Top 6 to bottom 6 in two easy strides

John Lerwill has sent in this piece nad thinks it can be fixed.

Season 2009-10 saw Villa finish in 6th place for the third consecutive season.The next season it was all musical chairs, which,not surprisingly, saw the club finish in the middle of the table. Just who, however, would have imagined that the next step would be to finish in the bottom-6? In two easy strides, Villa’s flag was lowered to the other extreme – it seemed that one moment we were complaining that Villa had lost out on chances of finishing fourth, only then to see McLeish being appointed and Villa’s worst ever season unfold in front of our knowing eyes. Even on the last day of the season there was a real danger of Villa finishing fourth from bottom! What a change-around from fourth from top!

Well, if nothing else, it has taught us Villa supporters to keep our feet on the ground and not be carried away by some good PR work and humanitarian concern for Acorns.

Going back to 2006, it would seem that there was a sense of euphoria that Doug’s reign was over. There seemed to be a feeling that now there was a real chance of the club getting back to something like its status at the beginning of the 80s. A billionaire, we thought, could make that possible. But Madame Reality is a funny creature. Since then we’ve been hearing about the realities triggered by MON’s seemingly profligate expenditure and the need – for various other reasons, it seems – for the owner to tighten belts. We were asked (at a distance) to go through a transitional period whilst matters sorted themselves out. And Mr. McLeish was the man, apparently, to manage that transition on the field of play.

The appointment of Mr. McLeish has caused even the most serene of us to go purple and to throw out our rattles from the pram. “Nurse!”, we cried, “do something! Change the nappy – anything!!” Transition period? No, it was more like a constipation period! And in saying that I am assuming that the club’s board has come to recognise the plight that exists and will now usher out the person (though a nice feller, I’m told) posing as a Villa team manager in favour of someone who just might appreciate Aston Villa FC and what it has meant to its fans for nearly 140 years.

It is not too late for the situation to be fixed, Mr. Lerner. We just ask that something be done in the next few weeks, and that something to be a big step forward away from the maelstrom that we’ve been experiencing these past two years. If not, then the fans may soon be asking for the club’s motto (“Prepared”) to be changed to something more meaningful.

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59 comments on “Top 6 to bottom 6 in two easy strides

  1. They will keep mcleish and in doing so believe they have made a good decision.

    Why are we all trusting the idiots who appointed the dick in the first place to mow make a good decision and sack him?

    Doesnt add up

  2. Whilst Mcleish is massively to blame for this disgraceful season, I feel not enough blame has been placed on the players and board. I honestly can’t stand watching our so called ‘senior players’ as their attitude and performances are truly diabolical. Watching the likes of Dunne, Collins and Warnock simply not giving a shit about this club is sickening and having that lazy bastard agbonlahor as a captain at times this year was embarrassing. Then we have our no show owner who made the clueless decision to appoint mctwat. A loser who has left us in a worse state now than where we were 6 years ago- so much for a bright future Randy. If Lerner is dumb, then Faulkner is certainly dumber. Faulkner is very much out of his depth and clearly isn’t informed or knowledgeable to make decisions on a footballing board. Where is the strategy and plan the board should have communicated to us supporters?
    I really hope Lerner sells the club as eventually under his pathetic ‘leadership’ (and I use that word very loosely) we will go nowhere. The reality is a man with no nous and no ambition will not succeed in the cutthroat nature of English football.

    • Agree with you – Lerner and Faulkner just don’t get it as far as anything to do with football or the culture of the club are conerned.

    • Sam u are spot on. Exactly what iv been saying gor ages especially regards senior players like Dunne and co. They ate a disgrace and no way will I renew until they have gone and replaced by players that do give a shit.

  3. mcleish will be sacked because the team will be playing in front of 15,000 crowds if he stayed im a season ticket holder but would not return with him in charge if i was given my season ticket for free iwould also get rid of most of the senior players only keeping given and bent

  4. Yeah, well, selling up is not something we have control over … methinks.

    I’m feeling that perhaps RL may just be getting worried about ST sales and will have to do something that’s meaningful now rather than mid-way through next season.

    • I’d like to hear Lerner come out and tell the worldwhat he thought that he was getting into when he bought the club. He surely must have realised that he couldn’t make money out of a club like Villa?

    • Looking at the headline in todays B’ham Mail looks like your prediction was spot on.

