Randy does not hold back against Mcleish and himself

After digesting the PR from Villa today I have to say it is a stunning one.

Lets look at the first sentence of it.

Villa chairman Randy Lerner said: “We need to be clear and candid with ourselves and with supporters about what we have lacked in recent years.

Americans are not known for admitting their mistakes. Well in this sentence Randy has done this, he is admitting he has made mistakes. Anyone else notice no statement at all from Mcleish. This was a clear sacking and explains Mcleish’s defiance in the recent interviews. He knew he was gone for a while and as I posted before that was his defence.

Mcleish had to defend himself but for a chairman to say this you can only then blame the manager really ? Not often you hear a chairman ever blame a manager.

This statement is stunning it that it admits a failure of leadership.

“Compelling play and results that instil a sense of confidence that Villa
is on the right track have been plainly absent.

Leadership is from the top and it is great to hear a leader admit their faults. Mcleish could never do that, the likes of Ellis could never do that. to see Lerner admit that is just fantastic, it starts the healing process.

Then this is the most crucial one for the future.

“The most immediate action that we can take is to look carefully at our options in terms of bringing in a new manager who sees the club’s potential and embraces our collective expectations.”

the vital words are in bold. Randy here is talking about the fans and manager showing unity in who to take us forward. Now we may have many thoughts on who should be the new manager but there is one name we heard ringing out loud for yesterday. I firmly believe that Randy is clearly pointing us towards Paul Lambert because as a collective of fans they made it clear yesterday.

Could be a BRIGHT FUTURE after all.

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82 comments on “Randy does not hold back against Mcleish and himself

  1. Good post, Ian … but let’s hope that RL is able to see clearly from now on.

  2. i hear ranairs cant spell very could sorry the ex chelsea manager before mourhino
    wants the villa job thoughs on that plz i would like martinaz

  3. At last.the Sun is bursting through the heavy black clouds that have hung over Villa Park for the past year…..The atmosphere under Mc Leish has been horrible for all of us,to say the least
    The tidal wave of positive energy is building. lets hope we can get things right now and once more focus our dear old football club on contention,not survival.
    Long live The Villa…….

    • Bollox Ted all I’m hearing is the same old whinging! I truly despair.

      • Good evening BWS good day eh.

        • Was till I read all the shit on here, if was a manager reading all this bollox and was offered the job well…….. I’d tell them to shove it up their arse! Whinging fuckers.

          • What they winging about mate????

          • Can’t you feel the love Billy???!!!

          • No more whingeing from me, none of the players MON signed have been offered extensions, I think something happened behind the scenes for Randy to want all of them out. Dunne, Warnock, Collins are the last of MON signings and may well be sold on a year early.

            I am backing the next manager 100% lerner has three choices

            A steady Eddie like Curbs, bruce, a big name like Ranieri, Benitez, Capello or a young up and coming manager like Poyet, Lambert, Martinez.

            he will want someone who has worked with bringing on young players a good motivator and someone who likes to play entertain football.

            I personally would like a Director of Football who would work on the development of young players from the moment they walk in to the club and pass the trial to working there way through the club. We should then have a manager who work with the Director of football too bring on young players but the manager should have the say so on first team footballing matters.

            We have all the facilities at the club in place for such a system to work

          • Morgan -if your para about Dunne & Co is correct then maybe Mcleish actually left us a positive parting gift, if he was the one who convinced Lerner that they needed rid. Of course RL wasn’t going to trust Mcleish with the £’s to replace them, but perhaps he finally drove home the point that a considerable contingent of the current squad are just not fit to wear the shirt.

          • A lot of the squad are not fit for the premier league anymore let alone Villa

          • BWS – you’re right.
            Ignoring the transfer budget [if any] and the fact that we’re not even in London, let alone Baercelona or Milan, I wonder how many of the names mentioned so far would think about the reactions to Houllier and McLeish over tha last two seasons and laugh at any invitation to manage this not-very-big club and it’s oh-so-pleasant fans…?

  4. i think your phrase “a collective of fans” says it all really!

  5. hate to come in with another arrogant comment, but are you being ironic angelbear?!

