Pete Colley – Serious day business tomorrow & Pienaar Speculation

Pete colley works for Sky Sports and is a Villa fan.

He is of course on twitter – LINK and a very good lad on there. With Mat Kendrick being quiet at the moment then we will get anything we could hope for and he has said

Update.. Randy is over, flew in today! Spoke to PF who said tomorrow will be a serious days business it their search….

Interesting talk really as this would I mean either interviews or even maybe a job offer to someone. Maybe tonight’s papers will give us something ? As I posted earlier we are desperate doe news and clues, is tomorrow THE Day ?

He is now asking for names for potential managers and made a suggestion of Di Canio which I doubt was a serious one. I do think that the journo’s are in the dark as much as we are but someone will get it right.

Who ?

EDIT 22:55 – The Daily Mail links Stephen Pienaar with a move to us if Martinez gets the job – LINK

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72 comments on “Pete Colley – Serious day business tomorrow & Pienaar Speculation

  1. I think poyet will be in there. Had £10 on him today at paddy power, 25/1. I really think this could happen. Will certainly add “Vibrancy” as Faulkner mentioned.

  2. This is all spunding a lot more promising!

  3. Anyone Watchin you are on sky sports tonite. Fair play to Jason cundy a Norwich fan ph to say he hopes lambert chooses Liverpool and not us. Cundy said what’s the matter with villa. Caller said they are struggling and no potential etc. cundy says villa are a massive club who have won the old champions league. Caller said yes that was a long time ago and they don’t have potential now. Cundy says what potential do Liverpool have then villa potentially will be up there again they are a massive club. Caller went silent. Then another caller ph and said villa are good club cundy said we are massive club and sleeping giant and should be ahead of everton and where Newcastle have finished. Like I say fair play to cundy he really stuck up for us and wouldn’t here a bad word said about us. About time sky and media opened their eyes and looked at us as a bigger club. Maybe he is a secret villa fan lol

    • Fair play to Jason Cundy indeed……………has gone up a couple of notches in my book

      • Mine to he really championed us as at least as big as Liverpool if not potentially bigger. Really gud to see.

        • I would have accepted a little behind the bin dippers (historically speaking) but it is very nice to hear some positive words said about us in the media……..most really do hate us.

          Especially the Beeb after their brief love affair with us while MON was in charge

          • So true. The bin dippers are on the history channel these days. They are nothing unless they get bk in CL and that cud take them a while as 3 places are set in stone with man u man city and arsenal.

          • Definitely two, but if Arsenal get things right this summer in the transfer market and keep RVP I can see them closing the gap.

            Liverpool are miles off the CL, gotta agree with Robbie Savage…….a terrible team……he is great value

    • That’s good to hear oohahpaulmcgrath.

      We are our own worst enemy at times, failing to view and appreciate the broader picture.

      We are a ‘big’ club, one of the country’s finest, and if it weren’t for the uncanny knack we have of always being ready and willing to shoot ourselves in the foot, we’d consistently be a top six outfit.

      Its good though that outsiders feel willing to champion the AVFC cause, just sad that we the supporters dont sing our own praises more often.

      • Met him a couple of years ago at Cheltenham , just when we had Chelsea in the semis !!! I was winding him up about Chelsea and he said he loved us because he scored 1 of his few if not only go for Chelsea against us, said he’d always liked are heritage , stadium and thought we had a great fan base!!! He was really down to earth and a good laugh … Fair play to him . Looks like he hasn’t changed his thoughts !!! Utv

  4. Hi guy’s now i’m the same im not in the know at all but on monday i txt my brother who is a wba season ticket holder and was joking how Mcleish was gonna be there next manager. After chatting for a few mins he told me that his boss’s mate’s wife works at the villa by paul faulkner and was told that paul lambert was replacing mcleish and this was said to him even before mcleish had been sacked. Now i would rather have AVB but im a bit wary of lambert dont know how i would feel to be honest, but make of this info of what you will. lets push for AVB get a good media insight on it you never know they might try and get him they do owe us.

  5. It took us 17 days to appoint McLeish after Houllier was officially gone. I know they said they’d try and be quick, but I think we might be a bit hasty saying that a manager would be appointed in the next couple of days.

    But we’ll see. A week here or there isn’t going to make that much difference, we are at the start of the summer. Much more important to make the right appointment than a quick appointment.

    I would hope they have been thinking about it for a while. The sacking was not a snap decision post-Norwich, they had clearly been waiting until the end of the season for it.

    I think the vast majority of us would be delighted with Lambert, Martinez, Rodgers, AVB. If we can get one of them in, we can start to build again with the fans fully behind the new man.

  6. Only an idiot would look any further than Lambert or Rogers…but we are Talking Paul Faulkner and randy Lerner so anything could happen!!!

  7. I wouldn’t rule out Poyet just yet Jinksy.

  8. If Everton let Steven Pienaar leave for a second time somebody should be kicked

  9. i’ve heard from a certain player that simon grayson was around the training ground today… players think he’s the new man

    • He’s basking in the celebrations of guiding Huddersfield through a play-off semi-final, preparing his charges for a Wembley final, so I very much doubt that he was at or around BH yesterday.

      • glensider, how are you? hope everything is ok following your op.

        • Fighting fit thank you Bob. Appreciate you asking. As fit as I ever was when I were a sprightly teenager (well, I stretch the truth a bit there), but yes, all is very well in the glensider world.

          My very best to you sir.

  10. I d love to see Ian Holloway at VP…….Love the way his teams play.He d get the place jumpin…….especially if he brought Ince and Phillips with him


    I am calling it now if we go down dynamic foreign route….The next Aston Villa boss is FRANK RIJKAARD.

    Nuff Said.

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