Molde Win and Ole says goodbye and Røkke update

Well unusual match commentary today, never thought I would be watching the Norwegian league !!

20:05 – The press conference Rokke was going to have has been cancelled

18.55 – Game finished, good Molde performance and at the end Ole hugs his whole coahcing staff and every single player and claps the fans, for me a goodbye.

@andimeide is saying Rokke Press conference due. This has now been confirmed for 21:15 BST

@RBFlemma: Solskjær: “This was a fantastic response by the players and a professional performance from the team”

18:42 – Very good performance from Molde and VERY GOOD style. Press conference after match

18:35 – Molde now playing very well and some real neat interplay with the forwards.

18:25 – Possible new signing Elkrm has a 25 yard FK and forces a very good save. Looks potentially a decent signing.

18.11 – Berget put through and 2-0 Molde, good finish but defending in this league is poor

17:50 HT and neat and tidy but Norwegian league is different from the UK it has to be said. OLe is here as this shows him walking off at HT. Not many pictures shown of him on the bench.

17:31 – 30 Mins in and Molde are 1-0 with a scrappy goal from Mostrøm. they play a neat style, try and pass when they can. Standard is not too great but I think if played at Villa the fans would like this. Also could heard I think, ‘he’s going to the villa’ from the home fans !!

after the goal they showed OGS and very impassive but no idea if he is normally like that.

@Ohpebbles has some further updates and a statement from Røkke (own Molde) on why information was released last night which was meant to damage Ole.

Røkke: “I wanted to publish Ole’s answers.”

Røkke saying it wasn’t a confidential conversation. It was just a couple of questions directed at our manager.

“With the interest around this matter, we decided it was best to play with our cards open and release all the information we had.”

further details HERE

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99 comments on “Molde Win and Ole says goodbye and Røkke update

  1. Molde look a really confident team looks like the players like playing for OGS.Back flicks all of that..

  2. The media still seem to be mentioning Rodgers. Does anyone know if we are interviewing him? If he declined to talk to Liverpool would he realistically consider us? Any inside news on whether Lerner is flying back to uk or any potential candidates heading to USA for interview/informal chat????

  3. I guess if we know no other candidates are meeting with Lerner this week then surely the Ogs is done or was always done hush hush.

  4. i,ve only watched for 20 mins and molde hoof alot of long balls out of defence…. now who does that remind you of?…. dont think i can take another season of that!… there have been a few nice touches to be fair but its not quite the sexy football that people have suggested……. a mix of mon and mcleish is probably a good description….. bring on Martinez!

    • I did notice a few long balls but in the centre of the park molde pass and move alot try to work the ball i thought they looked positive never really under threat defended well clean sheet.Confident to the players enjoy playing for him you can tell.

    • One game does not mean anything numpty. Martinez is Whelan’s puppet. He isn’t his own man and never will be. At least OGS seems to have a bit of fire in his belly. As for your other mate Lambert. Another Scotsman – no thanks. One is enough. And don’t get me started with an Irish bloke either!

      • Are you actually ruling managers out due where they are from or have I missed something? Maybe the stupidest comment I have ever seen…and that includes people backing Eck! What are you on about you idiot

        • Chip have a word you fool. Lambert and Rogers are fantastic Managers the proof is there is you open your eyes you idiot!!!

      • You wouldn’t want Alex Ferguson then…

    • even barca hoof the ball when needed – they played a lot on the ground and can put more then 2 passes together…. which means they already have what villa don’t have. all season we treated the ball like a fireball and panicking on the ball.

      im stunned that we stayed up to be honest

    • I have seen every minute of Moldes play for the last 5 yrs at least and there are absolutely no doubt that Molde plays with the ball on the ground. What you couldnt see from the broadcast is that Sandnes Ulf has a really soft ground which doesnt make it easy to play the ball on the ground. Sandnes Ulf are known for their power in the air so that they keet the grass as long as they can and the ground very soft. You have to watch Molde at their home ground to see how we play. There the ground is made for quick passing. OGS has bought a lot of very young and promising players in Norway and abroad since he came which all of them are good passers and with good speed. In defence he only uses players that likes to play out of defence when favourable to them. I want this man at Liverpool….

