Ranieri ‘wants AVFC job’ – We can do so much better

Seriously at the time of Mcleish going thoughts went straight to the next man.

Well actually they went straight to my thoughts at the end of the Bolton game. We have the first self publicist and desperate man to put his name forward. A name who will get some fans wet and weak at the knees of, a man who has failed for the past number of years – Claudio Ranieri.

Tonight on Sky Sports he has put himself forward and like with Rafa (wonder why no one else will touch him) and some have said Di Matteo (failed at West Brom and Chelsea like under grant managing themselves), keep well clear. We do not need these charlatans and self publicists. We need the next manager, who will be the most vital in many years to build the whole club up. Randy gets the next manager wrong and we are down, lets not beat around the bush there.

Where we are now is perfect for some managers. after Mcleish the new man will get plenty of time and support to build. Lets not underestimate the scale of this job. We will need a major refreshing of the squad and this means the manager has to be given time, NO QUICK FIXES.

You know who I want in Martinez and Lambert and both are young enough to give us 3/4 years of rebuilding that we need.

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130 comments on “Ranieri ‘wants AVFC job’ – We can do so much better

  1. There’s a surprise, Robo posting for effect…

    The only negative I see with Ranieri is his age…he has an excellent win % at all clubs from Chelsea onwards. Lambert, Martinez and Rodgers have not yet proved themselves capable of managing a club the size of Villa (with the associated egos) and would represent a risk, albeit with potential for success.

    At least this time we are somewhat spoiled for choice and hopefully don’t have to settle for scraping the bottom of the barrel like last year (McLeish, McCarthy, Bruce, McClaren etc)

  2. Has Fergie written a letter to Liverpool yet, recommending Mcleish?

  3. Villa as a club has been heading the wrong way in the league since doug Ellis days. I know football is a business and the owners needs to make money, but if they are business men then one of the fundamental principles of making money is that you have to spend money to make money. Who cares if the club is worth £50-60 million on the stock exchange?? This ain’t wining the club any trophies. Also fans are not getting what they pay for, I don’t see the need for fans to lower there expectations and accept that villa is no longer a big club because the club should be ambitions and aim high is the name of the game to win trophies and play in Europe! Martin o Neil was a good manager for villa with respect to team tactics and finishing 6th in the league but his ability to take the club further was hampered with is wasteful spending in the transfer market. Eg Curtis David, Delph etc. Alex mcleish was never a good appointment because of the simple fact he had jus got his team relegated and they Wher city rivals. Poor senior club management Faulkner is to blame for this. Ultimately it’s a simple scenario for villa. Firstly pick a manager who has been successful at the top level even if u have to pay top money and sign 1 less player so be it I think a foreign manager would be best dick advocat, klinsmann, capello, rikhard

  4. Some 1 who will be ther for the long run and is good at spoting talent and making good transfer byes! Athletico bilbo manager will be a good contender for the job. Also let next manager have @ least 2 season to mould a team that will be contenders for european football as a minimum requirement! 2nd thing is that the manager should be given @ least 50-60 million to spend on players. Since the selling of Milner, Barry , young and downing there is no super star talent left at villa except bent there is no big clubs chasing villa players, which in my opinion show the lack of talent at the club!! Summer signings such as Matt Jarvis, Doyle (wolve) Olsen twins, yakubo, hoillet (blk burn) and even del piero, bentner, pertov (Bolton) loan player from Barcelona if we have too.

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