Molde Angry at Ole, trust put to test

This is now a saga !!

The Molde chairman has spoken to RBNETT and the is NOT happy. LINK In this it is clear they are not happy at his conduct.

– We were made ​​aware of the interest and the conversations, but it was still a disappointment that he chose to travel to England on Friday to face Aston Villa now, says Neerland to Romsdals Budstikke.

Considering no termination. Neerland states that the club reacts to that Solskjaer before departure failed to respond to specific questions from the MFK is the intent of the talks in Birmingham.

It seems we do not know anything about. The trust is put to the test, and we have to get back again before we work on. We expect that there will be a constructive conversation with Ole Gunnar Saturday, said Neerland.

No, it has not been an issue on the board. Now we will take this worry within the club and explore the situation. So we will work hard on to focus on the sport. There are three important games before the holiday and the first is already Sunday, says Øystein Neerland

Clearly something broke down between them and Ole. I really feel sorry for the Molde fans, this is awful for them with the news the backers have withdrawn. I am sure earlier today we had permission to speak so not sure what has happened.

However note that they have not blamed Villa and we always do it by the book. I do hope this gets sorted now as does no good for anyone involved.

EDIT 20:55 @Madsbent (Villa fan from Norway) has said

Molde announces press conference after tomorrow’s training. #avfc #solskjaer

@MadsBent: The training is starting 10:45. Solskjaer to Aston Villa is likely be announced after the training. #avfc #solskjaer

EDIT 21:20 – Getting so interesting as @andymeide a villa fan in Scandavia has said

@astonvilla_view OGS will make an official statement on Norwegian tv in 30 minutes (21:45) Stay tuned for updates! #avfc #ogs #solskjaer

52 comments on “Molde Angry at Ole, trust put to test

  1. I dont understand what there problem is he wasn’t goin to stay there forever was he?!?

    • When he signed for Molde, they probably be a long-term project in which they would gradually go to the top. The fact OGS did it in his first season means he has already done all he can.

  2. Remember the Bent Saga wasn’t he sat in a hotel room somewhere waiting for everything to be sorted out.
    The club statement now relating to respect for candidates , CLUBS etc may have some weight. If Molde are having what look like big problems with this situation. It appears the club gave consent but the backers didn’t. Maybe Ole does want to come.
    Who Knows. I’ve been looking at this site on and off all day its like an episode from Dallas.

  3. so Ianrobo was reading your last “blog” or whatever it is – what happened the press conference tonight?

  4. some are saying there will be a pres conference after Molde’s training session tomorrow

  5. will he stay when he realises his own people are going to hate him?

  6. im probably in the minority here but im not excited about OGS as some on here seem to be.
    Lets be honest, he was a reserve league manager for 2-3 years and now he has won the norwegian league (league 1 standard?) – nothing to get excited about there for me.
    all of the names being linked dont really excite me , Rodgers has had 1 good job at swansea, failed his other 2. Martinez – i dont get the clamour with this guy, he keeps wigan up every year by the skin of their teeth…wow. Lambert is the best of a bad bunch to be honest – if we had any big ideas we would be getting AVB in to Villa, now that would excite me

    • Im in the minority to aontroimvilla I just don’t get the hype over this. Ud think it was mourunho the way everyone are creaming themselves over him.

      • oohah i suppose it shows how far we have fallen in such a short space of time if we were getting excited about this – its the equivalent of being linked with Powell from charlton or Jones from sheff wed

        • Agreed aon iv been slagged big time on this blog just coz I do want ogs. The fact that fergie is behind this picking our manager yet again is humiliating. Plus we will end up with his cast offs like Owen whilst he takes the cream of our talent as always.

          • that bit dosent sit right with me oohah – Lerner got pelters off every villa fan about a letter he got from fergie about recomending Mcleish

            but now this is part of the criteria for OGS – he worked under fergie, cant have it both ways

          • Exactly right aon we were all up in arms about fergies letter for the past year coz no one wanted mcleish. Now we r all happy that fergies picked our manager again and taking their players virtually makes us the utd B team.

          • Mate there is a chance that might not be so it might all be coincidental mate..

          • it might all be coincidental mate..

          • and why is is so important that OGS has learned under Fergie? how many people that have learned under him (or even been right hand man to him) have been succesfull in management? – Quieros? Kidd? robson? Bruce? Hughes?

          • FairpointbutOgsisforeignandhasadifferentmentality

          • It is not about fergie picking the team, it is about a change of direction. Lerner is looking offering the potential for an exciting attacking style of play, which I think fits in with the way the premier league is played now. OGS has won everything as a player, and with the right support could be something special. His appointment would be risky, but if he comes here I think it will be an exciting season one way or the other🙂

          • Roy keane, bruce etc have all been winners and learnt under fergie but we wouldn’t want any of that dross. Keane was being tipped as the great white hope a few yrs ago but look where he is now.

