Ole – contract clause allows him to leave & owner in past tense

This story is so fast moving and always late at night, grrrr.

OK it is late at night and almost by the hour a different story so this has been updated with Ole saying after today’s match

I can confirm that I have a clause in the contract to be able to leave Molde to any Premier League club at any time, said, namely, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to Nettavisen Sunday evening.


Pretty obvious all we have to do is to call and confirm the agreement.

Some other quotes from Ole tonight, so very diplomatic

I have spoken to Røkke (the financial backer), and we have decided to look forward. Put the events of this weekend behind us and improve.

The process we’ve been through should make this club stronger. We are going to get more professional and get better in every aspect.

Yes, I can continue [as Molde manager], despite what has happened. We’ve put it behind us, and I want to look forward.

My contract runs for another two years. It’s important that the communication between myself and the board is direct, not through media.

It’s business as usual. Game on Thursday and training all week. May is an important month, and we have a lot of confidence right now

Premier League is appealing, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I’m flattered by the interest, though. That’s not a secret

So we know that investor Kjell Inge Røkke defended the releasing of the statement that Ole had provided yesterday. We know that there is a Rokke press conference at 21:15 BST (now cancelled it seems). Now his good friend and fellow investor Bjørn Rune Gjelsten on TV has said

“We were not prepared for the offers could come so early. I contributed with 2-3 million pounds, and that I had never done if I knew that the footballer would disappear after one year, Gjelsten said.


Now we look at these words (through google translator of course !!) and it leaves nothing to doubt. This is talking in the past tense and he is saying Ole will be going. If that is the case then there is little doubt where he will be.

EDIT – Even more information as Gjelsten has been on TV further and @andymeide has translated as

Gjelsten: “I’m sorry he might leave”

Gjelsten says that only OGS knows what will happen, but wishes him good luck if he decides to leave Molde

Gjelsten talking about OGS in past tense

@ohpebbles has watched the same and his take is

He’s talking exclusively in the past tense. “We had”, “Ole had”, “Our plan was”, “I’m sad Ole might leave”.

Is anyone in any more doubt ?

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124 comments on “Ole – contract clause allows him to leave & owner in past tense

  1. I’m getting bored now lol because villa don’t actually say anything and it’s all comming from molde and most of it is just the same thing over and over again!

  2. anyone know anything about the player he said he would bring with him?

  3. VillaPaul , I really hope you’re proved right on the reveal. OGS has caused more excitement than I care to remember anyone else stirring up. Thats not really hard of late I know but it was probably the signing of Bent. I really think that recruiting a new boss is the easy part for Randy at the moment as we could replace Mcleish with Robert Mugabe and he would be more likely to get us midtable he would be more popular too. The litmus test is how far the board and Randy are willing to go to back any new manager or whether the cost cutting is to continue apace next season. We really will see if we have been victim of the season ticket scam we seem to undergo every year.

  4. id like osg at the villa his team plays attacking football something that lacked greatly last season, but i have a feeling lerner didnt offer him the job as he wants martinez from wigan i dont understand why though every season wigan only play in their last 8 games and just avoid relegation, last season was bad enough under mcleish so why appoint a manager who fights it every season, give the job to osg or roberto di matteo young hungry ambitious managers not has beens and also rans like martinez.

  5. OGS is AV’s if they want him. Id rather see him in my favourite team in England, Liverpool. Good luck ppl.

    • Why liverpool fredrik ?

      • Fred is a Viking Lass so he only follows English football. He may change his mind when Liverpool appoint another managerial failure in Martinez.

      • The reason is that I watched the english league since my childhood and i fell in love with the team that had Kevin Keegan and Alan Hansen. Easy as that. You never change your team and to me it was love at first sight. AV is a team that i respect and doesnt dislike as long as they dont play Liverpool….much the same as Newcastle. Both of these teams have great fans i think. Thats why i really think OGS and AV would be a good match. Would have been better if it happened in a couple of years time since OGS doesnt have much experience yet. He started off his first season badly though without victory his first 4 games, but he never doubted in his system and continued as planned. Things turned around much faster than expected and won the title already in his first attempt. But you all have to know that last year was very special in a way that Molde won it with only 58 points out of 30 games which i pretty remarkable. Would not have won against a better Rosenborg team. Remember that when you call norwegian tippeliga bad Rosenborg qualified something like 11 yrs in a row or so in Champions League and has stomped teams like Real Madrid and Borossia Dortmund like it was the most natural thing in the world. They also beat AC Milan away with 2-1 in the final group game which was necessary for them to go past the group stage. Milan went out in that game. Heggem which later went to Liverpool scored that cruical goal i remember. I really think that a game between Molde and AV on neutral ground only would give AV an 60-40% advantage at the moment. OGS is a winner. He doesnt settle for being safe above relegation. I believe you could have a manager that could bring glory back to AV in the long run, but dont expect the same miracles as what happened in Molde.
        When it comes to money Molde had a budget at 70 mill last year which was average in the norwegian tippeliga. Rosenborgs budget was 205 mill to compare with.

        • If OGS doesn’t join us will he still be thought of so fondly ? It would seem really unfair to have gone in and disrupted his work for nothing ?

          • Yes, most of the Molde fans put the blame of this on the board of Molde FC. Solskjaer has been utterly honest all the time and even made a release-clause if a PL club wanted him as amanger. The problem for both him and Molde is that nobody expected him to win the league already the first year. They had a timeframe at about 3-5 yrs before Molde should dominate. When a chance like this arrives….what can Ole do? I would love it if he stayed at Molde for life, but showing a talent as he has already done I know things will happen sooner or later.
            The last winner of the norwegian league for Rosenborg now are swedens national coach. He went straight from Rosenborg to that role so winning the league gives the winning manager a good CV.

