Ole’s odds crumble to be Villa manager

Last night a little whisper hit me about the identity of the new manager.

As I posted last night I suspected our new manager may not be Lambert or Martinez after all. I was looking at possible contenders at around the 40/1 mark and there was a name there that sprung out.

This name was Ole Gunnar Solskjær and I put a fiver on along with Rodgers and Chris Hughton. This morning we have now seen his odds plummet and as I write this he is now third favourite at around 3/1


Now this is based on a fair few bets on some information on VillaTalk that Randy is flying out to Norway and Ole can be the only one there he would see. The record of Ole has coach is VERY VERY good and what he has done at Molde with a fast attacking young team has been very good.

We know Fergie never wanted to let him go but unlike his other recommendation Ole excites me as the next manager of this club. Yes I stand to win money if he is appointed but if everyone is right and the bookies take a pounding I for one will be VERY VERY DELIGHTED.


Read this piece from Andy Mitten of MEN – LINK

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217 comments on “Ole’s odds crumble to be Villa manager

  1. Excellent news if your going to push the boat out go all the way i would love him to be the next manager we are in a position where we need to gamble. Lambert doe’s not want the job thin same goes for martinez. their prospective clubs took a gamble on them and struck gold so to speak. OGS young, intlligent good football history and is an screaming out for a chance. We can tap in to another market with him he must be very well respect in Norway and the Scandinavian countries.

  2. Martinez talking to liverpool breaking news also fuck whelen we are a big club that means looking like avb to villa it might happen

  3. Oohah I totally agree with you. Please the rest of you wake up. Why do we need Fergie to pick our managers. We are Aston Villa

    • STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO AND THINK YOU IRRITATING LITTLE PRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OGS knows the ropes having a winning mentality at top level.Also taking that mentality and winning a cup with molde shows he has transference skills from player to manager.Although inexperianced at PL manager level he does hold a trophy which is more than martinez and lambert as lambert only holds promotional.I like the fact he was a forward in his playing days so he will want to attack and score goals so entertaining football should follow hand in hand.It would be nice hope it comes off.I think trophies are important it shows a winning mentality.

  5. Villa need to move quick already liverpool are in for one of our targets and we sacked our manager first hurry up lerner you were hav been to slow the last 2yrs and look who we ended up with gh and eck you hav to move fast these days well at least it means liverpool well only started playing in march liverpool for the drop anyone?

  6. Jd the reason he got sacked was because of terry and go plus ca, jose, ag, your fav cl ranieri all got sacked to whats ur point?

  7. Well we know it isn’t going to be Martinez. Wigan have confirmed that Pool have made approach for him.

    • Liverpool clearly had a shortlist of candidates for their managerial hot-seat before they called time on Dalglish’s reign. They are clearly thorough, prepared, and organised.

      We have to hope that Messrs Lerner and Faulkner were as equally on the ball, and they too have a very clear idea as to who they wish to see take over from Uncle Alex.

  8. Avb claret blue army avb claret blue army the dream is real with randy lerner and avb hope he reads this lol

  9. pool can have him, Bruce finished higher in the league with wigan than him, and he turned us down once – OGS or AVB would be nice

  10. And now wait for Whelan to proudly announce that Martinez has turned down the chance to go to Anfield, out of loyalty to Wigan…

  11. I really do despair at some of our fans. Ferguson picking the managers? OGS will roll over v man utd? How do you know this would be the case? Has it ever entered you mind that OGS has a mind of his own and would actually revel in beating his ex mentor.
    In the space of a week we may well be going from a boring, negative loser like Mcliesh to a young, exciting, attack-minded manager in Solskjaer yet people still complain.
    He may well be inexperienced but mcleish and houllier had experience and they were hardly a success. Getting Solskjaer could mark an exciting new era for club, a new style of football and a new vision. He would command immediate respect due to his history as a player and CL winner too. Hopefully he will get the job and the moaners will get behind him.

    • OGS should be appointed on his own merits, and he’ll get loads of support from fans if he does join – but there’s plenty of reason to think that Lerner and Faulkner wouldn’t have thought of him in a million years unless they’d been given another ‘pointer’ by Ferguson, and that’s the bit that some of us find a bit grating…

      • I appreciate that, I’m kind of stuck in limbo myself as I haven’t followed his managerial career (it’s only been brief) enough to form an opinion.

