Speculation – Lambert, Martinez, Hughes – Lambert favourite

So we will have a fair few of these posts or hopefully not as the deal is done quickly.

So the Mirror are the first to make some obvious links and one to Mark Hughes which I would find hard to believe.


so in the piece they say

And MirrorSport understands Lambert is keen on the vacant post as he believes in Villa’s potential.

Lerner is also a long-standing fan of Wigan chief Roberto Martinez, 38, after failing to land the Spaniard last summer before appointing McLeish.

Villa are mulling over making another approach for Martinez following Big Eck’s dismissal, while Mark Hughes could be considered.

Both men have a distinct footballing philosophy which Villa officials felt McLeish lacked.

They also say Randy is willing to fund ‘special purchases’, whatever that could mean.

The passage I have bolded I believe to be quite important in this. Villa have always wanted a shared vision and we have a lot of rebuilding to be done. We need a manager to believe in the plan and believe in the club.

I believe Lambert is the man as well as Martinez to do this.

With the bookies Lambert is the clear favourite but money has come in tonight for Gus Poyet. However in these markets it does not take a lot of money to make the markets really move.

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95 comments on “Speculation – Lambert, Martinez, Hughes – Lambert favourite

  1. Can we all please forget about AVB. He will not come to us. We do not have the financial clout for marquee signings and we will pay the salaries that go with them. It is not going to happen. Move on to more realistic contenders. Rant over, thank you.

  2. Initially I wanted Martinez but more I think about it, I want Lambert. His record both as a player and a manager is excellent. I have no doubt he would leave to go to a top four team if the opportunity came but lets get him signed up on a four-year deal and back him in the transfer market.

  3. Ranieris managerial record is this.He got campania cagliari promoted from serie c to serie a in successive seasons from italys 3rd to 1st division.He went on to manage maradonna and zola at napoli only finishing 4th in serie a didnt win any siverware at napoli.With fiorentina he got them promoted from serie b to serie a in his 1st season and then won the coppa italia and super coppa italia.He moved to valencia got them into the champions league and coppa del rey final apparently credited there and is thought of really highly and was honoured for the youth development at valencia.Had a bad season at athletico madrid but it was a challenge and they had noi money with poor players.At chelsea got to 6th place ist two seasons made some really good signings zenden,lampard,gallas,emanuell petit to name just a few plus reached the fa cup final.He then went on to get chelsea qualified for champions league.He was reponable for bringing through john terry,robert huth and carlton cole.Was at chelsea before abramovich when he came the money came and raneri spent 120 million and finished second in the prem.He signed veron,mutu,bridge,crespo,makelele and d.duff.Went on to finish in the semi final of the chapions league.It was reneiris team that mourinho took over and won with.Second spell with valencia won the EUFA super cupFinisged 3rd and second with juventus.He got roma to coppa italia final and into champions league just missing out on serie a title.He got inter to champions league.Hes had a couplke of sackings.ARE you real martinez,lambert,poyet compared to raneiri god man read up hes experianced chapion cup winner all over yeh AVFC could do soooooooooooo much better LAUGHING MY ASS OFF REALLY I AM.

    • Sides are hurting now laughing so hard

      • Win ratio throughout his carerr borders just over 52%

        • That’s a good sell JD. Do u think he may be past his best though, like GH perhaps???

          • I dunno mate hes only 60 many good tune played on an old fiddle vast amounts of experiance knows how to win trophies definately a big winner gets teams motivated in the right way winning mentality would be ideal for villa hes never really failed always got teams winning.Trophy winner to.Compared to whats on offer raneiris the better.

          • Hes been credited with youth development at valencia and chelsea and knows a good player when he sees one world class mate.

          • I think Raineri wud be gud also the only negative I have is his age. Having said that unlike houllier he’s been involved with football without breaks so still up to date and knows the prem league. Maybe Raineri as a director of football overseeing someone like lambert for example. Only problem with dog is that the dof can’t help but interfere so very rarely works

          • Yeh see your point about dof i dont like dof myself its like having your arse wiped by your mom at 40 no go area lol.Raneiri all the way mate only 60 vast experiance full package mate .

          • Lol. Would like raniera i c ur point about dof lol. I don’t like it either it just depends how dof and manager communicate with each other etc. I think we can forget Martinez he’s holding out for Liverpool job. Woulnt surpriseme if rl went bought someone like curbushly in from the cold like he did houllier.or shock us all Ang get bob Bradley.I personally don’t think Lambeth wud come as let’s face it our squad is not even as gud as Norwich and little money to spend so not much of a step up for him really. Wud like poyet, Raineri or Benitez.but Benitez wud want huge transfer kitty so that rules him out.

          • Hi Oohah.

