The Ole Press Conference – defensive body language, worried about planes

It is certainly a fact that today’s press conference at Molde has created quite a stir.

Forgetting the British press for the moment and their OTT reaction and look at this page from VGNETT – LINK. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see two videos. We may not be able to speak Norwegian but look at OGS’s body language. That is not the body language of someone comfortable with the conference is it ?

Then we have piece also from VG – LINK.

You will need obviously a translator for it but the gist is two fold.

Firstly that the Molde Chairman can not guarantee OGS will stay. He knows as we all do that Villa will or have asked Ole to be the manager and he will come.

Molde chairman, Øystein Neerland: “I can’t guarantee that Ole will be here at the end of the season. Managers can be bought, like players.”

Secondly, it seems the chairman is more worried that Ole caught a private plane and the discussions were supposed to be discreet. This may have more to with the issues with the backers you suspect and maybe he never told them what would happen ?

Like in the past two days these pieces do nothing at all to persuade me that OGS will NOT be the next Villa manager.

EDIT 19:15

This is a translated video from today, like the body language in this one.

Look at 5.19 onwards when directly asked about the job, we head hunted and he knows that. He knows he is our number one and he wants to come IMHO.

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117 comments on “The Ole Press Conference – defensive body language, worried about planes

  1. Imagine we get OGS

    and then imagine the reaction when he waves at the utd fans at old trafford…like Houlilier did at anfield

    Villa fans will go into melt down again

    • I doubt it. Will be expected of him. We just need to win after!

    • Agree aon he’l wave at utd fans and cream himself when play at OT. Hyping them up rather than us just like houllier. Makes u sick

      • So what do u want? A manager that has never played or managed at another club???

        • No a manager who is honored to be at the mighty villa and talks us up instead of creaming himself over his ex club.

        • no just showing the 2 faced ness of my fellow Villa fans

          Fergie sent a letter recommending mcleish last year – Villa fans were in uproar

          OGS is linked with Villa this year – Villa fans creaming themselves because he worked under fergie – that was one of the credentials for OGS, that and an 8 minute video on you tube ffs

          Houllier is a legend at Anfield he waved at the kop when they sung his name – Villa fans went mad

          i have now stated the same would happen at OT if OGS was our manager – apparently thats alright

          jesus wept

          • Proof of where Fergie recommended Ole

            Unbelievable someone slags him of for man u comments he has not even made yet, not even our manager yet

          • But we all saw what happened witt houllier. And we were all up in arms over fergies letter.

          • In fairness I do get what aon is saying…….I was a fan of GH to be fair, more for where I thought he was taking us than anything else but I do see two major differences.

            For all the good GH could have done with a bit more time, he was a PR nightmare.

            I don’t think anyone would have cared had GH stood in the dugout and waved back but to go straight to the kop at the end of the 90 (after we had been dicked) was a bad move.

            OGS does come across a little more media savvy than GH could at times and, while we’ll never know until in that situation, I don’t think he’d go so OTT as to do a lap of honour.

          • Hope ur right MIK sick of our past managers like dol etc talking up every team except outs. If ogs cums then he better show some respect for us and stand up to utd and fergie. Acknowledging utd fans for a brief few seconds is fair enuf but then I’d expect him to have our team fired up to beat them.

          • can you read ian?

            where did i say fergie recommended OGS?

            try again Ian

            like all your blogs

            try again

          • The main difference is Ferguson actually employed OGS as the reserve team coach – Non of his other ex players now managers ever been employed by him.

            And if you are referring to the ‘Gunning for Glory’ doc on you tube it is 45mins long and he comes across very very well.

          • Which means we are just grooming him for man u. That’s my point y can’t we have someone that wants to stay long term with us and build a successful team that can match the sky 4. Is that to much to ask.

          • jesus wept

            he actually employed Kidd and queros to be his right hand man

          • They weren’t his ex players though -thats my point!

          • ie he can recommend McCleish, Hughes, Ince, Bruce Robson etc etc – Has he ever employed any of them?

