Norway paper confirms Randy plane and Villa in talks

The story is moving on a pace now with the Norway paper TK having the story.


The piece translates as

Aston Villa are in Kristiansund
All indications are that Villa will have Solskjaer. Thursday night the country privatjeten the Birmingham club’s owner, Randy Lerner, the Kvernberget in Kristiansund.

After the Future Claims experience is not even in place Lerner in Kristiansund.

Sources we spoke with said that the Premier League club will fly to Birmingham Solskjaer to initiate talks on a transitional early Friday morning.

Chairman Øystein Neerland Molde declined to comment to the future requirements. He said however that it is unknown to him that Aston Villa are in Kristiansund.

Chairman of Aston Villa supporter Norwegian, Thor Karlsen Skjelstad, told Future Claims that American Randy Lerner came to Birmingham on Wednesday to find a new manager after Alex McLeish, who was fired Monday after a disappointing season.

Early 17 May, Molde boss released as possible successor to the Scot. It was the Daily Mirror which first reported the rumors.

During Thursday dropped the odds dramatically that He will find at Villa Park next season.

As we go through the night I expect more confirmations of this to come out as it is clear the plane is there for only one reason.

who would have thought when Randy took over we would be plane spotters, ha ha ha

EDIT 21:40 – Norway’s 2nd biggest paper confirms story – LINK and even name checks THETREES and Villa talk !!

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100 comments on “Norway paper confirms Randy plane and Villa in talks

  1. I just fear if OGS does well for us as soon as Fergie retires he would be a ready made replacement at The Theatre Of Hate.

    • True but that would surely mean that he’d been a real success at VP to start with. I’d settle for that.

      • He would only get the Man U job on the back of success at VP (if he comes) all good in my book, 3-4 years building a much needed sound basis at VP and then moves on to bigger things leaving a legacy behind him, where’s the problem?

      • Couldn’t agree more with davidg. Had this convo earlier with both a villa and a united fan, and we all said the same.

        I’d welcome young Ole with opens arms, and cheque book to match! (hint hint Randy)

        • yeah i still think ferguson will be utd manager for a few more years, and actually id expect them to go for a really big name when he leaves, you know the mourinho kinda big

  2. I’d be happy with OGS. It would be a risk, but a good and exciting risk. Such a top player only recently retired would get great respect from the players, and he is apparently meticulous and attacking.

    Either him or Lambert would do, they’d freshen the place up. Here’s hoping.

    • Forget Lambert. Another frigging Scotsman and a MON lookalike. No thanks.

    • This is what I like about the idea of OGS. God knows we need a new broom, a breath of fresh air at VP to reinvigorate and reshape our philosophy and style of football, which stank out the Premiership last season. As you say, D82, of course it would be a risk, we all know that, but then there would be the pure buzz, too. I don’t suppose many people on here have seen much of Molde, but the reports all indicate that he’s produced a team with a fluid, attacking style, based around painstaking planning and evident tactical nous. Couldn’t we just do with a bit of that at the moment?
      Everybody I know thought that McLeish was an idiot appointment from day one, and rightly created a stink about it. Naturally enough it went bad, as everybody predicted, and the ensuing rancour and bile was inevitable. This time, I want Lerner to show some guts and imagination, to take a leap of faith, and go for someone young, hungry, and seemingly on the up. In two years time, we’ll all be bemoaning Lerner’s cowardice if OGS has gone to somewhere like Ipswich or Burnley in the meantime, and become the new Rodgers or Lambert. Course, he might come to us and be the new Ossie Ardiles, but if that was the case, I think that the fans would understand, and appreciate what Lerner had tried to do this time. We tried the “old guard” option in Houllier and McLeish, and no real good came from either, albeit for different reasons. This is the crucial difference for me, and I’ll think the same if, say, Lerner was also looking at someone like Poyet. Such an appointment must surely regenerate some enthusiasm and optimism, both inside VP and amongst the Villa faithful, and that’s got to mean something after the dead hand of McLeish and Grant. We won’t be challenging for the title anytime soon, but we might just get a well organised side playing a bit of nice football again. I’ve slagged Lerner off often enough, but if he goes with Ole, that’s alright with me.

  3. radio 5live are reporting a done deal!!!

  4. Sky have all but confirmed it …… good move.

  5. Really this only means that he has an interview for the job? Would it already be decided without Randy and OGS meeting? No, unless they met a while ago once Randy knew he would sack Alex Mc, about the same time all the press (except Sunny Shearer) decided to criticise Mcleish?
    Other interviews today, OGS tomorrow. Announcement in the afternoon!

  6. If we do get him, then some kudos to Lerner and the club as this was all kept very quiet until someone knew that the private jet had gone to Norway.

    I think that it’s a fresh perspective, and we’re getting a young man in who wants to prove himself at OUR club.

    I’m all for that. He has learnt from one of the best too, and I’m sure he’ll get all the advice he needs.

    It certainly should be seen as a positive step, and let’s get behind him regardless of results in the first dozen games please.

  7. Can somebody please translate the article above, it appears to be in a foreign language.

    • I should imagine it’s Norwegian being a newspaper based in Norway.

      I’m no expert on Scandanavian languages though.

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