        It kind of strikes me as one of those things that is bordering brilliance and insanity……which I kind of like funnily enough and the whole idea has left me with a sense of great intrigue more than anything else……..but I agree with you 100% on your point that, given PF and RL’s past, this kind of imaginative thinking isn’t what we readily associate them with.

      • Fair enough. That is just speculation though- who knows they could have asked a wide variety of people within the footballing world (i’m sure i have read somewhere before that Randy has consulted with Klinsmann in the past). The mcleish letter was a bit cringeworthy but i really don’t see OGS in the same bracket as mcleish, bruce, etc. In fact, i’m certain fergie wanted to keep him at man utd before OGS himself chose to go to Molde. He would also have picked up a lot whilst he was playing there and managing their reserves so you shouldn’t automatically see things from such as a negative viewpoint.

    • I couldn’t agree more Dan.

  12. Well this one has taken me by surprise and the more I have read about and the more I think about it, it is an exciting prospect. We will be the talk of the media and he will attract so much good will. And the football he will play – mouthwatering prospect.

  13. How many ex man u players who are managers hav actually beaten man u not a lot is it, its alexs plan hav all people he knows mangering other teams so he can get 6points off them i dont trust ex man u or liverpool people atm cause of gh and eck fed up of villa throwing games and they hav done u cant denie it

    • Of course they haven’t………..GH (who fyi I actually quite liked) messed up going to the Liverpool fans after we got dicked at Anfield but if I remember rightly……and correct me if I am wrong………didn’t we beat the bin dippers at home?

    • with all due respect how many times have villa beaten man u over the last 20 years no matter where the manager was from.

    • We haven’t thrown games 1996. We just haven’t been good good enough to beat the best. In fact at many times of late, we haven’t been good enough to beat the also rans either.

      We’ve been out-fought, out-thought, out-played, and out-classed. But ‘thrown’ games?
      No, we’ve just been allowed to fall so far, we’ve found ourselves just not able to face even the mid-table teams on a level playing field.

      The club has lost heart, lost spirit, lost belief.

      • Worse: we’ve become a laughing stock amomg the small-fry because of our ‘pretentions of grandeur’ in that some of us remember the club’s heritage, and because the club seemed to have suddenly run out of money afrer the short-lived attempt at spending it’s way into the top 4 [- or 6].

        • You’ve hit the nail on the head Ardent.

          I had a customer this very morning, a West Bromwich Albion fan, seriously attempting to convince me that the Baggies are a bigger club than us, and that the Albion job is a more attractive proposition to up and coming managers, than is the Villa Park position.

          Our fall from grace has set our detractors off, running their mouths a mile a minute.

  14. Of course, just this time yesterday many deluded Villans were trying to have the rest of us believe that Mick McCarthy was a prime candidate to replace McLeish, a belief that has been proved to be way off base as today unfolded.

    Tomorrow will no doubt bring another name into the fold. Another name that will excite many, disillusion others, but will at least get us all talking.

    It is good that there’s a buzz again around AVFC chit-chat. A feel good factor has returned, and long may that continue.

  15. Weve throwen games aganist liverpool, man u arsenal and spurs thats what fans were moaning about the last 2 seasons we hav thrown games just watch them didnt even try to win thats throwing a game to me that is

  16. Why can’t Dave Whelan keep his fat pie scoffing attention seeking gob shut and let clubs do business with a bit of class and in private? He is a twat

    • Why indeed APF Villan. I thought that David Gold loved the sound of his own voice, but Whelan is a level above.

      A case of ’empty vessels’ and all that I guess.

  17. I am surprised he didn’t go to say well liverpool have conducted their approach in the proper behind closed doors fashion- all while he is spilling the beans to the first journo he can find? I hope martinez goes – fails miserably and at the same time Wigan get relagated

  18. I think Whelan’s a bit of a card; a lovable rogue who brings a bit of life and colour to football with his zany style and witty asides. The game would be all the worse without him.

    Yeah alright, he’s a twat..

    • I think he is a smart cookie. He makes it known if you approach Martinez he will go running to the press and that raises the pressure on both you as a club and Martinez. If Liverpool don’t go for Martinez then who else is going to take the manager not good enough for the team that finished 8th😉. If he kept quiet Martinez could probably move to a dozen different clubs. IMO..

  19. Ole!Ole!Ole! Solskjaer!!! Solskjaer!

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