  6. The pressure is on randy – this whole episode could be deflection tactics tbh. Randy has to get this right and be true to his word. If we are to “imagine what he can do if he is backed” then he must be backed. If further austerity measures are to be enforced we too must be truthfully told.

    The statement says collectively – when they came to the club they spoke about integrity. This is aston villa fc – lets do things the way we used to do! A new dawn is about to begin for avfc but only IF the new boss is a GOOD FIT for the club!


  7. I hope everyone is happy now mcleish is gone or have we already moved onto moaning about something else.Nothing in life is ever perfect and Randy lerner isnt perfect either he is human and makes mistakes.Anyone who spends over 200million on something obviously cares about it.He has obviously listened as mcleish is gone.IT is time to unite behind Randy lerner and give him your support now mcleish is gone.It is a give and take process bit like puffs TBH lol sorry bad joke.What i mean is he honoured mcleishes season like any decent boss and now it is over support the club no more moaning.

  8. i would love to have Moyes, i dont understand what Poyet has done for everyone to be raving about him, although hughton has done a fantastic job with the toon and clowns, i wouldnt want another ex bluenose in charge of us EVER again. but the trouble with our great team now is trying to attract a top manager after knowing its supporters boo at the slightest hicup (first game of the season under mon at home to wigan).
    we as Aston Villa supporters need to take our own house and get it in order and learn again to open our throats in cheering the side on and becoming the 12th man again instead of frightening the heck out of the young talent every time they make a mistake..
    we need to turn our attention on the opposition and make them want the final whistle as villa park is the most hostile stadium for away teams to visit!!!!!

    • Agree about the home support – Villa Park crowds used to frighten visiting teams, not their own players.

      But as for Moyes – I think we all did that to death last year, and there’s no way he’s going to leave Everton for us.

    • thats a ridiculous argument. We were playing a relegation threatened team at home when we were sold the dream of CL. This was an easy win. We we playing poorly, the vans vented this. Can we imagine the most hostile crowds of the world and if they would do the same? Would galatasary fans boo? yes. Fenabache, Barca (more whistle and wave hankies but its essentially booing), River boca, inter, ac, Roma, Athletic, Sporting?

      The only counter argument is we arent as big as those clubs. with the exception of Barca, Roma, inter and AC wwe have the highest wage budget out of all of them. If you want polite people who just clap all the time and sally jolly ho a lot there is rugby at worcester. ,

  9. Only half the job has been done ,Randy Learner is clueless,anyone who appoints a manager from their city rivals ,doesnt understand football culture,in this country. Someone in the club should have put him right .Fair enough , he put millions into the club to set up O’Neill ,but after two seasons finishing sixth in the league, then was the time to finance the step up to the next level. O’ Neill got frustrated as a result of Learners lack of ambition ,and did what a lot of people would do. walked out. Anyone who can afford to buy a Premiership club has to go the whole hog ,but in true american soccer ownership he seemed reluctant to invest in that extra mile. As a result we have had two dreadful seasons,of relegation battles and selling our best players. In truth, McLeish did what he was told to do (1) get rid of the players on high wages ,and (2) avoid relegation. but no one can defend his negative play. Mr Learner seems in capable of making a good managerial appointment(on past evidence) and if press reports are correct Bosman or free transfers are the future source of new players in the continuing cost saving culture at the club. Mr Learner should do the honourable thing (1)Sell to a buyer who is willing to finance Aston Villa adequately and with ambition, or (2) sell Cleveland Browns put money into giving villa fans a team worthy of their support.

  10. Make the lion roar again fellow villa fans, 1.2.3 claret blue army claret blue army

  11. Nobody has mentioned Jochim Low from Germany. He’s looking to get into club management. Has a track record of getting the best out of ‘non-star’ names! Tactically superb too!

    Krautrock at B6. Now that would get pulses racing!!!!

    Yep. Defo first name on my list!!!!!!!!

  12. Joachim Loew? NEU! that does sound interesting, I could see his Krafter Werking at Villa. However it does sound like a bit of Tangerine Dream.

    I think the Germans are gonna have a great Euro’s and that’ll put Loew well out of our grasp, expect to see him at get a bigger job. Despite the hint of ambition deliberitly implicit in the statement I don’t think RL is going to suddenly start splashing the cash again.