          • Fredrik,
            Thanks you for your posts – it is good to get a local perspective as the translations we are reading are sometimes difficult to interpret. Shame it was Keegan that turned your head all those years ago – maybe if you had seen Villa beat that Liverpool team 5-1 one brilliant night you would have been a Villa fan. All the best.

    • Do you think he would be accepted at liverpool? They just sacked a liverpool legend after one season having won the carling cup and been runners up in the FA cup. Any manager who goes there is going to have to put a large exit clause in his contract for when they fail to get in the top 4 next season.

  6. this is all getting very tiresome, get the feeling this is going to drag, just hope by talking so long we don’t end up pissing OGS off! why can’t we just have a preliminary agreement and have that announced.

  7. So we now know that ole can leave Molde and that he wants to come, so why is this being dragged out any longer. Lerner needs to pull things together and get this done. We could really do without another week of will he, won’t he, speculation.

  8. Guys i would think villa are also talking to there or have been lot of names been mentioned Martinez ogs Lambert even poyet who has been formally interviewd no one knows then other who have applied. it does look like we are going in New direction young manager who likes to play football. it could be dawn of New era for club this is how football is moving forward young managers fresh ideas lets sit tight and see what next few days brings. this is without dobut randys biggest call after previous mistake.

  9. Yes. The doubt is that Lerner hasn’t offered him the job!

    • Spot on. I think there is no doubt that he is a candidate and it seems he would take the job if it was offered but it hasn’t been, and who knows if it will be. There ARE more interviews and other candidates.

      Ian you keep talking like it is written in stone, when I asked you on twitter why you had this view you said he is the number one candidate. But who says he is the number one candidate? where has that come from? all we know for sure is that he IS a candidate amongst others.

      • and I keep saying

        when Randy’s plane flies for a manager that is OUR manager

        OGS was the FIRST manager we approached, we have had no confirmation of anyone else at all. If as reported it was Martinez then Whelan would have shouted his big gob off.

        If it was Lambert their CEO has said no permission granted and we would not go against that.

        I nother word he is our first and ONLY choice, the one all the effort has gone into

        • You could be right this time Robbo. Credit where it’s due, you have spent a lot of time and effort on this to the benefit of a lot of Villa fans. Thank you.
          PS. You still need to lighten up a bit. Maybe get another hobby. Crown green bowls would probably suit!

        • Can’t imagine Villa making any contact with Martinez whatsoever after the fiasco last year; the only way Martinez would be on anyone’s short list would be if he resigned first and then applied for an interview.

          • I agree Ardent. Also we would have heard from the big ‘I am’ by now (Whelan) if Villa had asked for permission.

        • i agree with ian to be honest – i don’t believe there are any other candidates either. For the same reasons pointed out by ian with norwich and whelan – we haven’t even spoken to these guys….

          we have planned this for a while i sense – they scouted for a young manager and it was OGS – they have got him in and now OGS seems just looks as if he is already on his way.

          its not about hoping he is our manager – its about how this has gone about. We would have interviewed our favourite first for sure! and considering nobody was interviewed before OGS when its a lot easier than OGS to interview martinez and lambert or whoever the media are speculating with, then to me there is only one candidate.

        • I thought somebody said Faulkner spoke to (and i tremble with fear when i say this) McCarthy in US before OGS?

          I agree sending his plane for him was pretty special, but didn’t he have to make his own way back?

          Just playing devils advocate, as want Solskjaer to be the one, but not sure he was the first spoken to.

          Weird to see so many reports saying that so many seem to want be be Villa manager compared to last year?

          Most peoples first and second choice at beginning of May reported as wanting it (Martinez and Lambert) yet Ole has come in and changed 85% of our heads….

  10. I can’t see why lerner would fly back to the US and stay there if there were other candidates to interview. I don’t buy into that- for me Ole is our man and we are waiting until Molde have played there remaining games before the euros (think the last one is on 28th May), to ensure that they are not disrupted in their league campaign. So, I think we may be waiting another week or so before its announced. Hope its sooner though.

    • they should still announce it – FA did with hodgson before end of season so don’t see much of a problem

      • Yeah it would be nice if they would for us but given Molde are fighting for the title they may have requested minimal disruption.

        • i think molde are the ones who have caused all the disruption anyhow lol – makes no difference now i don’t think

  11. too many story changes on here…to much over excitment since the start, would rather stick to the Vital Villa website instead..

  12. Lerner will be annoyed thats it’s been leaked. I remember something about the darren bent transfer that went along the lines of ‘if anything gets out then the deals off’
    He doesn’t like shit storms

  13. I have no doubt that OGS would take the job if offered to him but I have a strange feeling he is not our no 1 target

    I think we need to calm down with all the OGS talk and let this week slowly reveal exactly what RL is up too

    I have a sneaky feeling Martinez will get the nod and will accept the job this week

  14. What is going on? We can’t fuck ole about much longer the poor bloke is having a nightmare. Capella turned the job down as kitty wasn’t big enough lol. Anyone any idea on how we will spend. Randy has to put Atleast 25mill in and what ever is made on players sold.

    • I agree Tom, thought on Friday we had turned a corner and were being a bit more decisive….. Now it looks like we have the same dithering mentality as always and OGS looks like he has left in the lurch a bit..

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