            Agree with you that from the outside looking in (and maybe more so from the inside) we don’t look the most attractive proposition for a young manager in a cushty job……Martinez turning us down last season for e.g. (although both ourselves and Martinez were put in a very awkward position by blabber mouth Whelan)

            But if you look at Lambert’s career, both as a manager and a player, you will see the guy is an out and out winner!

            World class midfielder, signed by an excellent Dortmund side which included the likes of Riedle and Andi Moller who was probably one of the best midfielders in the world at the time. Won the Champions league as well as German league and numerous trophies with Celtic. Tbh, if he was just given the job in order to go out and buy a 22 year old carbon copy of himself I’d be over the moon.

            He has been a success in every Division, with every club he has managed. There is also one very obvious parallel between now and when he took over Norwich.

            He started that season at Colchester who had money and were fancied to do well and their first game came against a Norwich side that had just gone down and who looked in a mess. Colchester smashed them for 7, Norwich sacked their manager and went straight in for Lambert.

            He could have easily stayed at Colchester but being the ambitious guy he is he took on the project at Norwich knowing that he was always more likely to take them further than he could Colchester despite how things looked on paper at the time of his decision.

            He is in a similar position now, with one key difference…………if we have got a £40 k pw wage cap that is still likely to be more than Norwich can offer. He will know that despite appearances he can go further with Villa than he can with Norwich and, as I said, the bloke is a winner and winners want to go as far and as high as they can.

          • I also believe that we will spend more on transfers than people think this summer (excluding money brought in by sales)

            The club wanted to bring the wages under control, which was/is understandable but I do think there is capital for transfers……not talking about Citeh type funds but maybe double the £10 mil I have seen mentioned.

            I may be totally wrong on this, just a hunch but I think Lerner was conscious of the fact that had we gone on like we were we could become the next Pompey??!!

          • Yes but how far can villa go with him.

          • It’s a two way street JD………..can he get us back into a top 6 regular, I believe so. Can he do it next season, I don’t believe anybody could…..it’s a tough job for whoever takes it. He could exceed that and leave us for something bigger 3 or 4 years down the line.

            I would snap your hand of right now if you offered me a comfortable season finishing 11th-9th, never in trouble and playing good attacking football. I don’t believe we can hope for any more than that.

            We need a manager with a winners mentality who is looking to take on a tough examination of his skills………Lambert fits the bill.

          • Fair points McGrath is king. But I don’t see us getting into top 6 again no matter who manager is. Top ten possibly but our players other than bent, given and Ireland on his day are not top ten players.lambert is a good shout agreed. He possibly cud take us into top 10 but wud obviously only use us as a stepping stone to a top four club.

          • No, not next season……probably not even the next few. But the aim has to be comfortable mid table and then to build on that and progress.

            This squad is certainly not a top 6 squad…..it’s barely a bottom 6 squad.

    • Jd one flaw in your agument:-
      “Had a bad season at athletico madrid but it was a challenge and they had no money with poor players”.

      That sounds just a little to close to home, don’t you think?

      • Agreed, we need a manager to fit our needs

        • Lambert number 1 for me Macca but saying that who ever Randy appoints will have my 100% support. Time to get shot of this poisonous atmosphere that’s deen lingering down VP for the past 2 seasons.

          • * been

          • And any new manager will get my 100% backing too. Agree with you, the atmosphere around the club has been dire and we need to improve that if we have any chance of moving forward.

            We’ve got our way (so to speak) it’s now time to play our part in improving the mighty Villa

      • Its the only flaw in his career mate.The rest is glowing and sparkling with silverware,champion league semi finals,fa cup finals coppa del rey,coppa italia ect ect lambert oh yeh i rememnber now promotion and i year in the prem.

        • If he gets the job all good mate, give him my 100% support same as Lambert.

        • JD success is all relative…………you can’t scoff at Lambert’s record when he has achieved all that has been asked of him in his managerial career to date.

          I wonder how Napoli’s fans reacted to Ranieri’s appointment after all he had achieved up to that point was a couple of promotions??

          Not everything is as black and white as you see it on paper………………..managers need to fit the needs of the club! Mcleish didn’t fit our needs and I don’t think that Ranieri does (at this stage) either.

  4. Hes already spoken to WBA has renieri.

  5. ALL this mark hughes shit makes me sick i will have snipers on top of the holte on his first game in charge r.i.p by kick off.lol

    • Mark hughes lol mark hughesLOL LOUDER LOL LOl

      • I hope it’s not that sour faced prick. If anyone needs a personality transplant it’s mark fuckin Hughes. Bear in mind he spent a lot of money and finished below mcleish Ffs.

