Norway radio Journalist – OGS has signed for Villa

Told you this was a fast moving story.

This has been tweeted by @ohpebbles – LINK

A journalist at one of Norway’s largest radio stations just tweeted: “Sources say Solskjær has signed for Villa. More in a bit.” @Modreas

We have also just found out the Guardian put up a story confirming we have him and it was pulled. We may get actual confirmation VERY SOON

The Link on the guardian says

This story has been taken down as it breached an embargo. It will be relaunched at 11pm 17 May.

EDIT 23:05 – Story is nothing we did not know – LINK

Reports now on Radio 5 and SSN and clearly unless this is some kind of elaborate decoy OGS will be the Villa manager sooner rather than later.

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215 comments on “Norway radio Journalist – OGS has signed for Villa

  1. Don’t try and guess what Lerner is going to do as he always goes and surprises us all, don’t know much about OGS as a manager, but i do know i always liked him as a Utd player, just one of those who got on with his job, was never in the press and seemed to be quite a likeable chap.

    He has a track record as a player with so many medals, I also think he will get the best out of the Ireland and CNZ and would improve the game of a lot of our youngsters, i am excited and intrigued by this appointment and it does show more of a long term aim from the club.


    • Yeah I agree Morgan.

      I know OGS is young but a lot of our younger players would have grown up idolising the likes of Solskjaer.

      I am particularly keen to see if he is able to improve Weimann.

      • I think all of our players will receive an initial boost just from the appointment of a new manager, just watching video posted on Villa blog, got to say i am impressed with what i have seen so far

  2. If TS are saying he will sign then he probably will. They were the first last year to officially confirm AM would be our manager.

  3. Yes he will bring out the best of all attacking midfielders and all strikers I’m excited to see how he has an impact on wieman and bent. I think his number 2 should have a good knowledge of defending! Any ideas?

    • Yeah if he does well with our youngsters then fergie nicely placed to nick them whilst giving us his old man cast ofs like Owen ffs

      • To be fair oohah, given where we are (and where are kids are after last season) I would probably take that at the moment.

        Certainly Albrighton and Bannan looked as though they’d struggle at Championship level last season and we know they are capable of more than that even if they were a bit over hyped to begin with.

        • Can’t really judge Bannan because he only ever came on when we were losing. Agree about Albrighton though.

          • True, but you know what I mean……..most of these kids were misused last season and it really, visibly set them back.

            I agree that Albrighton was awful last season but he certainly wasn’t helped by AM.

            Of all of them I would say only really Lichaj excelled and looked as though he will become a proper player……..I think there is far more to come from some of the others.

          • Herd too. A good physical presence in midfield

          • Don’t get me wrong, think Herd did a cracking job this season and I was shocked he didn’t get young player of the season but I am not convinced he is ever going to be Prem standard……………a worthy backup yes, starter? I can’t see it.

        • Just fed up of us being a selling club.

          • John Gidman
            Dwight Yorke
            Colin Gibson
            Mark Bosnich
            Ashley Young

            5 players to Man U in over 30 years hardly a mass exodus! More have gone the other way, what you’re saying makes no sense.

    • laursen would be great

    • Apparently his assistant at Molde is an English guy (a Mancunian to be precise). It will probably be him

  4. Also, for those trying to make comparisions with other ex-Fergie players…Those were merely players who learnt from Fergie as players. OGS has learnt under him as both player and as a member of his coaching staff. You cannot serve a better apprenticeship then that.

  5. The thing I am curious about will be his transfer policy. Will he be able to make astute signings from across Europe? I hope so. Will definetly be more interesting then Paul Lamberts MON-like approach.

    • Lerner has always backed his managers, so I would say he would get the funds to rebuild. We all have to get behind him if he does indeed come. I was very suspicious of this story yesterday, especially after all the Ancellotti, Benitez etc … rumours last season then getting McLeish, but it could be a stroke of genius by the board, total rethink and different approach than the usual ‘proven’ PL manager route. UTV

  6. Fergie put this guy straight into coaching and in charge of Utd’s reserves …. Bruce, Keane, Hughes, Neville even Scholes never got that … even though Scholes did a bit of coaching …… If Lerner gets him then I think it will be exiting and a breath of fresh air for Villa ….. looks like renewing the ST. UTV

  7. So it looks like OLE is in the driving seat , well he certainly is young and i am old but it will be nice to see a young brand of attacking football if he gets our lads to play anything like he did what a terrific player he was. Looking forward to a more vibrant attacking team to the dour crap we endured over the past few years.

  8. You are my solskjaer
    My ole solskjaer
    You make me happy
    When skies are grey
    Oh Alex mcleish
    Was fuckin awful
    So ole teach villa to play”

  9. Give me a manger who plays attacking footie not ones like eck or mon who set up the squad to defend a one goal lead or play for a boring draw from the start. I can remember the times when teams were set up with 5 up front and how great it was to be at the matches back then.While i fully understand those days are long gone and will never return, it will be grand to see a manager start off for a win with an attack minded formation, so bring on Olly and his tactics ASP.

  10. Its great really, we charter the chairmans plane to bring our potential manager to Villa. The shite from small heath told Houghton to get on the 45 bus and get off at the tilton

  11. With Laursen as assistant would be a dream:-)

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