers has had 2 good seasons in management the rest have been awful, his record at reading and Watford were nothing short of appalling, because of that record i cant see him wanting to take the risk of it all going wrong somewhere else. i think brendan rodgers will be manager of Swansea for a long time to come, and will turn down other jobs like Liverpool, Villa and Spurs simply because at Swansea he is onto a good thing and they will never sack him

          • Hi morgan very true mate about buck rodgers he did turn down liverpool.I think he likes it a swansea and i reckon he thinks he can keep them in the top flight.As you say why take the risk Prem league job well paid best job he has had.Rl is back this week PF said Villa would have appointed a manager by the end of this week..So if they are going to interview anyone else they need to hurry up..I think they waited to see the reponse about OGS it has been massive big plusses from alot of fans.Ogs has already said openly he will take the job now if offered.I think ogs will be manager this week..

          • How are you mate, this summer is going to be something else, I think most of the senior players will be sold on, who do you think will be sold

  9. Well I’d like to see Ole Gunnar anounced as manager today and a kitty of 30mill and what ever he sells players for. That should give him 45mi to spend on what 6 players? That’s not bad!

    • Yep we need to move on now. There are plenty of reasons to appoint OGS and the fans in the whole are united in their approval if him. It needs to be finalised now. Not sure if Lerner is waiting to see who takes the liverpool job and then approach the remaining candidates left standing. Also wondering if di Matteo will be strongly considered if he doesn’t get what he feels is fair at Chelsea.

    • Hi TOM paul faulkner was saying they will appoint a manager by the end of this week..Randy Lerner still in USA.If they are going to interview other candidates they have left it late..I think they wanted to see the fallout of the OGS approach.I think they will appoint him this week as the fallout has been really positive.Matt kendrick from the mail saying they will interview other candidates but if appointing this week then they need to hurry up..

      • Very wise approach to wait and see fans views. I’m just eager to see what players come in and out. By now all free transfer will be snubbed up so it really is gong to be a case of good buying this summer we can’t afford cock ups no huttons! One thing I’m excited about is young talent comming in as this is exactly what Ole will be looking for. It’s all very exciting and we are over the first hurdle by sacking Mcdrawalot but there’s a hole race ahead yet!

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