        • He needs but fuckin mate complete waste of space i really like the sound of Ranieres acheivements every club hes had them winning flying.Got a strong winning mentality and isnt stale from non work.His player development is second to none.His acheivements early on in all clubs hes been at is noticed streight away as i said world class.Nows who to buy and nows what makes a good player.Hes up there with the mourinhos of this world and its reniere who put chelsea back on the map ask anyone at chelsea whos responsable for their success not mourinho or abramovich its raniere he bought all the players for chelsea all the old gaurd at chelsea is down to raniere.Trophies,champions league,italian cups,cup finals ect ect what more would you need.

  6. I think that Lambert would get results and build a good team.

    Martinez would build the club over a longer term.

    Both would be excellent signings, and I would be disappointed if Villa fans didn’t renew season tickets and return to VP.

    Also, it would be nice if some of us could be a little more realistic. Citeh came so so close to blowing it, and they have spend £1bn.

    Solid top half all the way and a cup run will do me next season. Let’s not be calling for any new manager’s head if we draw the first away game.

    • Those two are only wet behind the ears in the premeirship its lamberts 1st season.Martinez nearly got wigan relegated he aint much cop either poyets better than martinez.What is the big deal about those two anyway they aint won anything significant apart from relegation survival and promotion into the prem.Nothing there.

      • Jdvilla- Mancini is also wet behind the ears in terms of premier league??? He won it!!!

        How can you possibly argue against a man who achieved a 12tg spot finish with a team of league 1 players and a couple of loanees?

        I personally think next season will be hard who ever is in charge but I know 1 thing, I’m fed up with having a new manager for every season, to me lambert,poyet,Martinez are young and very good managers. I would like one of them to have a chance to have a few seasons to change the club from top to bottom!!!
        I’m sorry but there is no argument, lambert and Martinez have been successful where ever they have been its just beyond success if Norwich or Wigan win anything!!!

        • He won loads of trophies before he came to man city bags of em.He new what it takes to be a winner i mean about 24 major trophies and third place at a world cup with italySorry mate but martinez,lambert,poyet all other clubs managers.So not very good buisness really mcleish was another teams manager to.What shall we be called the magpies now or cuckoos robbing other clubs managers.DIGNITY,PRIDE.Plus im sorry villa need a manager with a proven track record of top flight experiance of winning trophies colchester,norwich dont cut the mustard or wigan sorry mate LAMBERT,MARTINEZ pull my chain.Yank me theve won fuck all couplke of acheivments with small teams.Alex furguson had won two makor european trophies before man utd had him.Rise above the shit .

        • mate its a start of a career its fuck all league 1 stuff.Im sorry but we should aim higher .

  7. Exactly I think we just need to be careful. We want a manager who hasn’t been relegated, has competed in top level and can build a squad. I think that may leave Banitez? Maybe Cappello? Don’t know where we stand with that’s guys but it’s time to step up. What worries me with lambert is the players he brings in and will leave when he is gone. English and average with a hard work rate. Sorry to burst a lot of bubbles but that doesn’t get you top 6. We need to be on the look for the foriegn talent l.

    • But like I hae said before I’d welcome lambert with open arms!

      • WHY???He hasnt won anything significant.Sniffing round other dogs lamposts its getting embaressing.

        • Norwich pinched him from Colchester after he hammered them 7-1.

          Since then Norwich have had successive promotions from the third division to the top tier and had a reasonable season just gone.

          They beat us convincingly on the final day.

          I’m more than happy to sniff around another dog’s lamppost if we get a manager of that quality who delivers a similar resurgence for Villa !

          Why Ranieri ? Are you his agent ? He did well with AS Roma lifting them up, but that was short lived and his time at Inter was a disaster.

          I don’t know if he’s the future.

    • I think someone with a proven track record of trophies,proper squad building by knowing talent and spotting it.Knowing how to develop the youth and bring them through.Champions league experiance and also knowing how to structure that winning mentality and transfer it streight away to the pitch.Sorry but lets bring some quality if we can not clutching at straws and robbing other clubs managers like tramps.

    • “English and average with a hard work rate doesn’t get you top 6″… I’m sorry, but that general, homegrown ‘talent’ philosophy did it for 3 years on the bounce.

      Im surprised a lot of you are turning your nose up to Lambert. Firstly, i think its delusional to thing we will get the likes of AVB or Benitez, and while he’s declared interest… so too ranieri. And yes, ranieri is clearly a good manager with a good record at his previous clubs, but where he’s won big trophies he has generally been at a top club expected to win trophies. We are not in the same bracket as roma, juve, valencia. I acknowledge that he has also achieved at the smaller clubs, getting promotions to serie A etc, but Lambert has achieved no less than this at norwich, getting two on the bounce might i add, and yet many are claiming it is nothing. Cant have it both ways.. it either is or it isn’t.

