We want OGS because he is anti-Mcleish

Last night I was thinking about this and why are fans seeming to be so desperate for OGS.

There is no doubt that as soon as OGS was known to be the number one target he became the number one fans choice. Unlike last year we seem to have a good range and quality of manager to pick from, why is OGS so popular then ?

Is it because after last season he is the total opposite of what we saw from Mcleish ?

Age – whilst Mcleish was not ready for his pension, OGS is a very young manager and this provides a certain level of freshness that the whole club is desperate for

Style – this is possibly the biggest difference. Yes OGS has only done it in Norway. But he changed a long ball team to a widely acclaimed short passing and fast team. When you see the clips about the coaching style the difference to Mcleish could not be more marked.

Public apperance – People said Mcleish was good in the press, he was not, he was dour, downbeat and often ‘misled’ the fans. Check the piece I posted yesterday and the interview one on one reported. He never ducked anything, he answered what he could. He has a manner which relaxes you and puts you at ease.

The differences after such a dark dour winter could not be more marked. We want the whole club to change and unlike Lambert or Martinez, OGS represents a brave step into the unknown. It may be a massive risk to take a rookie manager at this stage but he is such an opposite to the past 12 months that Villa fans have clearly shown their support.

If fan power meant anything then Randy would be offering the job to OGS today, if he did not on friday and I personally CAN NOT WAIT for him to start.

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171 comments on “We want OGS because he is anti-Mcleish

  1. Weimann, Gardner, Lichaj, Bannan, Clark, Herd, Baker, Carruthers and quite a few other young players would thrive under Solskjaer and his footballing philosophy, that’s what’s needed at Villa.

    This coming week should see the situation sorted out one way or another.

    • Can see him being at villa all points to one direction everything thats gone on they tried to keep it quiet if it was just a informal chat why all the hoo hah know what i mean ..

    • A good point, Kranky. We keep hearing about how we’ve got one of the best youth set-ups in the country, but we’re still waiting for it really to bear fruit. A lot of people have referred to the apparent lack of continuity in approach and style between the youth/reserve set-up and the first team under McLeish, which is one of the reasons (amongst others) which made the appointment so mystifying in the first place. It just seemed such an about turn after Houllier and then our flirtation with Martinez.
      Anyway, like most on here, I know nowt about Molde beyond what I can glean from the odd bit of film and third hand reports, but these suggest that Ole was quick to do away with the get it to the big man up front approach, and is wedded to a fluid, keep it on the park, move-pass-move philosophy. It sounds like the kind of approach that we’ve tried to apply with the younger players, and it’s the kind of environment that they’re much more likely to thrive in when it comes to the question of making that crucial step up to the first team squad. Some of those you mention didn’t find it easy last season, but I’d love to see how they’d respond under Solskjaer. We might find out just how good or bad our academy actually is.

      • Im going to watch the molde game at 5 give you all a run down of the set up playing style ect ect ok..

        • Nice one JD. Look forward to your report on that one.

        • how you watching it mate?

          • VIA wiziwig forum.www.wiziwig ..home page..select live sports then select football then select the molde game by selecting the live feed on the right it will give you the page and the feed it will be coolsportz

  2. i really don’t think we are looking at other candidates! my gut feeling and know sometimes how organisations work – they have had their eye on OGS for longer than a week – and Faulkners statement of “young & Vibrant manager” and the want to have “compelling” play all point to OGS more than any other candidate.

    Lamber fits one bill and thats “young” i don’t think he even has a look in – if he did and was our first choice – we wouldn’t have even heard of OGS.

    i feel we actually owe OGS a job as we have unintentionally made things very awkward for his current job at present and the way they have reacted is awful toward him. he has done nothing wrong and most managers would take this opportunity in his shoes.

    too much evidence of “randt flying back to US” “agent still in the uk” and no other real solid confirmation of other candidates lead me to think this is a done deal.

    also, a 4 hour conversation….. do you really think one of them didn’t close the deal or try to? i am in sales and every meeting i have where offers / negotiations come into play you always push for what you want or present what you are offering and close the deal.

    i’m going to risk it and say he is our next manager 100% if i look like an idiot for saying this if he isn’t appointed so be it- but every sniff of intel makes me think its done & out of respect for his current club they wanted to keep it on the down low… but now that the club has treated him so badly i bet he won’t even wait until next ffriday to go

  3. Villa4 life, ”I feel we actually owe Solskjaer the job”. What a load of crap.
    When the club have finished there interview process then the best man should get the job, not be given it out of pity.

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