Ole in by the end of the day, Welcome to AVFC

Fast moving and quick, some will not believe that this is Villa.

Villa hid their interest in OGS very well as been in talks for a few days. However from time of intial contact and the confirmation this will be some kind of record from Villa.

I am 100% with Ole here with his agent and wife (househunting) that the deal will be completed by the end of this day. I would say that at a guess a press conference the same time we had for Houllier at about half 6 tonight.

So a very warm Welcome to Villa PArk (a place he did very well at) top out NEW Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

He is a very exciting departure from previous managers and with young vibrancy from him this is a restart for the great club of ours. I will fully support him and any choices he will make in the future.

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145 comments on “Ole in by the end of the day, Welcome to AVFC

  1. I did read somewhere yesterday in Internet (can’t remember where) that he was being considered as an assistant manager for us and kmac the ditherer was in the running. Wonder if Lerner was gona make kmac manager with ogs as assistant. Hmmm

  2. dont think OGS would give up the molde job to be kmac, or anyone’s assistant, he could end up managing in the champs league this season, and please not kmac again, he’s a great coach and thats where he should remain

  3. PaulLambert new manager. Grant Holt first signing.

    • Holt has put in a transfer request Ssn u may be right.
      Got a horrible feeling about kmac I no iv criticised ogs but wud take him anyway over mcditherer. Remember Newcastle away anyone.

      • Lets not even whisper the name Kev Mac as our possible next manager oohahpaulmcgrath.

        Such an appointment would see me purchase a season ticket at The Hawthorns.

        The thought of KevMac as our gaffer gives me nightmares of the most chilling kind.

        I’d rather have Dick Taylor, Tommy Cummings, or Billy McNeill back.

  4. Meanwhile, back in the real world… see that NRC has walked away from Bolton – he has some delusion that he’s too good for the Championship.

  5. Ardent wait and see.

  6. Hi all , Im outside villa park on Ian robbo’s instruction waiting for the press conference to announce the appointment of ogs.
    I car’nt tell you how excited I am but I’m surprised no one else is here.?
    Oh well I’ll be the first to shake his hand and the first to express my feelings on sky sports news .
    Thanks for the tip off Ian
    PS. I’ve just been told to F..Koff by the security guy …..what have I done?????

  7. It was surely never going to be the cut and dried deal that many tried to make out shortly after the story initially broke?

    Trouble is, a name gets mentioned, and everyone starts having orgasms, thinking that because RL has welcomed talks with an individual, then the deal is done and dusted.

    A blue chip company wouldn’t target and interview just one individual for an important top level executive position, they spread the net a little, test the water, talk with four or five qualified individuals. Why should RL and Aston Villa be any different?

    On Wednesday Mick McCarthy was our new boss, yesterday it was Ole Gunnar Solskjær, over the weekend it will no doubt be somebody else.

    Randy would be failing in his duty if he didn’t seriously check out all options and alternatives.

    It may well yet be Ole Gunnar Solskjær. A new direction, a fresh approach. That would work for me. But until Lerner makes the call, lets just kick back, take five, and keep ourselves calm, cool, and collected.

  8. OLE OLE for me but got a bad feeling Molde will have something to say.As for NRC he is so shit its unbelievable cheeky prick.UTV

  9. Yet another bullshit post from Ian. Ole has gone back to Norway to prepare for Sundays match and says this was just a first meeting with no negotiations. It’s hilarious how you post that it’s a done deal. ITs sad, pathetic and not worth clogging up the news now feed.

  10. I know absolutley Nish about Norweigian Football and doubt that the quality is great but still I feel excited about the proposed arraival of ogs,

    At the very least there are the obvious Ole, Ole chants for us to sing, can’t help wonder though if we’d have been so welcoming of this appointment 12months ago….but after the past year anyone with a bit of promise will be wlcomed with open arms


  11. Oops a bit previous I think

  12. I had a nightmare last night…..A man with a face like a half chewed minty and a thick Geordie accent was on tele saying what he was going to do for Aston Villa……..

  13. Dam I missed the press conference welcome Ole, oh what he is not our Manager???

    Don’t know who is worse the ITK bull shitters or those who believe what there told and report it as fact.

    Think a certain someone should learn a lesson here.

  14. As soon as we start talking to another manager we can welcome him to AVFC aswell

    In theory if you keep doing it you’ll get on right eventually

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