    Lambert seems very likely, a good fit. A more MON style manager with PL experience, proven to be able to operate on a tight budget, and maximise the potential of relatively good/average players. Not a manager who’d look at the task in hand & talk about ” That team” and think it ” needs a change” like a certain Giner Nightmare (Tangerine Bad Dream) that haunts my recent memory. He will have greater resources ( talent & finances ) at Villa than at Norwich so its a logical progression for him too.

    Seriously though, honestly think today could best day fans of this club have had since we hammered Blackburn in the Semi Final at Villa Park in 2010. While thats kind of sad I still haven’t felt this optimistic about Villa’s future since then. Though I may be confusing relief and joy.

  13. Alex who?

  14. 1st i give lerner credit for sacking mcleish and 2nd i would go 4 mart from wig he has more prem ex then lamb but im not gonna b picky dont mind which of them we have, just not steve bruce lol

  15. It is an indictment of MON that none of his signings have been kept on and we’ve breathed/are breathing a sigh of relief as most of them have, or are coming to the end of their massively over inflated contracts.

    His only decent signing in hindsight was Downing, bought for £12m with an injured foot. He was crap if we’re honest, at Wolves away he was an embarrassment to the shirt, and even Heskey scored that day. Downing still is crap, no league goal for them despite being allowed a penalty to get off the mark ! Thankfully, another old skool ‘living in the past’ manager saw fit that Downing was a £20m player !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

    I don’t blame Lerner for not upping the spending once again when MON was saying that more more more was needed.

    Sixth place with £150m spent was not a good return. Not when the likes of Beye, Heskey, Dunne et al had been lured here on £50k – £65k per week. Could MON not sell his dream ?!?

    I get a little fed up of this rose tinted MON was great, Lerner let him down badly and has cocked up ever since, Lerner out rubbish. A much better manager with the backing and support that was offered would likely have won something and have us in varying positions in the top six now, not last one limply coming home each season.

    Get a manager in that can bring in a team that will gel and play together, bring through the younger players and integrate them steadily and we’ll be happy.

    Trying to win the odd game at home will give any new manager a head start on the last one.

    Martinez or Lambert for me, and the way the betting looks, and from early comments from both, that looks likely.

  16. I have a problem with Lerners statements reproduced in this article.
    He is imo making a scapegoat of Mc leish when in fact ALL the blame for the whole seasons debacle has to be his.
    Firstly ,he employed Mc Leish in the first place….And he did so with the specific brief to strip the club of its assets and to drastically cut the wage bill….In short to turn us into Championship material…….Why,only he knows.
    Anyway,say what you like about Ginge and believe me I m no fan of his BUT he did exactly the job he was hired for.
    You could even argue that he did a good job of keeping us in the Prem under very trying circumstances…..Remember no decent manager wanted such a brief …And why would they…..And it remains to be seen who wants it now.
    One thing we must be gratefull for is, signing Robbie Keane on that all too brief loan spell, without that we d be gearing up for The Chumpionship next season.
    Robbie should be given the keys to VP, without him we would have been gone
    So now what?…..Only Lerner knows but as I said at the start he can t conveniently blame it all on Mc Leish….In fact he can t blame any of it on McLeish

  17. This is a PR written letter, presumably by some highly paid consultant. Randy didnt even attend the meeting!

    McLeish would never have left, or admit fault as he would be substituting a hefty pay out in compensation. As he was sacked he will still recieve the payout.

    The comments in respect of ‘collective expectation’ the expectation isnt defined, its your slant on this being positive. Our expectation coul dbe to survive and play good football given no investment.

    There is no assurances on his commitment to the club or any finance coming our way. You have been done like a kipper, making something of nothing – unrealistic expectations…..

  18. Could be a BRIGHT FUTURE after all.(BY THE WAY LAST SEASON IS A PART OF YOUR PROUD HISTORY) You really are a laughing stock! KRO!

    • Now I’ve truly heard it all.

      A Birmingham City fan suggesting that we are a laughing stock.

      The mind boggles. What really concerns me though, is that the clown who posted that comment, is part of the future of this great country.

      No wonder England is on the slippery slope.

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