      Lastly who’s to say if Lambert did come in who would only buy average and English? Villa are a bigger club than norwich, albeit in a worse position currently, and.. just maybe, with a bigger budget he would be afforded the opportunity to branch out. He would be a good fit for where we are currently, and i think he should be granted the opportunity to try and prove himself at a club this size. It could pay off, especially if the fans gave him a chance

      This isn’t an anti Ranieri rant, or pro Lambert. I would generally be happy with either, but wouldn’t be displeased if we got someone else (as long as they were worthy). But i think some here are being too snobby and too critical of Lambert, for no apparent reason. He hasn’t even been approached yet, and we wonder why we never achieve anything…

  8. I take it that you want Claudio Ranieri (don’t know a Raniere) JD Villa.

    I think we need to go for someone a bit younger who sees Villa as a project, maybe even a stepping stone to greater things.

    Martinez built Swansea, and has laid great foundations at Wigan. It’s easy to mock them both, and accuse them of a lack of experience, but both have been successful, winning promotions and building sides that go on to compete.

    Lambert won a European Cup medal and numerous titles and trophies as a player, so he has been there and done it on that score.

    Realistically, Norwich or Wigan staying up and playing good football is an achievement, they are hardly likely to challenge for the title.

    Ranieri feels a little like yesterday’s man to me, and the Tinkerman will probably not be what Lerner is looking for.

    A promising talent who can build Villa and establish us long term in the top eight season in season out with cup runs and the potential to have a crack at third or fourth with a good campaign would be my ambitions with the financial clout available to Randy.

    It’s what we were until Citeh, Chelsea and to some extent Spurs got better for one reason or another.

    • Sorry mate but playing career mangement career to seperate things.I want someone who knows what it is to win at a club not get promoted.I dont want someone who has just started their management careers with a couple of small clubs.Lamberts won nothing apart from promotion and everyones up his arse same as martinez both unproven at premiership level for long periods.youve just jumped on the bandwagon mate.So i spelt RANIERI wrong so what.At least ide rather have someone with a proven track record than a first season rookie or martinez the nearly relegated man of wigan.Both unproven at top level no trophies between them sorry mate your arguments week just like martinez and lamberts c.v.

  9. My argument is no WEAKER than arguing for a bloke who has managed some of Europe’s biggest clubs and not delivered in the last decade.

    Why is he applying for the Albion job if he is a true great.

    I think that a club in our position that cannot offer what Ranieri has been used to (financial clout and glamour to attract top players with Chelsea, Roma and Inter) will just be a ticking over process for him, keep his eye in.

    A player that has won experienced success at the highest level has worked under some of the game’s great managers. It doesn’t always equate that a great player is a great manager, the likes of Fergie and Wenger have disproven that.

    However, when training youngsters or enforcing discipline with senior players, having a European Cup winners medal at home gives some credence to your words.

    We have to bring in someone with vibrance and enthusiasm and a will to well.

    Both Martinez and Lambert are undoubtedly on the up, why ridicule the work that both have achieved at lower league and in the Premiership ? To keep Wigan up, and beat teams like Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal etc is not being wet behind the ears or inexperienced.

    I’m not on any bandwagon, I just think that it makes sense to go for a younger man with fire in his belly with a point to prove. He’ll get reasonable backing from Lerner, but shouldn’t expect marquee signings or huge wage levels.

    It’s about opinions and that is mine.

    • mcleish had two european cup medals for aberdeen under ferguson now your saying what??

    • Mate it isnt ridicule im just saying they havent a proven track record no trophies fuxk all just promotion one nearly relegation.Lamberts had an ok season but its known that most new comers have bad ones to follow look at blackpool.

  10. Dalglish sacked, Martínez out the equation???

  11. A number of good suggestions here. Lambert, Martinez, Poyet make good sense, but my favourite is Rodgers, fits the bill in terms of footballing, making ordinary players play extraordinarily, has experience at top level. I would be happy with any of the four, but especially with Brendan Rodgers.

  12. 1 or 2 are we hiring for aston villa or acrington stanley here .

  13. Old brenden can rodger himself.Lambert can stay at norwich and martinez can get relegated next season or end up sacked if he goes to liverpool likr woy did.

    • Calm down JD you’ll do yourself a mischief.

      • LOL im sound mate honest.Just think that those managers in question dont ooze any experiance at top level at all.AVFC have never been relegated from the prem.Martinez nearly got relegated twice.Rodgers is new to the prem so is lambert so they have done ok with smaller clubs promotion but thats it it ends there why entertain it.Rebuild with someone of experiance doesnt have to be renieri just someone available that has a proven track record of winning trophies and competing at the highest level for more than half an hour.

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