  5. Lack of ST ticket sales will HAVE to force Lerner’s hand….despite the cost involved of removing Mcleish….whih by the way might not be quite as expensive as people think – just because McLeish has a duty in law to mitigate his loss……i.e. seek a new job a.s.a.p, thereby lowering his “actual” loss of not having a job at Villa park for the next 2 years. A couple of legal contacts of mine who are aware of his contract have said that its c£1.5m p.a.. Ok with Grant etc in tow, we are probably looing at £4m in a worst case scenario, but if Mcclown gets another job (albeit who would offer him a job after this season!), then that figure should be less. Whatever the figure is to pay him and his incompetant cohorts, it will be a fraction of the cost of loss of ST slaes, inevitable relegation next year, and also money wasted on new players, all of which I reckon could total £60m. If Lerner and Faulkner can’t work that out, then we all should prepare for Championship football in 2013 and Lerner’s “asset” of AVFc will be worth a lot less in terms of market value, which I’d estimate to be another £40-50m less. Consequently the grand total of (in my opinion) c£100-110m would be the cost of keeping him on. Even for Lerner, that should be easy to grasp, which is why I am sure he’ll have to sack him. At least thats what I am praying for. if not, the Lerner is even more deluded than Mcleish, which is a scarythought…………….

    • Why does he have to mitigate his loss?
      He’s not being made redundant.

      He’ll have been deemed to be not up to the job, whilst not having done anything to make him sackable, as it’s all subjective.
      Hence his contract will have to be paid up, any clauses apart.
      I’d get some new legal contacts, if I were you.

      • Its a common law (i.e. case law) legal principle matey. Being made redundant is very different. If Mctool walks into another job 1 week after he gets let go, then the principle is “whats his loss”?……its far less than if he was not to find another job for 2 years (i.e. the remainder of his contract). That aside, quite frankly it shows what idiocy it was to appoint him on a 3 year deal in the first place…….why we couldn’t have appointed him on a one year rolling deal (like MON had) is beyond me. Little things like that (and the jenas – paying his wages for the year even when injured rather than shipping him back off to Spurs and not incurring any other costs) are why Faulkner shouldn’t be CEO as well. Just saying……

        • Just another example of the aplling financial mis-management under Lerner, alongside the reckless over-spending during the first three years.

  6. Majorly off topic, but I’ve only just realised (been working) Man City scored 2 goals in extra time to win the league.

    Just like you would have written in a poor suspense thriller.


  7. Don’t worry lads we’ve got the season highlights video to look forward to.

  8. Im just glad that we didnt end up in the championship with the pikeys trips to the sty would not interest me at all.All that keeping on does my head in.Maybe the last 3 years are finally turning a corner as since oneill left and the mess he left behind things havnt been the best.I always looked forward to watching the lads play and the hope of some goals and 3 points.When i worked at VP i always got to watch some of the matches when oneill was in charge a few years ago and thought yeh we look good.As much as i dislike oneill now at the time it was great seeing us compete at top level and get to finals and be in europe.Now that europe place and cup finals seem a million miles away.Whos to blame ive had enough of the blame game just want to see the villa winning again with new players and playing good football UTV.

  9. shit chairman = shit manager = shit team = championship football, the problem is learner….

  10. this bag of shit aint going nowhere!if he does ill suck a big black penis.

  11. So-journ over and had a good read of some recent blogs to catch up as bit. Some things never change….
    Get that muppet out of our club and sharpish before he throttles the life out of us. Praying this link is for real boys!

  12. Mcleish and his backroom staff must all go. However, i think given the horrendous decision to appoint Mcleish, Faulkener (who you have to presume oversaw that decision) should also step down.

    • Benno Agree with you totally mate. I wouldn’t trust Faulkener to sell programmes in the car park.

  13. Off topic can i say a big thank you to shay given for keeping us up the amount of saves he made to keep our gd down he kept us up thanks shay

  14. ah ah ah Fergie you had that coming after landing us with this joke of a manager. Downing, Milner and Barry have gone on to win medals this year. Poor Ashley – proves being a cheat doesn’t always pay.

    • So true Ashley cud of stayed with us as we wud give him A guaranteed potless season every yr. Downing won a Micky mouse trophy after the bin dippers limped past Cardiff but at least when he was with us in his first season he was challenging for top 4. But fair play to Barry and Milner great day for them even thou Milner is only a bit part player and they have a chance playing for a team that cud potentially be the best in the world.

      • There’s a rumour going around that Sralex was so sickened by today’s events that he’s finally chucking in the towel, and has recommended his beloved protege Alex McLeish as his successor at the Theatre of Pretentiousness. If there’s any truth at all to this, Randy Lerner must prepare for the fight of his life to beat off this threat to take our manager. The Mancs would become simply and utterly invincible if this were to happen, and everyone else might as well pack up and go home. Come on Randy, if you have to make McLeish the highest paid manager in world football, as opposed to merely the twentieth, to keep hold of him, just do it. We simply cannot afford to lose this amazing talent; it would strike a such a blow to our club that the effects could well prove to be terminal.