  5. Forget the blurb at the bottom of the post, but look at this for reasons why Villa are still a top club to be appointed manager ;


    Very nearly bought a tear to my eye.

  6. Rodgers is my favorite. Plays good football and is a pure fan. He does it because he loves it.

    • Over plays at times watched interview with moyes after everton beat them said they were never going to score against us passing ball round back four and middle of park.

  7. Latest : @andymeide: I’ve heard that Røkke is to hold a presser later. Hold your horses, will try to confirm! #avfc

    • Molde holding a press conference at 21.15. Not sure if that’s our time or theirs TBH, they are an hour ahead. Ole staying, going, coming to Villa? Take your pick, people!

  8. How did he act at the end of the game?

  9. @JamesNursey: #AVFC sources seem v happy with how search going but I’m not expecting any announcements till mid to end of week at earliest.

  10. is this unusual for them to be holding a press conference? to me OGS is our new manager. i don’t want a few other candidates being approached, don’t think its right

  11. If OLE is the main man in the frame then i am very pleased and even more so if hes his own man and not someone elses puppet or muppet ; being your own man means you are strong just what we need.

    • How can u say ogs is is own man when fergies helped put this deal together and will mentor him indirectly at villa.

      • So just because he worked under Ferguson you don’t want him? Makes a lot of sense… Obviously he’d make us deliberately lose to Man Utd as a thank you to Sir Alex. If we get a different manager instead we’ll win 5-0 home and away.

  12. http://www.clicklancashire.com/sport/wigan-athletic-fc/1212452-wigan-athletic-boss-martinez-prefers-aston-villa-to-liverpool.html – just seen this, came out the blue – it’s really exiciting how we are being linked with some good young managers !

  13. what do people think about martinez prefering villa to liverpool? anybody seen the article?

    • Yea mate just gonna cut and past that, funny aint it Villa job wasn’t an attractive proposition OGS off the radar is in the frame and Lambert kicks off at Norwich and Martinez fancies it!

      • Statement above on the link i posted about the sponsers pulling the plug on the money because ogs leaving

    • Link the article plz

    • Doubt that very much Liverpool have probably blown him out and he wants to keep his options open for his second choice ie us.

    • No where?

    • yeh, just tried to link it, but its awaiting moderation. If we can compete with Liverpool then that shows a lot about how big we really are. He is a very good young manager and I would love to see either him or OGS at Villa, both play football the way it should be.

  14. reminds me a bit like my children one finishes playing with a toy and not interested but the moment one of there siblings picks it up they all want it hahahaha

  15. Lichaj, Clarke…decent footballing defenders
    Ireland, Makoun, Gardner, Bannan, N’zog Albrighton…..buy one or 2 in- decent footballing midfield!
    Bent, Weimann…buy one or 2 in….decent finishers w/pace!

    All the ingredients for a good team! I really am not one to listen to the rubbish you hear on here but if we could lose the rest of the squad, add players like Fabio who I’ve seen people link with us and I think we could be in 9th or higher come next may…playing good football…ah it would be nice to actually support something you support again. Last year supporting football that I dont support was very very difficult!

    • we were the worst team in the prem last season – one thing i like with ogs stats is that his team have won 7 and lose 3… 0 DRAWS!!!! i can’t stand draws anymore !! BORE DRAW MIGHT BE OVER WOHOO lol

    • I agree with thee Tom. It be all about style in my book. None of that kick and rush crap or the play on the break type of mundane stuff that MON used to play. Let’s have a bit of Spanish Ole Ole football. So what if it is orchestrated by a Scandinavian? I have a season ticket at Brighton and have watched the way Gus Poyet is building and shaping his team. Good passing football. Just needed a Darren Bent to knock them in. Bring on Ole.

  16. Hahaha, its hilarious how that after most of us have made our mind up on wanting OGS, that suddenly its being rumoured that Martinez wants up over Liverpool and Lambert wants to come, of course that might not be true, but is still very funny too me.

  17. no substance…just like most of your over excited OGS headlines..

  18. This evidence of Ole shaking hands with all his players and staff seals it for me.
    H e s definately going somewhere…….And who else has he been linked with?
    I d say he ll be in the Villa hot seat very shortly……The sooner the better fo me…He s got work to do.

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