The national press are idiots and Ole irritated at Molde

As reported on this blog Ole is not saying NO to Villa so whilst out I missed a twitter storm.

For some reason SSN saw Ole’s press conference and totally misread this. Of course when they put a put out a yellow bar ticker saying –

Ole rejects Villa

This then gets the rest of the press pack following without the need to check their facts. What then happens is an agency gets the news, does not check, puts it out and the rest follow. This fooled Tom Ross and Collymore but never fooled Mat Kendrick and tim Abraham who of course followed @andymeide tweets and saw the truth of the comments as I blogged.

Now we have the Norway press laughing at the British press and rightly so. So when former Swindon forward Jan aage Fjortoft tweets

@JanAageFjortoft: My feeling: If Aston Villa offer Solskjær the job, Solskjær is Villa- manager 1st of June. #avfc #talksport”

Then this is the truth and so far in front of our own media who have not checked up.

The situation is clear enough IMHO. Ole is loyal man but an ambitious one. He wants to manage in the PL and this is a great opportunity but he wants Molde to be treated rightly. We WILL offer him the job and the financials will be sorted out.

However one side effect of this is that the bookies like sheep followed Sky. they lowered the odds, as low as 7-1 and of course those Villa fans following this piled in. I was out so could not😦

Nice to see the bookies lose a lot !

also @andymeide has said this


Dagbladet thinks OGS seems irritated by the fact that Molde questions his loyalty and professionalism #avfc

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96 comments on “The national press are idiots and Ole irritated at Molde

  1. Molde still have a couple of games to play and also Villa are probably building a contract to offer, along with looking at what money OGS will have to spend on players along with dealing with Norwegian employment laws,

    I think he will be our next manager and i think he will be a good manager, he has a pass and move attacking philosophy and he expects his teams to break up attacks quickly, he is also young, hungry and is a born winner. Exciting times ahead for the villa, I understand the sceptics but i am happy to jump on the OGS bandwagon and enjoy what looks like a bright future


    • Norwegian employment laws?? 6 weeks holiday, 2 ton of salted fish and a long boat? Or is that the Danes?

    • I’m with you Morgan. I suspect that there would be no half measures with Ole; it could be a disaster or brilliant, but I reckon it would be exciting. We need a new approach, a breath of fresh air, a new broom; select your own cliche. Anything would be better than the pollution heaped on VP by McLeish. I want some entertainment again from a team set up to play positively and without fear, and willing to have a right go against anybody. Like most on here, I’ve only got reports of how Ole works to on, but it sounds as though his team plays a fluid, pass-and-move attack minded game. Couldn’t we just do with a bit of that down our way at the moment?

  2. Daily mail say we spoke to Martinez on thursday, we’ve spoken to OGS too and some Norwich sources say we’re speaking to Lambert on Monday.

    Either Lambert or OGS would do me. Im not sure Martinez has done as good a job as people say, they nearly go down every year.

    Lambert and Rodgers are at similar size clubs with similar budgets and we’re nowhere near the bottom. Martinez is a no for me.

  3. The Guardian
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer keeps the line open to call from Aston Villa

    A statement to the newspaper Romsdals Budstikke on behalf of Rokke’s business on Saturday questioned Solskjaer’s decision to speak to Villa after the coach missed a training session with Molde in order to fly to England.

    Although Solskjaer insisted he had done nothing wrong in talking to the Midlands club, he admitted he could have handled things better. “I would have spoken with them [Villa] regardless, despite seeing the consequences,” he said. “I have to protect myself, my ambitions and my family.”

    The last sentence says it all, if he’s offered it he’ll jump at the opportunity. Over to you Randy.

    • This is what I don’t quite get. We’re told that Villa have alternative options in mind, but everything we’ve seen in the last couple of days strongly suggests that Ole is the number one target. If The Guardian’s take on things is correct, why doesn’t Lerner just do the business?

      • I give up Dave, what’s the answer?

        • God knows mate, I’m as puzzled as you are.

          • “I have to protect myself, my ambitions and my family.”
            Maybe I’m putting 2 + 2 together and coming up with 5 but I read into that – “come and get me”.

          • As I said, this is what I don’t get. I think he’s our number one target, I think he wants to come. Are they working on the deal as we speak, or is Lerner fannying about? If you want him, Lerner, just do it!

          • A Norwegian saga?

  4. I simply cannot get my head around personal jet + Ole and wife + 4 hours of talks = Informal chat?

    • An awful long time to fill with small talk,how’s weather in Norway Ole? Cold windy and wet Randy. How’s the family?
      No it don’t seem to add up.

  5. Do you think this OGS saga has been played out more publicly in order for Lerner to guage a reaction from the fans to see if we like the idea. After all he wouldn’t want to go down the route of somebody we don’t want again. If they do look at these site then they would have had a general idea on our views for other candidates but not for OGS as it came out of the blue.He still has season tickets to sell. I’m sure many of us are still holding back on our renewals.

    • Do you think they’re that devious or you might say savvy?

      • Could you imagine the reaction if they hired OGS out of the blue and we all hated it. I think they knew what they were doing. Lerners jet appears in Norway !!!!

        • Savvy them, measuring fans reaction after the Mcleish fiasco, would make sense mate.

          • The reaction from Villa Fans for OSG overall has been positive. It wouldn’t surprise if we make him an offer soon. I hope so.

          • Totally agree bws after the last 2 appointments wouldn’t surprise me that they watching the fans reaction and could you blame them ? I also guess that they do have orther alternatives lined up that they will see as a matter of courtesy before confirming ogs as manager ,but have to say I would be peaved if this doesn’t come off . A fresh new start for us all ,and boy do we need that !

  6. I don’t understand why some of us are criticising RL and PF for “messing about”???

    Even if OGS is the no 1 choice, it makes sense to interview a few prospects, the same as any other job, just to see who impresses the most.

    But, fwiw, I suspect OGS will be the man, as long as he hasn’t asked for anything stupid, like lots of money to spend LOL.

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