          • OGS he did….

  2. Yea I remember the chants at the Norwich game last week, ‘there’s only one Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’, or something like that.
    I am sick to death of Ole Gunnar Solskjaers name.

  3. Look fellow fans lets back whoever we get lets get back suppoting the team cant be doing with another year of vp being a morgue keep calm lads we now soon enough utv vtid

  4. Back to back promotions with a 43% winning record? Not bad for PL
    Big Eck for blues an villa 29% out of interest,
    OGS 63% with Mold in one season? #makeyourmindup?

  5. bayern 1-chelsea-0 83 mins

  6. If he was head hunted and is the number one target then surely none of this would be happening. I think the best that we can assume is that ogs was the first candidate to be invited for an interview. I Randy is just going to pick someone without trying to decide if they are a good fit for the club so who knows if his interview went well or not. I guess it depends on how well the other interviews go!

  7. Watching the CL final has left me wondering
    Zat Knight ? Or Gary Cahill?…..
    Thanks Martin

  8. Unless ole has already been offered the job and he is having to be discreet out of respect for his home club and the terrible reaction to his visit to brum, the whole ‘informal meeting’ really has been carried out unprofessionally and without adequate discretion. With so many other prem clubs on the hunt for a good manager would randy have risked alerting them to OGS with a simple 1st interview? It really does baffle me. Don’t know what L&F have on their agenda. My MAJOR concern is after swiftly ousting mcleish and then immediately making a bold statement of intent about turning the ship around and appointing this dynamic young gun, they will have achieved their initial goal of appeasing the disgruntled fans and solved the immediate financial concern. Did you all notice how quickly they focused on pushing season tickets and corporate tickets on the website immediately after the statement of intent. Without adequate funds our squad will be inadequate and incapable of carrying out the clubs new stated vision. They go and approach the right type of individual in ole but are they now just being tight arsed and seeing if they can interview a man who will take the job and give them the feeling that they will be happy with less funds. This is a horrible concern and although there have been positive signs we are still as far away as ever from knowing that we are in our way back. The ship that was heading for the waterfall has been halted but certainly not turned around yet. With the events of the last few days my feet are firmly grounded and I will reserve judgement and believe it when I see it. Simple, Randy over to you……..

    • How have we behaved badly ??

      we asked to speak to him, they said yes

      we did !

      • Ian if your comment is to me, I wasn’t suggesting we have behaved inappropriately, just not very clever to alert other clubs to such a clever idea of OGS if he were one of many candidates. OGS may go to a rival prem club if we haven’t already or don’t end up offering him the job. Just don’t think it’s clever and makes me question the agenda. Not sure that many other prem managers would be all that keen in us anyway to be fair. Just hope he nailed the deal and it’s all hush hush.

  9. @RBFlemma: Solskjaer says he “wanted to leave after Hønefoss match” and bring Magnus Eikrem with him (auto translated). http://t.co/9dUDMtJt #avfc

    • @RBFlemma: This means full on war between Solskjaer and Røkke – and my guess is that Solskjaer will leave and (most likely) be the nxt mngr of #avfc

  10. Shit Chelsea win the European cup finally. Although I’m glad to see the Germans beaten ESP in penalties, chelsea have now joined our elite club. What have now got in them? Jack diddly squat! Lerner look at the success other prem clubs are having and act now. Choose the right man and help him transform our squad into a competitive outfit.

  11. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been quoted saying, if an offer comes in, and if he accepts, he would want to be in place for pre season.


  12. i think we should get big eck back

    he is on the right track – Chelsea under di matteo have done in 3 games what big eck tried to do all season

    defend like fuck and win the game on pens

  13. With the benefit of hindsight it is always unwise to speculate on these matters. We never know for sure what goes on behind closed doors

  14. […] We may not be able to speak Norwegian but look at OGS's body language. That is not the …astonvilla-views.com/…/the-ole-press-conference-defensive-bo… […]

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