    • AVB has had 1 good Job at Porto and failed at chelsea = Rodgers?

      Plus he failed cus he couldn’t communicate with the players apparently. Surely it would be no different at Villa.

      Ole is a less expensive option who has an apprenticeship with Fergie, won the Norweigen league with a team considered mid table and with minimal money.

      Plays attacking football and Villa would be a step up for him, he would be hungry to prove himself.

      • no rodgers has failed twice – watford and reading

        • and we could be AVB’s second… he is no less of a risk than Ole and has no better credentials. Just cus he managed Porto and Chelsea and looks savvy doesn’t make him automatically our answer to jose Mourinho

          The reason ole is exiting people is cus he is young, hungry, a bit of a legend and he plays attacking football, he looks promising. It IS a risk, not an expensive one, but it would provide attractive football nonetheless and who knows could be a masterstroke.

          • very true we could be AVB’s 2nd but he is nowhere near a risk as Ole is- a guy who won the Europa league with Porto or a guy who won the norwegian league?

            AVB is young and hungry as well (is he not younger than OLE?)

            not that we will be going anywhere near AVB, i was just saying i would porefer him to all the others mentioned

            to me it will still be Lambert

            it could be very embarassing for Villa if Ole has gone back to Molde, they kick up a stink and Ole decides to stay and turns down Villa like last years embarassment

          • He wont turn us down aon as fergie has told him he’s got to take job to make sure they get their 6 points and pick of our players. The only thing that wud stop him coming is if his family wouldn’t want to cum but that is the only thing. Would prefer avb. Another one I’d like is poyet.

          • If man u get 6 points off us city will also take the equivalent off us. This irrational thinkinghas to stop!

    • All appointments carry a risk, some more so than others, I personally like the idea of OGS and believe me i did not at first, I watched the gunning for ole Video and was impressed by his attitude and his tactical know how. the appointment carries a risk but i think it is a good risk, it shows the club are looking for a manager who can grow with the club and build year on year.

      Sometimes risks are worth taking, they took one last year and it failed the formula they had set out to find a manager did not work, they have changed the formula and hopefully this one will its not 100% but it really is a step in the right direction. The McLeish appointment wreaked of negativity this one for me feels the complete opposite, only time will tell if it will work though

    • Don’t be stupid – a of AVB was ever realistic. We’ve just got rid of the worst manager of all time whose left us in the dirt. We have a very limited squad and limited funds to invest. Why the hell would a guy like AVB even consider us? Wage caps won’t interest managers with big aspirations. Just get your feet back on the ground and realise that a young, dynamic individual who has tasted success who can work within certain limits is the only way fwd to start the re-building process.

  7. would it not make more sense for molde to do press conference after the game not training?? if they do a press conference after training are players gonna give it there all on sunday knowing ogs could be off??

  8. I think they are angry as ole has signed and agreed with us? If they agreed for us to talk then there’s no problem. So ole must have gone a step over which would be to sign for us? Only reason I can think .

  9. a press conference that has been announced by a teenager who plays for their rivals? bizarre.com

  10. Didn’t really understand a word of that. I understand why you’ve translated verbatim but a bit of common sense so that it’s legible would be nice.

  11. Molde statement due ! read update to blog post

  12. Really was hoping a deal would have been struck today. Solskjaer is the only realistic name that I have heard that makes me excited and I will be gutted if we fail to land him now. If we don’t get him and end up with someone dour like lambert I will be massively frustrated and dissapointed. I await this statement that is supposedly coming out at 21.45.

    • If you read the link i put in it covers Rokke cutting the molde money why is he doing that???Hes punishing molde because OGS is leaving.

  13. I am real worried by this statement from Molde …

      • hes hedging his bets jd

        press conference to say ogs is the new manager for this evening

        now he is saying that he thinks ogs will not be coming to Villa

        classic example of not being in the know but pretending to be in the now

    • You understand it? You should find a better translator. Don’t worry Robbo, it’s only a game and Gus is still available. Sleep tight and it will be much clearer tomorrow little blogger.

  14. Does anyone on here actually know the quality of the norway league? How does it compare to Scotland for example?

    I think you can see where I’m leading! This is a huge risk, but Fuck it! Its a risk I’m happy with, will certainly put us in favour with Joe public again and maybe open doors to some young scandanavien talent? And who doesn’t like young scandanavien talent.

  15. Ian, I thought you wanted Lambert as the next manager, or was it Martinez or even Solskjaer?
    People wetting themselves over this potential shitpot appointment is just pathetic.

  16. Noneed to worry lads if we do not get OLE then we can always get bruce or mick in . lol

  17. I missed ROB EL CID🙂

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