Top 6 to bottom 6 in two easy strides

John Lerwill has sent in this piece nad thinks it can be fixed.

Season 2009-10 saw Villa finish in 6th place for the third consecutive season.The next season it was all musical chairs, which,not surprisingly, saw the club finish in the middle of the table. Just who, however, would have imagined that the next step would be to finish in the bottom-6? In two easy strides, Villa’s flag was lowered to the other extreme – it seemed that one moment we were complaining that Villa had lost out on chances of finishing fourth, only then to see McLeish being appointed and Villa’s worst ever season unfold in front of our knowing eyes. Even on the last day of the season there was a real danger of Villa finishing fourth from bottom! What a change-around from fourth from top!

Well, if nothing else, it has taught us Villa supporters to keep our feet on the ground and not be carried away by some good PR work and humanitarian concern for Acorns.

Going back to 2006, it would seem that there was a sense of euphoria that Doug’s reign was over. There seemed to be a feeling that now there was a real chance of the club getting back to something like its status at the beginning of the 80s. A billionaire, we thought, could make that possible. But Madame Reality is a funny creature. Since then we’ve been hearing about the realities triggered by MON’s seemingly profligate expenditure and the need – for various other reasons, it seems – for the owner to tighten belts. We were asked (at a distance) to go through a transitional period whilst matters sorted themselves out. And Mr. McLeish was the man, apparently, to manage that transition on the field of play.

The appointment of Mr. McLeish has caused even the most serene of us to go purple and to throw out our rattles from the pram. “Nurse!”, we cried, “do something! Change the nappy – anything!!” Transition period? No, it was more like a constipation period! And in saying that I am assuming that the club’s board has come to recognise the plight that exists and will now usher out the person (though a nice feller, I’m told) posing as a Villa team manager in favour of someone who just might appreciate Aston Villa FC and what it has meant to its fans for nearly 140 years.

It is not too late for the situation to be fixed, Mr. Lerner. We just ask that something be done in the next few weeks, and that something to be a big step forward away from the maelstrom that we’ve been experiencing these past two years. If not, then the fans may soon be asking for the club’s motto (“Prepared”) to be changed to something more meaningful.

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59 comments on “Top 6 to bottom 6 in two easy strides

  1. AM is officially gone

    • Yesssssss. Atlast its all over he is gone. The future looks bright. And you have to give on to Lerner who didn’t heat long!

  2. Seems like we are getting are Villa back today can only really see one think Randy can do if he still cares is appoint Capello he has won everything in club football and would show the fans the proud history bright future that was talked about so much when Randy took charge get Pearce as number 2 to work with youngest and then takeover as manager after Capello he also has contacts with U21 players.

    Players we should try to buy if Randy puts his hand in his pocket
    Huddlestone,Defoe,Adam Johnson,Zaha and Clyine

    Players we will prob get

  3. Ssn says Lerner is not even in uk but mcleish is with Faulkner now at bmh and news of him getting bullet will break this afternoon

    • Just looked on a Norwich site and they seem resigned to losing lambert to us. Interestingly it states that the team look like like they can’t be bothered and going nowhere fast and the yanks just using us to make money. They think he shud talk to mon first before joining thou think he his making a mistake joining us. Can’t argue with that he must be mad to join us with the dross players and little investment we have.

      • I found it difficult take stick from Blackpool and Sunderland, but Norwich were third division two years ago for crying out loud. Who are they to say coming to Villa is a mistake ?!?

  4. Sky sports 1 min ago talks finished AM left club BUT still manager. This us the latest from Villa

  5. It wasn’t our worst season ever, we didn’t get relegated.

    Just hope he goes.

    We tried the big time spending under MON which some have referred to as ‘reckless’ in hindsight but I don’t remember too many questioning Lerner’s ability in the first three seasons.

    Unfortunately, we had a manager who could not use that money to build and evolve, nor actually win or achieve anything.

    We’re now mopping up, (still can’t believe the prices and wages we were handing out) and can expect another thrifty season or two, so we need a manager who can nurture and grow a club, whilst playing some decent football and mentoring the newly promoted first team players.

    We have some very promising players that have come through, need a manager in place for a few years with the task of building from within. We can’t compete financially. Not with a three quarter full ground.

    • No, it might not be the worst season in terms of league position, but there are stats that indicate that it was the drabbest season ever. 2011-12 saw a new record being created … the lowest number of goals ever scored by Villa in the top-flight; 37. It’s an awful stat, and that’s just one of ’em. There is no excuse for the kind of stats that have emanated from this season – it’s come as a result of poor management from the top down, unfortunately.

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