Ole Talks to TV2 in Norway and wanted to speak to us

Sorry about all the posts.

On TV2 Ole has given a statement – LINK

Mixed news and not clear at all

After a very eventful day, which included round-trip to Birmingham for talks with Aston Villa, let Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be interviewed by the TV 2 Sport.

Earlier Friday evening a press release Molde rich uncle, Røkke, made it clear that he and Aker drop all financial support to the club from January. reason is that he does not seem Solskjaer calls meds Aston Villa is consistent with the culture of the club.

– How do you react to the press release?

– I’ve just seen it. For Molde Football Club is … What shall I say … a challenge we are ready to take. Kjell Inge has made the club what it is with their fantastic contribution since 1992. But this time I will take with himself, says Solskjaer to TV 2

He says that Røkke was informed Aston Villa interest Monday night.

– I have never hidden the fact that I will be manager in the Premier League. He understands that I am interested in it. He has given me a couple of advice that is OK to take on the road, says Molde manager.

– Are you surprised by today’s reaction?

– It is surprising to us that Aker Molde trekkker out. Thanks to the help we have received and Røkke has done since 1992, we are in a very good position. We are ready to take the challenge.

– Is your position in Molde weakened?

– I got permission from the club to have a conversation with Aston Villa. I signaled that it is a great club I would be familiar with. There is no question of any negotiations. They have several candidates they want to talk to.

– Football is about taking chances when they present themselves, as you did when you went from Molde to Manchester United. this is such a chance?

– I’m not offered anything. I no to some clubs, which play next season in the Championship and Premier League. But when Aston Villa came into the picture, it was such a big club that I wanted to hear what they had to say.

– Will you continue in Molde?

– Yes! I am the manager of Molde FK. I have a contract for two more years.

The reason that Solskjaer was transported back and forth with private today was the close match program to Molde, says Solskjaer. The plan was that he skulel travel on scheduled flights via Copenhagen.

– But they said they would make it as smooth as possible, so I was prepared for Sunday.

So he wanted to talk to us but nothing offered.

@andymeide said after watching it

OGS sounded sober as always, but Villa seems like a tempting opportunity for him. He kept mentioning his contract though

The interview was by telephone and not asked why he had brought his wife, backing up that he is still in the UK. Tomorrow Molde are making a statement after training, we will see what they say then.

What I do know is that he never said he would stay at Molde and NO to us.

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103 comments on “Ole Talks to TV2 in Norway and wanted to speak to us

  1. Ted, really hope your right-Lambert is the right choice.
    I’m obviously in the minority, but I really don’t want Solskjaer. Appointing him would be a disaster. Can’t understand why so many fans appear to be wetting themselves over him.
    Lamberts the man!

    • Paul Lambert is a cracking manager and will be a top manager of that I have no doubt………I am a huge fan.

      I have said quite a bit now that I don’t know enough about Solskjaer to make an informed judgement over whether or not he would make it or not but what I think gets most excited about the prospect (including me) is the unknown factor.

      Nobody doubts the risk but the fact that this call is clearly bordering brilliance or insanity makes it all the more intriguing.

      Some times a brilliant call is built upon taking some risks (and this, no doubt would be a huge risk) but, if he is as highly rated as he seems to be……we could easily be here two years down the road imagining what could have been once the sharks really start circling and he makes a big success of himself?

      All ifs and buts I know but sometimes it is worth taking a punt and jumping to the head of the queue, don’t you think?

    • Reason why garteth is because OGS did his coaching at Man Utd and coached the reserves.He has also won a trophy with a team that hasnt won anything for 100years 1st time round.Plus that is a trophy in his cabinet.He has that winners mentality from his playing career which he has obviously transferd to his management career hense the trophy unlike lambert or martinez who have won fuck all apart from promotion.OGS will be in the champions league next season too if he stays at molde where will lambert or martinez be TROPHYLESS or the championship Lambert is not the man.

      • You are still WRONG about Lambert JD!!

        Won trophies as a player, did his coaching in Germany…..know’s exactly what he is doing.

        Success is relative and you can only win the competitions that you are in……….Lambert won back to back promotions (first time of asking) Solskjaer won the Norwegian league first time of asking…….what makes one achievement greater than the other?? Do you know that the Norwegian league is harder to win than promotion from the Championship??

      • Just because your a great player doesnt mean your a great manager does it, id still prefer lambert over OGS but then i would love to see OGS down villa its a win win for me but as ive said Lambert will take over

  2. What you can be sure of is that OGS knows how to play football the right way – 11yrs at Man U means he has that quality ingrained in him. This is the foundation for any manager, and we haven’t had one with that since John Gregory. OGS was top drawer as a player and he’s going to know a player when he sees one – unlike some of the crap we’ve brought in over the years. He will also have the immediate respect from the players – he was head and shoulders above all of them.

    • Plus, given his playing career in the Prem and the age of our kids he would be a real role model for them and probably someone most of them looked up to growing up.

  3. Appears he has had his interview this morning and is staying at Molde anyway?!

  4. its simply a case that OGS would find it hard to turn down villa

    Its now just down to Randy to decide if he wants him or not

  5. boys lets look at how this is panning out

    Molde have held OGS to ransom (or their backers have)

    OGS will stay at Molde now

    Not really that big a club are we, if that happens?

    a good embarassing start to this years “who actually wants the Villa job?”

  6. OGS odds have went from 1/10 last night to 10/11 in some bookies overnight

  7. Don t really get that….Why would you pull your money out of a club, you supposedly love,just because an individual decides to leave.
    Anyway I still think Ole will be with us…..just as soon as he sees them through their game on Sunday.

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