      • Seems like a lifetime since Barry left- and I’m still amazed that he’s been so much more involved in Citeh’s progress this season than Milner. Downing got what he deserved – became a laughing stock even among Scouse fans.

    • Lol, spot on steve.

  15. LOL i had to allow myself a little giggle there davidg🙂 The most painful thing is, they’d probably do it and keep the clueless numpty

  16. Break out the bunting and let the party begin!

    The B’ham Mail

    Aston Villa: Alex McLeish ‘to be sacked today’
    ALEX McLeish is today set to pay for Villa’s sorry season with the sack, the Birmingham Mail understands.

  17. Mat Kendrick

    Alex McLeish meanwhile, is set to fall through the thinnest of ice as he is set to be sacked today.

    This looks like a definite.

    • how does he know though???

      • JD do you think the mail would print that headline without conformation by some source from within the club?? I doubt it.

        • The mail headline has ‘to be sacked today’ as a quote. so Villans the world over should cross their fingers and pray – this might be the day we’re released from 12 months of torture…

          • Salisbury it is also published on Media Watch on the official Villa site, surely if there was no truth behind this they wouldn’t put it up?

          • Just read through everything I can find on the interwebnet (nice to be in the office on your own!) and obviously ITK crap aside, it does seem very likely that todays meeting will result in his sacking. Also seems that Faulkner will stay but will concentrate on the business side of things and that we’ll be getting something like a director of football – Commoli has been strongly suggested – so maybe young up-and-coming manager and Commoli in a more continental style set-up…

        • On yer bike “Sir” Alex, and take your useless assistant with you. It could be time to open the champagne, guys!

  18. Mcliesh’s problems as a manager in England are clear – his teams don’t score goals:
    2007-08: 46 in 38 games (some before he took over. Relegated)
    2008-09: 54 in 46 games (in Championship)
    2009-10: 38 in 38 games (finishing 9th was a fluke with that record)
    2010-11: 37 in 38 games (relegated)
    2011-12: 37 in 38 games (stayed up with less points than the previous year)

    On that basis alone he has to go.

  19. I never wanted AM. He has a substandard CV not qualified for championship never mind prem. BUT if you think getting rid of AM alone will be enough your wrong. Tha core of the club is rotten. Lerner has given up, settled for cheap buys, will settle for prem survival he his now only focused on money. No an ideal position for a club like Villa. Our players are at best chap standard. Dinner warnocl n’zog Hutton Collins need to go. A realisation that our young players are not good enough also needs to be accepted. Bannon albrighton are not good enough. I’ve save the best for lat Agbonlahor LAZY lazy lazy no touch, lazylazylazy no way a player good enough for Prem GET RID. If the playing side is not sorted the removal of AM will mean little. Get rid of the over payed arrogant players who are not good enough.

  20. I hope that all those doubted me saying Mcleish would go for a while now, now agree I was right🙂

    However worried on who we could get …

    • That’s what worries me Ian. I agree with Ted getting rid of mcleish is one thing but we are still stuck with dross players especially in defence. Until the likes if Dunne, warnock, Collins and Hutton are gone then we will still struggle next season even if we got mourinho. Fwiw I think we will get lambert who I’m not that convinced about but prefer him to mcleish. Would like poyet but unlikely we will get him.

      • This concern is very valid. Also, the rumour of a DOF being appointed sounds good on the face of it, but then it’s been suggested he will report to Faulkner and that concerns me very much as I think that PF ought to stick with just the business side of things. He seems not to be safe outside his own box.

        • I hate this DOF role it’s the biggest bullshit job in the world and is rarely successful. Looks like we will get comolli and the American money ball bollocks that just can’t work in football that’s y he was sacked at Liverpool. We dont want to buy players on statistics if they can’t fit in with the other players around them. I think things cud go from bad to worse while Lerner is in charge.

        • I spent a while looking into Faulkner last week – I’ll confees to have spent far more time in the past worrying about the strictly football side of the club…

          He seems to be a chap with a history degree and a working background in customer relations who has been rapidly promoted to Chief Exec of a major football club. He seems to be likeable, and from what I’ve heard he’s good at the business side – sponsorship, etc. But since he’s taken over as CEO the football side has been a disaster – MON walked within 3 months of his appointment and the KMac, Houlier/McAlister and Mcliesh period has shown his lack of knowledge about football.

          If he is good at the business/money side of things, and given that the books do have to be ballanced (unless we want to become the next Rangers!) then this and his history with Randy means that he will stay. If this happens then we must have a DoF, and it must be a good one, as that position will be key to us sensibly replacing the players that have to be disposed of – and as the DoF has to get on with the manger I’d suggest that this appointment has to come first…

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