Randy’s Plane in Norway (with photo), Ole to be AVFC manager within days

Well the news has spread very quickly today and a few people made cash.

The latest news comes from @robhenrix on twitter

Randy Lerner’s private jet landed in Kristiansund to fly Ole Solskjaer to Birmingham tomorrow! #AVFC #MUFC

That is the airport ‘TheTrees’ mentioned on Vilaltalk and is Ole’s home town and an easy pickup for the plane. I fully expect Ole to be our new manager soon enough maybe tomorrow or most certainly by Monday.

‘TheTrees’ has confirmed that this plane is the ONE that was at BHX. No question that this is Randy’s plane.

As posted in the comments THIS IS HIS PLANE – LINK

I am very excited by him being our new manager. It is a new departure for the club and for the club and Ole his support team as in the assistant manager will be vital. Of course Steve Clarke is now available and people think of Martin Laursen but Ole will need help and if only we could get Clarke ?

I can understand some concerns over Ole but for once we will be seeing something exciting. Who cares if Fergie likes him and liked the former manager, that is irrelevant. Ole has the football style and contacts to impress us all.

EDIT 20:54

NORWAY PAPER has the story and a picture, The Molde chairman declines to comment and they say Villa in talks


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147 comments on “Randy’s Plane in Norway (with photo), Ole to be AVFC manager within days

  1. OGS is obviously a risk and not sure it’s worth taking but could prove to be a shrewd move. Better than going in for some has been surely?

    • well he did bring molde their first league title in 100 years in his FIRST year this brings great hope for us

  2. http://www.tk.no/sporten/article6065042.ece

    Haven’t translated it yet, but the key elements are there and plain to see.

  3. this may sound stupid or naive but why didnt lerner just fly straight to norway?

  4. Thats not randy lerners plane, the reg on lerners jet ends in RL

  5. That is the Falcon 7x owned by Exile Transportation Co LLC, and it is sat at Birmingham Airport as of now and not in Norway. I do personal security driving from UK airports and it took one call with the registration number to find out. So its either rumors or it gone and come back in an afternoon which is highly unlikely.

  6. As much as i like this appointment i have to ask. our squad will need major shake up to play the way he does that’s going to need investment.. now surely at some point red nose has been asked by ogs himself or villa. now only two weeks ago eck said sir Alex said did not matter who managed us would still have us down there.. the team will need major in and outs ie back four for one. he likes to play 433 which with right players 451 4411 442. is adaptable at any point in game but most of our players will not be able to play his style.. but i think makoun could be back. i am excited with young

    • Manager expansive football and maybe randy sanctioning buys and releasing the deadwood now that’s transition.. exciting times on the pitch could be soon

  7. ive translated it somewhat it says”villa bosses private jet lands in kevernberget 17 in Kristiansund”That aston villa will fly the soccer star to birmingham for talks on a transition as early as friday.The chairman at molde will not comment on the claim.The rest goes on to say about lerner coming to bham on wednesday to look for a succesor to AM.

  8. The theorists and the conspiracy bods will be cussing you Astonmilan. They were getting rather excited about this non-story.

    I appreciate you setting the record straight.

    • Ive just translated it mate.

    • I just stated a fact, it could’ve fetched him over this afternoon, nut I find that highly unlikely, after 3500 odd mile flight it would need a heavy jet cat 1 check before it flew again and that takes 2 hrs.

  9. Having given this a great deal of thought I have concluded that it is either Randy’s plane…………..or it isn’t.

    I thank you.

  10. Steve Clarke as assistant … Crap at west ham with Zola and at Liverpool

  11. Well it looks to be true after all ….. Sky Sports have just confirmed a plane is there to bring him back to B’Ham tomorrow. If true would be a good appointment I think.

  12. http://www.vg.no/
    This is the frontpage og norways largest and second largest papers right now. Suppose you can all understand what its about although its norwegian:-)

  13. I don’t care what anyone thinks, this for me is the most exciting and potentially time changing decision. Get him signed up ASAP, give him some money and we shall support him!!!! Come on ole!

  14. A bit left field but I have a good feeling about this one. I appreciate good players don’t always make good managers, but he has the contacts and has played a majority of his career with the mancs who have always played an attacking style of football. Also to manage your current club to their first title in a hundred years (whatever the league) …….can’t be bad

  15. this will be a superb appointment! I really hope this happens, it obviously has it’s risks but there is no doubt he is a young up and coming manager a much better choice than lambert IMO – Will fully support him, and cant wait for the summer!

  16. OGS was one of the most intelligent,intuitive strikers I ve ever seen………If he s half as good a manager he will be great.
    I believe he ll be our man by this evening…..Hope so anyway…..UTV

  17. Welcome to Villa Park Ole i will have a morrisons steak pie waiting for you lol for me to be giving you one of my pies is an honour, but i am both honoued and excited at your appointment.

  18. This appointment is always going to be a risk but i give him my full support…im very excited about this possibility and hopefully lerner invests in OGS and his ideas on building a squad. I remember years ago hearing an interview about solskjaer when he was playing for man utd, they spoke about how he is always used as a sub and how he was always such a succesful substitute…the reason he was so succesful being brought on the pitch later was because he used to really study the opposition…instead of wasting his time whilst sitting on the bench…..and then when being brought on, he knew exactly where to hurt the opposition and the weaknesses they showed him…that to me, shows me he knows how to spot weaknesses in other teams and how to play against them, he will hopefully bring that same intelligence to aston villa and influence our team. Get that signature lerner!!

  19. I don’t care what anyone thinks, this for me is the most exciting and potentially time changing decision. Get him signed up ASAP, give him some money and we shall support him!!!! Come on ole!

  20. Astonmilan, how much of a cock end must you feel knowing that your aviation skills are soo bad, that even the daily star reported that this was his jet went to norway. read all the papers. you are a cock enf .Thats a fact…!!

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