Positive Thinking – forwards after Mcleish

Imagine life with Mcleish.

Imagine life next season if he stays with a forward line of rumoured signinsg and departures, it would be

Weimann, Gabby or Bent, Andy Johnson and Leon Best

that is not good. So lets have a bit of fun and imagine that the supposed and rumoured number one target Paul Lambert gets the job. Even with Martinez both like a ‘big man’ up front. we have not had a decent one since Carew lost his form a few years back, we need one. So lets think about a possible front line combination then, that could happen, is feasible and cheap.

Bent or Gabby, Grant Holt, Weimann and Jordan Rhodes

some pace in there, some strength, some promising talent and goals. Holt may be a one season wonder but he has always led the line well. Rhodes clearly knows where the net is. One of Gabby or Bent will go and we know what they can do. Weimann could be the real star of the future a real buzzing little bee.

Both Martinez and Rhodes like their wingers to feed these and does that forward line not look much better than what we have now and possibly under Mcleish ?

Of course Holt scoring at the Holte end in Villa colours kinda sounds good eh ?

Any other thoughts on forwards who coould come and are affordable and not pipe dreams as I believe Defoe would be.

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77 comments on “Positive Thinking – forwards after Mcleish

  1. Ahead of the final games of the season, came across this. There may not have been so much money in those days, but so much more dignity …


  2. Lot of media talk that Liverpool are laying queen Kenny to rest in the boardroom as the face of Liverpool (god help them) and Martinez will come to them. He will have father time looking over his shoulder like hodgson did. All of a sudden Martinez is being touted as the hottest managerial property in football. Don’t remember anyone in media saying that when we were after him. Think he would be mad to go there but theyv more ambition than is or Wigan so u can’t blame him.

    • The main problem I have with Martinez is does the fella realise the football season starts in August and not February ?

      • Ha ha.

        Another way of looking at it is that he is a good coach and after looking at his limited squad comes up with right formation in 2nd half of season – only to lose his best players at end of season so has to start again. (Bit like Moyes at Everton, always start badly and yet somehow he gets them going just before Christmas).

        • That’s true mate but Everton never flirt with relegation, unlike Wigan. Sill take him over this numpty we have at the moment.

      • Fair point we cud of had the managerial dream team if we were clever ie mon from aug to feb and Martinez from march onwards lol. We would win everything in site. Martinez plays gud football but don’t rate him as top class. Poyet is the man ud like if we cud get him of course always rated him plays good football and very clever tactically.

        • Poyet looks a good call, win rate of 46.15 according to Wiki. Mcleish’s is actually higher (46.18) but only 21.95 at VP. His time at Rangers artificially inflates that figure (fuck me I’m turning into Kinmartin)

  3. FFS Dont let Mc Feast buy any more players….He s already saddled us with Insomnia and Mutton.
    Can you imagine 4 or 5 more of his bargain buys playing for us
    God help us……

  4. We could do far worse than seeing Carlton Cole back in a Villa Shirt. Goals, strength, Pace and Power.

  5. How about Falcao from Athletico Madrid………And Djecko from Citeh….or nick Torres from Chelsea now he s scoring again

  6. Then Robben and Ribbery to put the crosses in…..Oops there s 300 million gone

  7. well if we are going for it why not our name sake David villa, especially if Hesky wont be around to keep him out the team ha

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