Paul Lambert not interested in the Villa – Guardian

In the Liverpool runners and riders they have ruled out Paul Lambert from the Villa job.

Paul Lambert, Norwich

Having led the club to two successive automatic promotions, the Scot took Norwich to 12th in their first season back in the top flight.He has already been widely linked with the vacancy at Aston Villa but is not thought to be interested in taking over at the Midlands club. A move to Merseyside may suit him, however. 14-1


I have been saying today I felt that Lambert would not be coming to villa and this only increases that feeling even more. Randy does not do managerial appointments easy or predictable. I like Lambert but have a feeling the MON friendship and what he has advised has swung against us.

Never mind.

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119 comments on “Paul Lambert not interested in the Villa – Guardian

  1. Have any Kournos linked us to Dalglish yet?

  2. Billy bollocks
    wow great history of a then biggish club but can history repeat itself ? Not with the bag of wank running things at the moment. Your club is living in the past, time to wake up because your nothing more than a has been fact. Even WBA and Birmingham are bigger than you

    • I don’t recall your little club winning much since it was formed. Your most famous star is a cook!

      • And – we wouldn’t want your incoherent scottish manager anyway. We can do much better and return to a top 6 finish. You’ll never make it past half way even if your man stays.

    • So Canary my banjo playing friend I am I correct in assuming you perceive Norwich to be a bigger club than Villa?? And small haeth and the baggies bigger than Villa? That’s funnier than the 1st bit.
      Mate not to put to fine a point on it you’re a small, shit club that will as soon as Lambert leaves be back down in the championship, your spiritual home.
      Don’t be jealous and bitter it’ll be far less painful in the long run to simply resign yourself to your fate.

    • Hilarious, come from the 2nd Division have a decent season and already dissing a team never relegated from the prem. Maybe we are going through a difficult period getting ourselves in line for the fair play rules etc, however we finished 6th 3 years running recently, league cup final, fa cup semi final and should have qualified for the champions league. 2 seasons of mediocricy does not make us a small club. Our Holte End would fill your farm shed even with the animals in it. Go away and look upto the most successful club in Norfolk the Tractor Boys and when you have achieved what they have, then you can start, and look at all the other clubs with more titles and trophies than them and oh by the way you will have to get better than 4th to be us as all time most successful clubs in England, I take it even you can geuss who they are are no this does not include Chelski and Man Citeh, idiot

    • Come on the tractors, it must be hard being a Norwich fan forever in Ipswich shadow no matter what you lot do Ipswich will always be bigger

  3. I honestly think we should be looking to Germany for our new manager. The way they bring through youth through from the academy across there and compete on shoe string budgets really is a great achievement.

    • Only Problem there is they are all doing it. A somewhat level playing field bar the usual suspects.

      Wouldn’t be the same here in terms of match results. But see your point, decent idea.

  4. I’ve said all season Poyet, a winner as a player, articulate in front of the cameras, honest, very well liked by the media, great coach and by all accounts would bring the ever smiling Zola as number 2, what a great team this would be for them to develop our youngsters coming through with their enthusiasm and knowledge of how to look after themselves, in training and off the pitch. Heard an interview about him on the radio, lives breathes and eats football, he coaches everyday and they regard him as the most astute and tactically aware manager in the league at the moment. They would attract players from all over the world from experience to youth and raise a much needed profile of the club within the media. Come on Randy please and definately no Bruce, would take Lambert but another moody MON

  5. CANARY, Lambert will leave you this season and next you’ll be back where you belong in the CHUMPionship. I hope you do get relegated as i hate making the trip to your inbred, six fingered banjo playing county.

  6. Faulkner wants a hungry young manager who wants his pilosophy on the club, i think we AVB coming in.

  7. Deluded twats who have a worried Norwich fan reading our forum. LOL

    • Poor canaries! They’re only babies – stop the bullying now!

      (Must admit those taking the piss out the Championship have got a nerve! We were very nearly there ourselves!!!)

      Do u think when Lerner says wants a hungry manager, he’s really looking for someone that would be happily paid with a few square meals??? It would keep the wage and compo bill down!

    • I’m not worried, if you read the posts I clearly never have been. Maybe if your fans weren’t all cunts u might fill a few more of those 10,000 empty seats you have every game. Heard a few of your lot got taught a lesson and ended up in hospital by the Norwich boys in Yarmouth on Friday after they started kicking off. Shame that, if only a few more of you had been there then maybe you’d learn a bit of respect.

  8. I cant see Paul lambert happening smoke and mirrors from VP again. I can see Poyet and AVB, and if Poyet gets the job i can see Zola coming in as an assistant. Zola with an experienced coach might be a shout, they are looking for a young hungry manager the list is endless

  9. I love the idea of Poyet, with or without Zola. My only worry is that we’d just lose him/them to Chelsea if they did any good…

    • If they sack Di matteo i dont think anyone will want the chelsea job, would you want to work with a load of players who run the club and an owner who cant back the manager

      • True
        On another tack, would you have DiMatteo at VP if they didn’t keep him on? He didn’t do well at the Baggies, but now he is managing a squad of better players he look better…

  10. Ole gunnar Solskjaer for me, i really think he would be thinking outside the box and surprise a few people, would no doubt get some bargains from denmark, norway etc plus he will get time to build, but to be honest as long as we get a manager who can see that dunne collins warnock et al are a waste of space and has beens, get the players in that can pass and move and attack i will be a happy man.

    • Sounds all good to me but just wait for the cry’s of “no premiership experience” even though he played in it for 11 years.

  11. Confirmed Juan Carlos Garrido, Villareals current manager spotted entering villa park @ 9am

  12. A throw away line in a newspaper being taken as fact I’ve seen some journalists say he is interested but I like them haven’t got a clue what’s happening

  13. steve clark has left liverpoo, how about him and ray wilkins…

  14. There is no actual quotes from anyone, just a reporter writing what he thinks Lambert would think.

    I wouldn’t read anything into this.

    Liverpool sacking KD has made things potentially more protracted for us though however…

  15. So it looks like you get Solksjaer. I think that’s a great appointment to be hoenst, but looks like the Norwich fans were right. Lambo will leave eventually, but not to you and not this summer. All the best in the future.

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