Bookies – McCarthy fav total joke, Faulkner laid the way, shock choices

I have been off line most of the day and what do I see, Mick McCarthy Favourite for the Villa job.

Of course it is totally rubbish, we all know that. The managers market for the bookmakers is a VERY SMALL MARKET and a small amount of money can move the markets. So please keep CALM, relax and breathe. Remember this news was started by a bookie on Talksport and guess what,m they want your money. Oldest trick in the book and it is illegal in my mind as they are influencing the market and Talksport are complicit in this.

So please read what Faulkner said today

He said: “I think we want to find someone who can reinvigorate the club, someone who can bring some vibrancy back to Villa. That’s what we need and that’s what we can get.

Now read those words and I BELIEVE them and frankly McCarthy, Bruce and the rest of failed out of work managers can be TOTALLY ruled out. Let your mates take the pee, let them have a laugh then remember the previous two managers they picked shocked the football world.

Now I am not saying we will AVB, Capello etc but I am saying that maybe the likes of Martinez and Lambert may not be our first choice. Faulkner made it clear they were looking for a quick appointment, they know who they want and it is not BLOODY MICK McCARTHY !!!

269 comments on “Bookies – McCarthy fav total joke, Faulkner laid the way, shock choices

  1. Type in william hill favourite for aston villa job.You will get the bing link for all the bookies.Have a look no mick mcarthy.

  2. SHIT mcarthy has actually spoken to faulkner.

    • Mcarthy spoke to faulkner last night mcarthy is on holiday in florida.

      • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a hooo hooo noooooooooooooooooooooo.

  3. Oh here we go, JDVILLA believing everything he hear’s or read’s!
    McCarthy does not fit the criteria that the board are looking for.

  4. It’s already put there we don’t want McCarthy so they would t be so stupid although I am panicking now. Let’s remain positive Mcliesch has gone and huge on real facts .

    • Tom type in mick mcarthy on your search engine.It will tell you that paul faulkner has had a conversation with mick mcarthy last night.

      • Are you one of those simple people who believes everything that goes in newspapers? I bet you a tenner Mick McCarthy is not the next villa manager

        • Mate im not saying he will be as he is just the same as the manager we have just released.Im just posting what ive read ok.

          • “It will tell you that paul faulkner has had a conversation with mick mcarthy last night.”

            Doesn’t sound like you took it with a pinch of salt though

          • Mate i took it with a pinch of salt when i heard mcleish was going to get the job and said nah no way look what happened.What your saying is the conversation never happened.I hope not cant see them hiring him after we just got rid of the same sort of manager.

        • Also it isnt only one link reporting this garbage either i cant stand mcarthy mate dithering idiot.

      • Seen that all ready but also said we are after martinez who we haven’t spoke to yet?

  5. IAN whats going on why is this joker being contacted by faulkner????

    • Apparently Mcliesh took the tea lady with himand PF’s looking for a replacement…

      • Nah mcarthy would be cheif arse wiper as he is experianced with wiping the arse of the bottom of the prem league.

        • It’s all a lie calm down

          • Yeh im sure it is Rolta mate cuz the guy mcarthy couldnt manage a good tug let alone aston villa lol

        • There’ll be a lovely warm glow all round B6 next season if Lerner appoints another dinosaur like McCarthy, McLaren, or Bruce. It’ll be coming from Villa park burning down.

          • Nah it will be coming from Mick mcarthy burning feet being chased out of VP by the faithfull lol.

  6. I though that we already all knew that ii is Lambert. Or have I missed something?

  7. I’m not saying that he has been but if you look at what has been said then looks like a clear case of 2+2=4 to me. Anyway, that’s where my money is.

    • Hes a little bit inexperianced for my liking but if he gets the job i will hope he does a good job as he has done in the lower leagues.

    • Mcarthy is an absolute bell end did he must of rang faulkner not faulkner ring him.

      • Which of the candidates does Mick McCarthy know about? I think Mick McCarthy is a good bloke, but not the next Villa manager.

