RUMOUR – Lambert walked

OK I am being told some information.

Apparently on some forums and secret conversations, it is being suggested that Lambert has resigned from Norwich. I can not confirm this at this stage but if you know of anything please comment.

EDIT – Being told the local Norwich Paper ‘The Pink Un’ put up a story on their website saying ‘Lambert Resigned’ then quickly took it down.

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113 comments on “RUMOUR – Lambert walked

  1. If Villa appointed McCarthy, it would be final proof that the lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum. There’s about a much chance of this as Lerner giving someone like Alex McLeish the job.

  2. If it is Macarthy we pull together and get Lerner out before season starts! I’m confident It will not come to this!

  3. Gathering pace now picture on talk sport saying villa fans nightmare tonight ffs. It better not be true.

  4. Paddy power Mick McCarthy favourite, surely this is a wind up. Where has this come from? Someone is betting on MMcC, WHY?

  5. Seriously what donee do?straoght away Lerner would have lost half the suppor again! I cannot bare this to be true!

  6. Ian time to reassure us PLEASE

  7. Let’s just chill, surley this is a wide up

  8. Ian tell us this isn’t true

  9. It’s not on anywhere with anybtelevence yet.

    • ITS been on central news tom faulkner told central news that villa are after a young manager to take charge

  10. Seven (7) bookies now have MMcC as favourite. Ian where are you?

  11. Just watched central news the bookies favourite is paul lambert mcarthy not even on the list.

  12. the others are martinez,curbishley,kev mac,benitez and gus poyet. lambert favourite.They said on central news they have been told by faulkner that villa are after a young manager to take charge so narrows it down a bit doesnt it.

    • Kev Mac? Lordy, Lordy!!

      Suddenly Mick McCarthy doesn’t sound too bad.

      Kev Mac my arse. I’d rather have the Big Eck back.

  13. On i think it is called transfer rumors or news central on twittet if u go down the twerts it mentions lambert resigning

    • Use the brain God gave you laddie. Why the f*** would Paul Lambert resign as manager of Norwich City?

      If another club approached NCFC for his services, and the approach was denied, then, and only then things might turn slightly nasty. As things stand, he’s received no alternative job offer, nor might he, so why the f*** would he walk out on a club where he is happy, well liked and respected?

      He needs to pay his mortgage too you know.

  14. Tom what planet are you on??

  15. In Ianrobo we trust! (well he got it right about AMC’s departure) so lets hope that trusty crystal ball is still working its magic today.

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