Thanks West Brom, you saved us, we are rubbish and lucky

Well that was your classical Mcleish game.

When you saw the team line up you knew that all Mcleish wanted was a draw. However thanks to some awful defending even that was beyond us. Lets be honest Norwich were far superior than us in every department and in every way. If not for the MOTM antics of Given the game could have easily have been a 4/5 goal defeat.

When a team is sent out, with no wingers, with no pace, with kids left on the bench that said it all. However continual songs of ‘sack Mcleish my lord’ says the whole sad sorry story of this season. when the villa fans start singing ‘We’re lucky b******s we should have gone down.’ you know how right they are.

As I write this I do not expect Mcleish to go today HOWEVER anything is possible this season. I will make sure I keep you updated on any quotes or news that comes out after the game. the one thing is for certain, the saddest thing of all.

If it was not for the two late goals by West Brom last week we would have gone down. We have to hold our heads up and thank West Brom for keeping us up.

That is just how DISGRACEFUL the whole season has been.

16 comments on “Thanks West Brom, you saved us, we are rubbish and lucky

  1. This cannot go on. Surely Mr Lerner will sort this out……..won’t he?

  2. Thank F**k its over. Lets hope we have a good summer in europe, c’mon England I haven’t watched you since Beckham scored against Greece. Mcleish OUT

  3. Just hope he is gone within the next week, new man in charge and a fresh start. mcleish out.

  4. Damian reckons faulkner and mcleish are going but we will still be in a mess Ian.

    • Damian is a chief buffoon though. Anyone who deletes post like he does is a wee bit of a shandy. At least Robo can give as good as he gets…

      McLoser OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      At one point we were safe on GD only.

  5. Diabolical season. Goodbye McLeish.

  6. Mcleish on BBC:

    Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish: “It was an absolutely shocking, woeful display. Maybe some of the boys were thinking about their holidays already.

    “That team needs a change and there will be change. That wasn’t an Alex McLeish team today. We need to bring more quality into the squad.

    “I take (the fans’ booing) on my shoulders for the sake of the players, I agree with the fans’ frustration about our display.

    “I’m expecting the board to back me. I have no reason to think I won’t be (Villa manager next season). We’ve got through a really tough season. I’ve won lots of trophies as a player and manager and I haven’t turned into a bad manager overnight.”

    • no, he’s not turned in to a bad manager over night. He’s been a crap manager for a very very long time. I see on the OS that he was furious at the display today. Un-F-in-believable………Every Villa Fan has been disgusted by the display all season. WAKE UP

  7. Truly a nightmare of a season. At the moment, the club looks to be a basket case, a wreck on the tracks. So much needs to be changed it isn’t true. It’s hard to know where to start, but the first thing that needs to happen is that Randy Lerner needs to get off his arse FAST and give some serious thought to the club’s structure on the playing side. For starters, McLeish MUST go, and with him his waste of space assistant Grant. But the problem goes beyond that. We lack continuity between the style and ethos of our academy set-up and the first team, so we need a young manager with fresh ideas and motivational skills, who can heal this fracture, and adopt a much more integrated approach. We need “football” people on the board who truly understand how the game functions in England, to advise and help Lerner. We need to establish a really professional scouting system to scour Europe and elsewhere for young talent which we can nurture. I could go on, but you get the idea…
    We can’t compete money wise with the Mancs of the league, but we can get into the 21st century; Norwich and Swansea have shown what can be done with a bit of imagination, gumption and spirit. At the moment, we seem to have lost all our spirit, pride, and dignity as a force on the park. We’re disorganised and lacking direction and vision. We need a plan, a strategy that goes beyond merely cutting costs and keeping our heads above water in the top flight, and offers a dynamic vision that the supporters can buy into, and we need the people in place with the will and authority to execute that plan.
    We need to see this to give us some hope again. We’re not going to win the league in the next five years, but we need to see progress, a sense of direction, not the aimless, rudderless shambles of 2011-12 under McLeish. It’s a big ask of Lerner, and you’ve got to wonder if he’s got it in him to provide the sort of dynamic, hard-nosed leadership which the club is crying out for. I’ve truly got my doubts about Mr Lerner, but we all know how and where he can make a start down the long ride to setting AVFC to rights again.

  8. Baggies Fan in peace. Glad you stayed up. See you next season, boing boing.

  9. Gutted, damn you James Morrison…

  10. How did WBA keep us up ?

    If Bolton had won, we’d still be 16th on goal difference.

    Appreciate you’re trying to make a point but you can’t just make stuff up.

    Awful season, let’s hope he gets the boot by ‘mutual consent’.

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