Have faith, Ole is coming, his answer the giveaway

So been out this morning and missed his press conference.

Through the excellent @andymeide LINK we know what was said and the key Qand A is

“Will you take the Villa job if you are offered the position?”

OGS: (laughs, friendly mocking the journalist with his question) “We’ll have to wait and see. I’m not looking for a job” #avfc

Wait and see ?? Ole has proved to be excellent with the press and I have no doubt IF offered he will come. I have no doubt the club will offer it him (will interview Lambert for completeness) as they have seen the almost 100% support for Ole.

Of course Ole is still under contract but why is his agent still here after an ‘informal chat’ ? What has he not gone home ? added to this earlier the Norwegian press were saying tomorrow will be his last game in charge of Molde.

I have no doubt still he is coming and the odds are going out and starting to look like good value. I will not suggest you bet on him coming, that is up to you. However I have put another wedge of cash on him.

I may look like a fool this time next week but thats life eh ?

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137 comments on “Have faith, Ole is coming, his answer the giveaway

  1. Basically, we haven’t got a clue who the new manager will be! We can say who we want, but there could be the same situation as last year where the candidates we want decide once they hear the plans of Lerner and Faulkner that they won’t touch it with a barge pole.
    I do like how everyone becomes an expert on the credentials of managers – eg. Poyet is a far better candidate than Lambert – erm, how? – Lambert has taken Norwich through 2 successive promotions, and has had a pretty decent 1st season in the Premier League – is this not a better CV than Poyet? Like Solskjaer, he also has great credentials from his playing days – Champions League winner, Title winner, etc. What’s not to like?
    ps – Sounds like Solskjaer has not turned down the job, but has said what anyone under contract would say when they haven’t had a solid offer made to them!! Could still happen!! Is a risk, but so was John Gregory, and he gave us some good memories, a few good seasons, and more than anything, gave us a bit of passion!!!

    • Difference between poyet and lambert is before poyet became a manager he did his coaching badges with spurs and chelse so he coached top flight before he managed.Also the outstanding managerial acheivement award at the football league awards.Lambert has no top flight coaching experiance yes he has had 2 successfull seasons acheiving promotions with norwich but at lower level PL totally different kettle of fish. This year means fuck all if he gets relegated next season as most managers who are new go down in the second season he has proved nothing but promotion with norwich.

  2. @robhenrix: #MFK, nyt tida dere har med gullgutten Ole! Han har vært åpen om sine ambisjoner fra starten av, ta den tiden dere får;) #donthateappreciate – from Mat Kendrick twitter page

    • Lol wrong copy and paste – @MatKendrick: OGS has NOT turned down/ruled out Villa job. He said he works for Molde, has not had a Villa offer, but would consider it if one was made

  3. I’m no expert on football managerial negotiations however IMHO nobody jumps on the owners plane and jets over to Birmingham for an informal chat. You could do that on a conference call. Put your money on OGS.

    • I’m pretty sure he wants the job, but he is getting black mailed into staying there. I feel sorry for him bcus he is in a difficult situation

      • Fjortoft has just tweeted too Villamat………thinks that if OGS is offered the job then he will take it

        • Just rli lazy journalism by Sky. His odds have dropped back down again now, were 6/1 and I was so tempted to by a tenner on it aswell

      • Hold on mat molde cant blackmail him into staying if he wants to leave he will leave he isnt owned by molde.

  4. @IanTaylor7: RT”@JanAageFjortoft: My feeling: If Aston Villa offer Solskjær the job, Solskjær is Villa- manager 1st of June. #avfc #talksport”

  5. havn’t said anything sooner but I have a Norwegian friend. ive only just managed to get hold of him on FB and he said the general feeling being given out by various media sources is that OGS will be leaving sooner rather than later, and that he is probably villa bound. He did mention a lot of the same sources had him dead cert for the wolves job at xmas and that the sports media over there probably do more guess work than our journo’s, either way thats the point of view from ‘local’.

  6. It’s all over the place that he has rejected the job? Well Atleast we have time. Lerner seems to be going for a better

    • lazy journalism Tom………..he hasn’t rejected anything, nothing has been offered, he has just said what any under contract manager would in his position.

      IF he is offered the job (IF) I am sure that he would accept it.

  7. Maybe that’s that then. A no go.
    But… this could all be smoke n mirrors and being made more dramatic by Molde to boost any pending compensation.

  8. Good to see people reverting to their true colours and beating the hell out of their fellow supporters to get their own opinions across. What’s wrong with agreeing to disagree instead of throwing all the abuse around? Make your case without ridiculing someone who has a different view. The only ones making the club look stupid are its own squabbling fans.

    For what it’s worth I think we’re looking at the right kind of people. OGS is a gamble but an exciting talent. Lambert is a gamble too but a real winner. And if you read what the Norwegians are saying (not the widely reported ‘snub’) OGS will almost certainly say yes if we offer it to him.

  9. Ogs is a super candidate and ianrobo you are a character! This forum makes life as a villain so much more interesting!!

  10. frankly speaking, I still hope AVB…..Ole is not my most favorite candidate. it’s very risky. but, his potential is very huge. not bad appointment.

  11. AVB?……nah.
    It has to be….It s got to be……….Its OLE.
    Orleeee Orleee Orleee………..Orlee Orlee.
    This man has greatness and Aston Villa written all over him.
    Come on OLE….

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