Ole’s agent stays in England (Is Ole), Molde’s backers pull out

I have no doubt at all like I have not since yesterday hat OGS WILL BE Villa manager.

If you believe what he says and it was an ‘informal chat’ then Randy has spent an hell of a lot of money on there. Randy flies back to the States after this chat and with no sign of any other ‘informal chats’. Remember Pete Colley said yesterday was moving day, well that is only OGS, no one else. Pete got this direct from Paul Faulkner.

I am in no doubt that OGS wanted to leave Molde nicely and in good health. We a re a good club and probably allowed him to make his own pace at this. I doubt Randy wanted this to come out but plane spotters eh ??

There were no negotiations, but an informal chat

Why did he bring his wife and agent over for an ‘informal chat’ then ? We are doing this right letting Ole make his own pace and decisions, that is the RIGHT and PROPER thing to do.

If I am wrong (and I won;t be) I will be gutted. He represents a new start for the club, a new thinking and a new way, any other candidate is below him for me and THEY will KNOW that.

such an informal chat that as this LINK shows from Dagbladet that Ole’s agent stayed behind in England, I do wonder why, hmmm ?

: Private Plane to Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner country in Kristiansund Airport yesterday evening, before Solskjaer and advisor Jim Solbakken was along for the ride back to England.

But that does not necessarily mean that Solskjaer would work.

– I wanted to show respect for one of the big clubs in the Premier League by meeting their questions about the initial call, says Solskjaer to Romsdals Budstikke.

He said that he is going to lead Molde from the sidelines as usual in Sunday’s away match against Sandnes Ulf. Jim Solbakken is still in place in England.

Now this is very interesting from RBNETT (LINK but flaky) that Molde’s major backers have now withdrawn their support. (thanks @christercornel)

MOLDE (Rbnett): Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was warned by Røkke and others around Molde Football Club to travel to England.

The manager chose to travel to Birmingham to have conversations about the vacant job as manager of Aston Villa. It should have fallen Røkke and the board of Aker so heavy in the chest that the company has decided to pull out of the running in Molde Football. The decision is a direct consequence of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer talks with Premier League club.

That is awful for the football club and maybe OGS feels he owes them something until their mid season break in two weeks time ? Full statement from AKER is damning of OGS – LINK

EDIT – VITAL NEWS 18:50 – TheTrees on Villatalk has said this

He arrived late morning.
Mr Lerner left at 1530hrs
There has been no private jet movement back to Kristiansund.
To get back today OGS would need to get the 1730 SAS flight from Heathrow to Oslo, to connect with the last flight to Kristiansund. To make this flight he would need to leave Birmingham latest 1430, having been here less than 3 hours, and then he might not make it.
In short, he wouldn’t put himself through that.
Whatever else, OGS is still here, and will not return to Norway until tomorrow at the earliest.


I trust TT totally and he has been proved right in every way.

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53 comments on “Ole’s agent stays in England (Is Ole), Molde’s backers pull out

  1. please no more failed midlands managers !!!!!!no internal promotion , we need new blood , new direction, !young , dynamic and foreign, Ole fits that description

    • Very excited at this possible appointment, I really don’t think they can even consider Bruce, McCarthy, Curbishly etc after making this bold gesture. Also we are in a good position for OGS not so big as to be expecting top 4 performances immediately, in a position to be turned around, but genuinely big enough to be able to provide support for the right inventive manager. I think OGS is win win for him and us🙂

  2. A key phrase in what OGS said is that he met us out of respect. ie if a big club approaches you for a job it would be pretty disrepectful not to at least meet with them. Why close any openings that could present themselves in the future.
    If it weren’t for the media and mobile phones none of us would have known about this and hence get excited or not. I think villa are trying to do this the right way (not like the last botch job). It is we (the fans) that are dreaming up all the cloak and dagger stuff. eg why wouldn’t his wife come along, maybe his agent has a friend he hasn’t seen for a while in Birmingham.
    Its all about how we interpret whats put in front of us and then pass on that info on to others. 2 days ago we were all moaning about McCarthy.
    Personally I quite like the idea of having OGS in charge and I think we are trying to get him. But tomorrow we could all be excited (or not) about somebody not yet on our radar. We Are all guessing because we are desperate to know. Otherwise we wouldn’t be looking at these sites all the time.

  3. paul faulkner is still at bodymoor!

  4. Karl,so what if Faulkner is at Bodymoor?

  5. just letting you no thats all.weirdo!

  6. I hope we do get him.

    As for the wife stuff, I wouldn’t expect the wife to be present at anything but an informal chat. Afterall he would be moving here as a family and she may need to persuaded as well. Sold the villa dream lol. Anything after that I.e. Interview I wouldn’t expect her to be present. I mean… Would you take your Mrs to a new job interview?

  7. So Ian are we likely to sign OSG or not? Or do we have no idea what so ever?

  8. Small change to the sky news story but still says OGS flew back..

  9. Tried to put up the link but wouldnt take it sky news football

  10. The article is from VG NETT NORWAY

  11. mysteryman says its far from being concluded and two others are being sought out for possible interviews. FFS wanted OGS, really hope we get him, knowing our slow board, OGS will change his mind by then

  12. just a thought but could lambert be on his way after all seeing as grant holt has slapped in a transfer request at norwhich?????

  13. So was it a one way trip on Randy’s jet? Then the return on EasyJet? Mean git!😉

  14. I haven’t got a vast knowledge of Norwegian football, but why are they still in season? Surely with the Euro’s coming up the season would be ended some time before this. I’m aware they are not in it, but just feels slightly odd.

  15. ian, am i doing something wrong as since the new layout to the site i can only view the comments on the page and not the older comments. can you help

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