        • Dunno about him as a good bloke but complete shite as a football manager.The story goes him and faulkner had a conversation on the phone last night.I left the link above.

  8. Like I said, McCarthy is a candidate for the Villa job. And yes, it appears he has spoken to Faulkner at the club.

    But what isn’t clear is if McCarthy called Faulkner to register his interest or Faulkner called McCarthy.

    Almost certainly (!), the source for the media reporting and perhaps for the bookies, is McCarthy’s agent.

    One of the important messages here is that perhaps Lerner wants someone who is out of work

  9. The best day of the week was M****h getting sacked, I smiled.

    The worst day of the week, the McCarthy rumours, I grimaced at the gullibility of people who believe this tripe.

    • No one beleived it mate it was just in the news and people got a bit worried.I mean it was there so we started talking about it and putting what we had seen.Best to though eh so everyone knows whats going on dont you think.

  10. RL at VP today to push things on.Wonder if the next manager is there to???.

  11. We really shouldn’t have to wait too long for a new manager – those in charge must have known that they were going to sack McLiesh weeks, if not months ago.

    Surely they’ve been spending their time sorting out a short list…
    Surely they haven’t just realised they’re short of a manager and phoned McCarthy…

    Then again, they did appoint McLiesh and Houlier…
    I’m scared!

  12. It’s actually been very quite today especially lamber and Martinez who yeaturday there names where everywhere every 5 minutes? What’s going on l? I can’t handle McCarthy

  13. Dalglish has gone then………………..they could have waited a few weeks!!

  14. mcleish for liverpool or man u when fergie retires



  17. It wont be MM I am sure of that after Faulkner’s comments but any appointment is still hell of a risk. I remember a lot of us wanted Coyle at one point but he is not such a good option now (Lambert and Rodgers remind me of that situation – too soon to say for them!) Di Matteo was shit at baggies and RH shit at Liverpool so it needs a bit of chemistry between the new man and key players. AVB looks like Rimmer from Red Dwarf so that rules him out.
    I think RL has learnt from the past 2 appointments and I think he has had a hard lesson in not taking fans views lightly so i am optimistic that we will be backing a good appointment next season.

    • Agree with this. There’s always risk, but in the end, we have to appointment somebody. If Randy got (say) Martinez, Lambert, Poyet or Rodgers, the supporters would, I’m sure, see it as a statement of positive intent, and get behind the new man and give him time to make his mark. Any appointment could go bad for a variety of reasons, but if went tits up with any of those four, it’s unlikely that there would be the type of recriminations which would follow in the wake of another “dinosaur” appointment. For this reason alone, I’d be amazed if Lerner went for a McCarthy or a McLaren this time, and I think the club statement following McLeish’s dismissal bears this out. Still, who’d have believed that Lerner would have gone for McLeish in the first place, so I suppose you just never know.

  18. Without doubt the appointments of Houllier and McLeish turned out to be a poor decisions, and because of this, one has to seriously question the evaluative judgement of both Randolph Lerner and Paul Faulkner.

    Quite simply put, Faulkner in particular has proven himself not up to the task of leading a premiership club, and needs to be jettisoned along with the big Eck. A marketing type/salesman he may just possibly be, but the CEO of a premier league football club?

    His recent comments about McLeish are a thinly veiled attempt to deflect criticism off of himself, curry favour with the Villa faithful, and “save face.”

    He should show some professionalism, which appears to be sorely lacking at Brum B6 nowadays, keep his mouth shut, and do his job, which he hasn’t done up to this point.

    Given the wanton aberrations of the past two years, hopefully the Villa hierarchy will see fit to appoint a bright, young, hungry manager with something to prove, that will bring the style and panache back to Villa Park, something that has been conspicuously absent in recent years.

    Michael McCarthy does not fit that criteria, so calm down, kick back and take five. Lacking in football nous though they both undoubtably are (Lerner/Faulkner), it is safe to say that lessons will have been learned, and similar mistakes will not be made again.

    Come on Lerner, Faulkner, get your fingers out, get with the programme, and show some common sense for once!

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