Why not Hughton ?

Discussing this on twitter.

a manager whose track record is

Excellent coach at Spurs

Liked by all the press and fans at the clubs he was at

Managed real difficult characters and broken dressing rooms – Newcastle, Barton, Carroll etc

Successful with Newky

Worked with DoF

Had players sold from underneath him

picks up bargains and motivates other players

good style of football, usually wingers and two up front

fantastic jobs at previous club

Outside bet

that previous club is of course the major problem, if he had all the problems at blues and yet managed say Cardiff to the same position he would be wanted by many fans.

Should it matter where he came from ? at VP there was never a chant about Mcleish’s background but of all the other factors and records we know. Maybe we as Fans would actually WANT him to succeed at villa to prove all the press WRONG ?

25 comments on “Why not Hughton ?

  1. most of the players brum brought the season just gone we signed by mcleish … can hughton spot a good en and a bargain …. dont think thats quite been proven yet

  2. I know in the end McLeish’s unpopularity had nothing to do with his Birmingham connections, and that in the beginning that wasn’t even our biggest worry. But I can guarantee you that is not a risk they would take again.

    Hughton is a good manager but i’m sure they won’t consider him.

  3. Like hughton but too nice. I’m sick of us being the nice team. We need some nasty bastards in or we will do nothing. Nice guys finish last.

  4. No thanks… we can get better… and I wouldn’t want to be giving the scum any more money!


  6. Not the worst suggestion in the world. He comes across as a decent guy and seems to know what hes doing

  7. I’d have no problems with Hughton. I often saw him in the Spurs cafe when I was a student in London and he always had time for a chat as he ate his full English. I’ve got my doubts as to whether we’d go for him though on a political level, though. There was an element of fans who hated the connection with Blues with the previous incumbent, albeit a small one and I don’t think the board would risk that kind of wrath again.

    Also, it seems to me it would be quite humiliating to go back down the road and steal the manager of a club we consider inferior in every way for the second successive season. He’s a good bloke and a good manager but, if we were going to go for him, it should have been last season.

  8. Confirmed Juan Carlos Garrido, Villareals current manager spotted entering villa park @ 9am

  9. Hughton is OK… but then look what Pardew has done with that team. We need someoen that will do ‘a Pardew’ and get us up at the sharp end of the league again, not a ‘safe Hughton’.

  10. I know everyones saying Mcleish coming from Blues wasn’t a factor but we all know it was and with that in mind do we really want another nose???? I don’t think so.

  11. Look at the record of Adkins / Southampton which is very, very good.

  12. AVB was sacked but you wouldn’t say no?

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